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#Kean2018 #finallygraduated #soproudofyou #2down1togo @sammanthaaaa I can’t express how excited I am to see u walk across that stage today. School didn’t come easy for u from the time u were in kindergarten to now. U worked very hard for this degree and I hope it pays off with a great job in something u love. So proud of the young lady u have become. I look forward to the next chapter of ur life.


Happy National Sibling day to my best friends who happen to be my sisters 💕#sisters #thepowerofthree #charmed #loveuguys 😍

Great opening day #LGM
Big win 🙌❤️

To this amazing young lady. I can’t believe 22 years since I brought u into this world. I’m so proud of the women u have become and the things u have accomplished. Hope u had the best birthday weekend ever in ur favorite place “Ultra Miami” love u bunches ❤️🎂🎉 @sammanthaaaa

Amazing friends and having an amazing time in Mexico. Atwell’s, Rugolo’s and Reynolds made this vacation extra special. ❤️🌴(missed the Crowley’s, other Atwell’s and the Westhoff’s from this meal)
On vacation with a total of 29 people there is never a dull moment and also many many laughs.

Another PR 235 x3 that’s 20lbs more in one week - so excited for my progress and can’t wait to hit more PR’s 💪🏋️‍♂️❤️ thanks to my videographer and my cheerleaders @ron.latorre @graceface021 @laborer_nyc @ny_z @justin @benchinbenny (and Justin) #girlswhopowerlift #i❤️deadlifting

Another PR 160x3 - every night working with this amazing team is unbelievable. I could barely squat the bar when I started. Every accomplishment makes me so grateful. @explodingllama342 thanks for the 🎥 @gaglionestrength @benchinbenny @ron.latorre thanks for training me and believing I’m stronger than even i knew. 🏋️‍♂️💪 can’t wait to see what the future brings #goalsfor2018 #i❤️powerlifting #200lbsquatgoals #gaglionestrength #girlswholift

215 for 3 - finally feel good about my form now i have to work on speed and pull heavier weight. 💪🏋️‍♀️ I just love ❤️ deadlifting and my @gaglionestrength family. Getting better and stronger every day. I couldn’t do it without these amazing people - not only do u all push me but u all inspire me. 🙌👍(sorry if i miss anyone 😳) @explodingllama342 @eatplantsliftstuff @benchinbenny @graceface021 @gmartinez1829 @kingjose0215 @ron.latorre @plantpowered_emily @kreamrunner @ny_z @brittneycanossa

To my amazing children @skappy625 @sammanthaaaa @julianna.sap whether it’s in school, work or relationships I will always support u in the decisions u make. ❤️🌹I am proud of everything u have accomplished and look forward to everything u will do in the future. Believe in urself and u can accomplish anything. ❤️😍

To my partner in crime and my +1 @marianaharris for the past two “Galas”. We always have so much fun and I don’t know what I would do without ur friendship 💕 let’s keep the tradition going. 😇😈

Last fireworks night of the season ❤️ till next year

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