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Although we've been together for almost half a year (6 days away from 6 months!), you've been a pain in my ass since day 1. I love you Jackson! You're truly a rarity (it's that red hair) and only a handful know it. ❤️ Stay daft 😉

Pantone edginess with a dash of supreme angst? Yes. Let's call this one "The Twofer Tuesday Valentine's Special: Sassarama"

vaping gave me butt AIDS

Organic lab has been incredibly headass all year. Ashley and I always performed the lab as per instructed and we ended up with a fucking 15% yield once

hit 'em with that politik

otoño 🍂 or maybe just a fire nug

What can I say? I've always been partial to gingers. I'm especially fond of this one. The #mcm award definitely goes to this lil shit ❤️

Introducing Mrs. Thomas! 🍾

The Reason You Stayed is straight gold my dudes; they all emanate badassery
PC @obscvre

sum nature sum ride ja feel

Linville with my Portland thug, @tori.espinoza 💕
Be safe during your return to the homeland, I need you to be in one piece for Grandfather's profile 😜

1. Thanks to Pat McCrory and our backwards General Assembly, this is the last time Death Cab for Cutie comes to NC until HB2 is repealed.
2. Thank you Tyler. Because of you, I got to see them this final time.
3. Thank you, Chvrches & Death Cab, for remembering the importance/value of people's lives & not the politics, and for a great show
4. An odd thank you to Chance/Circumstance, for the accident that happened that night on 77N. A terrifying experience, and could have been fatal. Luckily, we walked away from "Bessie" (idk why I was the one to finally name your Altima, Tyler) with relatively minor damage. Bessie wasn't as fortunate. I wasn't all too certain I was still alive for a solid two days after the accident. You can't really understand the feeling until you're in a serious accident like that.

Cheers to being alive. 🎉