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ONYX 🇨🇭  🎂 24th December 2012🎄 - 💔 29th June 2017 diagnosed with DCM -💪🏽 who fights can lose, who doesn’t fight has already lost❤️

We’re still overcome with joy... we just received this great surprise from our dear Cyprus🇨🇾 Instagram friend @dobermanfrankie! Due to Onyx‘s heart disease this cooling jacket is like a gift from heaven! We are ever so greatful! Thank you so much Yuliya❤️ for this generous present - although we know each other only from Instagram😍 #grateful#present#cyprus#instafriend#doberman#cool#jacket#dobermanpride#photooftheday#proud#friends#love#dobie#switzerland#gift#posing#model#thankful#joy#hot#summer

🌸Dear Instagram friends,
We are truely overwhelmed about all the heartfelt messages and comments we received.
You felt with us and tried to encourage us, while we were afraid to only hope that our Onyx will be around for a bit longer. Never ever we would have dared to expect so much support, so many comforting words, so much understanding and so much love and empathy. Reading all those beautiful thoughts and comments made my eyes well up again and again. They made me feel that I’m not alone with my fear and my worries. Some of you had to go through similar experiences and still encouraged me to not give up. The Instagram family is in deed a fantastic community which cares and tries to help. People are there for each other in good times and in difficult moments. A sensation which really touches our heart and our soul.
Therefore I want to express my deepest gratitude.
It will take a while until I will have a moment to sit down and say a big Thank you to each and everyone of you, as our boy slowly starts to recover. I seem to observe every move he makes, every invitation to play with the ball, every shaking of a toy with Argus eyes. I follow him around and sometimes my heart misses a beat as the shock of this incident hasn’t faded away yet.
Of course Onyx doesn’t understand my reactions and gives me that “ awe-come-on-Mum-don’t-be-boring!-Let’s-play” look.
I try very hard to auto convince myself that I have to let him live his life to a certain extent. A slower pace shouldn’t make him become unhappy or restless. I know that even if the new medication helps, the bomb will not stop ticking. It will always be there and both of us have to learn to live with this fact.
We take it Day by Day and try to make the most of it. Creating memories and enjoying each other’s company.
The fact that we are all here on borrowed time shall not erase the laughter, the joy and the happiness. It isn’t always easy, but it will be our good intention for the time to come.
We want to say Thank you
one more time and wish you all a happy and beautiful weekend filled with joy and love.
Joyce💞Onyx #thankful#overwhelmed#love#happy#doberman#mylove#loveyouforever#dobie#proud#loyal

♥️Dear Instagram friends,
With a heavy heart I want to let you know that our beloved Onyx is not well.
Since a while we found out that he has a weak heart and suffers from the dangerous condition of DCM ( Dilated Cardiomyopathy). Last Tuesday, during our afternoon walk, Onyx all of a sudden got a circulatory collapse. He fell down and his tongue and his gums turned white. We had to rush him to the hospital immediately. Thanks to the medication he has to take he survived this short heart failure. This terrifying incident has weakened him significantly. The illness forces us to change his rhythm of life drastically. No more adrenaline rush, no more action activities.
I do hope you understand that you won’t see anymore jumping pictures of our boy.
He loved to run through the meadows and charge through the deep fresh snow like a bouncy ball. Those fun activities have to become experiences and memories of the past.
We are extremely lucky and feel blessed that Onyx is still with us after this dangerous attack.
We would be so very grateful if you could keep him in your thoughts and send him positive healing energy for being with us a bit longer and enjoy his life despite the conditions. We will do anything to keep him happy and safe with a slower lifestyle, still filled with fun and care and all the love we can give him for as long as he lives.
Joyce + Onyx♥️ #doberman#loveyouforever#love#forever#life#free#home#switzerland#strong#brave#heart#dog

This daisy is especially for our dear friend @andreatanzi ❤️🇦🇺 Thank you so much for visiting us🇨🇭 - it was a great pleasure to welcome you at our home😍 #friend#perth#australia#home#doberman#visit#dobie#daisy#photooftheday#switzerland#zurich#happy#instagramfriend#flower#marguerite#dobelove#grass#green#love#friendship#forever#seeyouagain

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