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t hunter  Love peace and happiness

I need it !!!

I would love to do this it looks like the next generation in thrill rides

He has shown that intelligence is universal as an African-American scientist he continues to astound my mind with his theories and possibilities

I've been blessed to the point where i had the opportunity to go jet skiing twice in the beautiful Island of Antigua

I've done this before it's a blast

This too it looks like so much fun

I would love to go do this

Nina Simone with her iconic voice and stunning beauty she helped to usher in a new era of generation for african-american women singer songwriter musician she could do it all

This album is on the short side it's a personal look into feelings from racism against our ancestors being black in america his relationship with his wife and children the music industry and how it is perceived as a whole this album is a beautiful masterpiece he opens his soul and spills it upon the vinyl I hope the public and his fans receive it well

What is beauty can it be captured in a photo can it be drawn on a piece of paper can it be touched by humble hands beauty can be seen as many things to so many different cultures around the world and so I leave you with this beauty is in the eye of the beholder

I enjoy and respect the sport (UFC) these men and women put time and effort blood sweat and tears into their craft in hopes of being ultimately triumphant against their opponents

I enjoy mysteries in life and in books they intrigue me keeping my mind at work

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