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- margot -  ❝Where’s my mind? out making a mess❞

this new drawing I’ve been working on is almost finished and (currently) turning out really good :)

will i ever stop posting pics of lil bean Nolan?? No. The answer is no

whoa look @ him rocking those glasses and style, i approve!

I’m gonna meet so many friends of mine (again) at werewolfcon I’m so ready for that weekend

it has been announced that @froy will voice Ben in the audiobook of “What if it’s us”. This is so amazing and such a cool thing to do!! You can already listen a lil part of it (

does anyone know at which hour froy will be on beats1 ?? I wanna listen to it but I’ll probably be asleep already

froy said he’s (probably) gonna release a new song this month and I’m so ready

okay this is now officially my new fav pic of froy woah (shot by @dfreske for @euphoriazine)

Watch out guys he has a pen he could stab us with it (only teen wolf fans will understand)

I also wanna play the ‘finish the lyrics’ game it must be so much fun

he always calls the fandom a ‘little family’ and that’s honestly so cute

such a lil bean | froy performed sideswipe acoustic and did an interview with @sweetyhigh :)

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