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Life tip 2018: go to the water, strip down to whatever is comfortable if you’re caught, get in or near the water, stomp on ancient stone then curl up in a crevice that cradles you & hum a little tune (one ear to the ground, the other to the sky). Let all retained data that doesn’t pertain to your evolutionary purpose fall into the earth beneath you. You’ll feel so much more fair dinkum, I promise.

More precious than crypto. #water

I had a good chat today & some good old LIFE 101 points were made such as this: IF you’re part of a movement (or even consider yourself to be on the good side of life), then spending time discussing other people (in that movement’s) private lives, politics or petty differences is never going to do the greater good ANY good - is it? I’m going to sound like mother matron here but we human beings seem to experience incessant amnesia when it comes to the fundamental basics so here’s a heads up: if you have a gripe against another soul doing good work in the world who is essentially just a little different to you then really, who cares. Excluding all injustices, I don’t know when we became so perverse that we thought anyone’s personal lives were ever our business. I guess social media has now played a huge part in that & indeed humans gossip, it’s a thing. ‘Other people’s personal information as a form of social currency’ is for some, a very real thing. This moral inventory on every human being seems to (for better or worse) also have become a very real thing. We all have our battle scars & those bigger gripes, absolutely. If you haven’t figured it out already, my biggie is with those who feign sincerity to attain power/wealth/status - people who are ultimately just plain old greedy. I can’t find compassion for such souls (or sadistic characters like #nurseratchet - those ones are especially troubled & terrifying) & I’m sorry to the saints for this. I do believe greedy, nasty people ruin many things - from good hearts to communities & entire ecosystems - but back to the petty gripes - for the greater good, do let them go. More often than not we’re only revealing our own inadequacies in discussing others, & god knows there’s better things to bond over. Today I feel totally fortunate to now know many souls who would rather sit & stare at a tree than drop their integrity. So there endeth the sermon - MGx

Where the air is like water & the water is like earth.

Those soft hints of spring during winter...

Are any of you good folk up in The Blue Mountains? @lyttletonstores are launching something very special. Spread the word to help them go from an owner/operator to community owned? A lucky, smart community ahead of their time. The link to their Pozible campaign is in the @lyttletonstores profile. Tag any mates in that part of the world too. Thank you! Gorgeous photo by @luisabrimble x

I’ve always been a big fan of razor sharp intellects paired with super dry wits. Consequentially, Bob Ellis played a big part in my education around Australian culture & politics and basically Woody Allen’s humour made the world feel much more like home since I was a teenager. So with the #metoo movement exposing the fkd up injustices that occur when people abuse power, I’m wondering where the lines are now drawn. Literature & film aside, say we do a moral inventory on every artist in the @artgalleryofnsw, will we then remove every work of every artist who abused the vulnerable, starting with Picasso? Is someone now deemed a traitor if they reference a criminal who has influenced their character or practice? ‘Can we separate the art from the man’ is really the question I’m asking. In her incredible viral show ‘#Nanette’, @hannah_gadsby says ‘NO, we cannot.’ In all honesty it’s a question I’m still unable to answer. If you’ve come to any conclusions on this one I’d love to hear them. BTW if anyone out there thinks that women are revelling this time in history be assured, as much as it’s soul renewing, not surprising & long overdue, it’s also morally confusing & really bloody sad. Monique

Running to #stevenisserlis 🎻

Yesterday I watched the biannual #munkdebate (on political correctness). Stephen Fry’s closing remarks were a highlight, as was his introduction which included this quote from Bertrand Russell: ‘One of the painful things about our time is that those who feel certainty are stupid, and those with any imagination and understanding are filled with doubt and indecision.’ May doubt prevail - and a little humility/humanity too. Bravo @stephenfryactually @jordan.b.peterson @munkdebates

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