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Aliya Al-Habsha  "We just is." -J. Leonard

Somehow it has already been a year? The time flies by. Happy one year anniversary, love. As you profoundly articulated, "we just is." To elaborate, I'd say that we pair perfectly... we're both somehow intelligent amongst a buttload of stupidity, we share the same humor, we think of the most random shit, and we both love deeply. You're a ball of energy and wonder, and you make every day exciting in one way or another. All I ask is that you stop elbowing me in the middle of sleep. We've got big plans, and I'll be damned if we're not going to get it done (unless you keep turning your hats sideways like some early 00s wannabe rapper with a soul patch and ski shades (I can't handle it)). By the power of gingers and ENFP personalities (and Grayskull) WE WILL SUCCEED. I love you memelord, Sackson, Saxon, Tamale, Dingus, (¿Satan?), Jackson. 🦊☀️❤️ @jackson_leonard97


Chemiluminescence. Say that 3x fast. 👩🏻‍🔬

@reasondefine (little late) I forget I have an insta sometimes

Managed to /not/ set the fume hood (or myself) on fire during the Suzuki reaction...

Although we've been together for almost half a year (6 days away from 6 months!), you've been a pain in my ass since day 1. I love you Jackson! You're truly a rarity (it's that red hair) and only a handful know it. ❤️ Stay daft 😉

Pantone edginess with a dash of supreme angst? Yes.

vaping gave me butt AIDS

Organic lab has been incredibly headass all year. Ashley and I always performed the lab as per instructed and we ended up with a fucking 15% yield once

hit 'em with that politik

otoño 🍂 or maybe just a fire nug

What can I say? I've always been partial to gingers. I'm especially fond of this one. The #mcm award definitely goes to this lil shit ❤️

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