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On Your Feet!  The official Instagram for ON YOUR FEET! the first national Broadway tour. The music is irresistible. The story is unforgettable.

Have you ever wondered why #HispanicHeritageMonth begins in the middle of September? Five Latin countries, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Honduras celebrate their #IndependenceDay on September 15th, Mexico's on the 16th and Chile's on the 18th! What better way to kick off these celebrations than with an entire month of recognition? #onyourfeettour #quesigalatradicion #rhythmisgonnagetyou

Takeover Alert! #onyourfeettour cast member @burgosdannyburgos is taking you behind the scenes at the SHN Golden Gate theatre. Follow along TOMORROW (Sept. 19) on the @shnsf #Instagram account for all the fun. #rhythmisgonnagetyou #quesigalatradicion.

This week in 1989, @GloriaEstefan's "Don't Wanna Lose You" was #1 on the Billboard 100 chart. You'll hear this timeless love song every night on stage during our story, but it is sung by @EmilioEstefanJr as portrayed by @martinezmau. Don't miss his powerful performance. Visit the #linkinbio to find out when #onyourfeettour is coming to a theatre in your city! #quesigalatradicion #rhythmisgonnagetyou

Happy #IndependenceDay to Mexico! #quesigalatradicion #fiestaspatrias
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Te extraño todos los días y te llevo en mi corazón, mi México lindo y querido. Feliz día de nuestra independencia. Orgulloso de representar a los míos acá en Estados Unidos. Hoy más que nunca, gritemos a todo pulmón y con orgullo: ¡Viva México! #Mexico #diadelaindependencia #16deseptiembre #vivamexico 🇲🇽❤️

Today marks official start of #HispanicHeritageMonth! The theme is "One Endless Voice to Enhance Our Traditions." As we honor our traditions each night on stage, be sure to check out the celebrations that are happening in your hometown. Visit hispanicheritagemonth.org to learn more. #quesigalatradicion

Hola, #Tucson! It's party time because tickets to #onyourfeettour at @bwayintucson's #CentennialHall are now on sale. Don't miss your chance to #shakeyourbody with us November 13-18, 2018. Get your tickets by following the #linkinbio. #quesigalatradicion #rhythmisgonnagetyou

What an incredibly special day spending time and connecting with the amazing students at Cesar Chavez Elementary School today. Our hearts are full and we can’t wait to hit the stage tonight with so many of these wonderful young people in the audience tonight. It’s the perfect kickoff to #hispanicheritagemonth! #quesigalatradicion
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SHN and the cast of #onyourfeettour celebrated Latino #HispanicHeritageMonth in San Francisco’s Mission District with more than 300 students, staff and family members from Cesar Chavez Elementary School.
⭐️ The cast answered questions from students and also taught an electrifying @GloriaEstefan-inspired conga dance lesson with help from the @locoblocosf performance ensemble.
⭐️ As part of the festivities, SHN donated $10,000 to Cesar Chavez Elementary School and @jamestown415 for the development and support of the next generation of Latino youth in performing arts. In addition, 175 students and their families received complimentary tickets to the Thursday, September 13, 8pm performance of #OnYourFeetSF at the SHN Golden Gate Theatre.

Ready to re-open the @shnsf Golden Gate Theatre tonight with some latin heat? 🔥 Get ready to conga, #SanFrancisco, because the city is buzzing and you have to know by now — the #rhythmisgonnagetyou! Tickets are just a click away. Visit the #linkinbio. #quesigalatradicion

Looking forward to meeting all of the incredible students and teachers at Cesar Chavez Elementary School tomorrow. @gloriaestefan has a special message for them before our visit. We can’t wait to conga with you! #quesigalatradicion
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@gloriaestefan has a special and inspiring message for Cesar Chavez Elementary School in San Francisco. Click the link in our bio for her full message.
⭐️ The cast of @onyourfeetbway will celebrate Latino #HispanicHeritageMonth with a Gloria Estefan-inspired conga line lesson with 300 students, staff, and family members from Cesar Chavez Elementary on Thursday, September 13th. ⭐️ SHN will announce a special financial contribution to Cesar Chavez Elementary and the Jamestown Community Center (@jamestown415) for the development and support of the next generation of Latino youth in the performing arts. SHN will also be donating 150 complimentary tickets to Cesar Chavez and Jamestown families to attend the Sept. 13th performance of #OnYourFeetSF!
⭐️ ON YOUR FEET! is now playing through October 7th at the SHN Golden Gate Theatre.

Performances start tonight at the @shnsf #GoldenGate Theatre and we are so happy to welcome Alejandra Matos to the #onyourfeettour ensemble and Alma Cuervo back to the role of Consuelo! #quesigalatradicion #rhythmisgonnagetyou

Thank you, #Vegas! It was definitely party time for our cast and crew this last week. Today, the #conga line makes its way to the city by the bay. See you on stage tomorrow, #SanFrancisco @shnsf. Be sure to get your tickets by following the #linkinbio. #rhythmisgonnagetyou #quesigalatradicion

#Tempe, are you ready to #conga?! #onyourfeettour tickets go on sale for performances at @ASUGammage Theater tomorrow. Make sure you get yours because on way or another, the #rhythmisgonnagetyou when we hit the stage November 6-11, 2018. Follow the #linkinbio. #shakeyourbody #quesigalatradicion

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