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No one knows the final day nor the hour

Space the final frontier

9/11- 16 Year's ago today something so horrific so horrendous happened that It would haunt us for many many years to come. Thousands of lives that were lost that day will never be forgotten. I watch the reading of the names every single year. Every time I shed a tear because it is gut wrenching to know that these families that were grieving for their love ones then come to find out there where no bodies to be found on that day only ashes only dust can you Imagine this. The first responders that came to their aid had no idea what they were getting themselves into. Years after 9/11 these brave men and women who sacrifice themselves developed cancer from breathing in all of the ash and debris from ground zero that day in the coming years some of the first responders that did have cancer did pass away. The other breve men and women are still fighting the battle Love and light to all of the families and friends that were affected by this devastating event 16 years ago and maybe something of this magnitude never happens again or any other terrorist event of that nature.

Is this the future of our sexuality? Is this what's to come. A robot that look's like a human being. Dancing and moving so gracefully. What is in our future as far as robots are concerned. Should we be afraid or should we welcome them with open arms.

I would love to see this one day. With my own two eyes.

Hurricane Harvey is a devastating, massive costly storm. That left it's victims physically powerless and hopeless. With nowhere to go shelters were some people's only hope. Some had nothing to return to but their flooded homes. Teaming with mold and bacteria. They welcomed outside resources for help. Like the Army or the Red Cross , FEMA. At this moment there are many casualties and there are still many people missing. Please if you want to donate and help the victims of hurricane harvey. Do your homework on these charities because some are frauds. If you cannot give a donation. Then please pray for all of these people in dire need .

To the great @Nas He is right boys and girls you can be whatever you aspire to be. Chase your dreams try to get away from your night mares. The world is yours never give up on your dreams. It will take hard work and dedication but in the end you will succeed
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