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Claes Nordin  Ebba Forever 🐺 MASS WORSHIP


Tonight I went to Tyresta Nationalpark to spread Ebba’s ashes into the wind and let her forever rest at our favorite place in Stockholm. In some periods we would go here weekly to get our special time together and get prepared for hikes. Today was the first time I visited a Nationalpark in Scandinavia without her and it was fucking killing me. I was happy though to see that Daphne really liked it. I don’t know what I would do without her endless positive energy and playfulness. She is really the reason that I keep my shit together.
I’m still thinking a lot on how to honor Ebba in a deeper way, I want her beautiful soul to be remembered. She gave everything and more to everyone in her surrounding and I feel like I barely returned the favor. I always thought of protecting her in every possible way and yet she left this world because of an extremely unusual bacteria. I worried about everything but things like that never struck my mind. I just can’t find peace with her leaving so early.

#tbt to Hannover some weeks ago. I love that life. @massworship 📷 @veithclub87 #touringtouringneverboring

According to Daphne’s passport she’s six months old today. Not so long ago she was left at a kill shelter with a month left to live. Someone didn’t value her life. Now she’s worth everything and more. My first priority and the steady beat in my heart that makes every day make sense no matter what’s currently ahead or behind. I love you and will do everything for you, always. @hopeforpodencos 📷 @lifefirst #rescuelove #adoptnotshop

Hope For Claes & Daphne. 🧡 @hopeforpodencos 📷 @lifefirst #rescuelove

Not to jinx it but for the past days I haven’t felt allergic to Daphne at all. Can’t say I was nervous about it cause I knew it would be a little process until I adjusted to her but I most definitely reacted to her more then what I thought I would.
Celebrating with pizza and cuddles (without headaches) 🐺🧡 #tbt to the 24th of March in Albacete, Spain, @hopeforpodencos #rescuelove #adoptnotshop

This tour was special to me! 🖤 Thanks for the good times and your endless patience. I love you @partyxmarty @fredhunger @saltmangel @coffinsurfer @arevarnfilm 📷 @veithclub87 #massworship #crazydaysahead

Proud to see that Daphne got a genuine interest for heavy music and the history behind it. However if she was down with rap, pop or whatever kinda music I would of course support that path in her life. With that said she would be grounded for listening to Oi!, reggae or dubstep. We’re a civilized family. 🐺😎 @hopeforpodencos #tallica #hopeforpodencos

Västerbotten’s finest 🖤 #vegovision #umeå

I love touring so much that I even enjoy caring the heads. 🖤 @massworship 📷 @veithclub87 #massworship

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