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Aliya Al-Habsha  just dorking my around


Chemiluminescence. Say that 3x fast. 👩🏻‍🔬

@reasondefine (little late) I forget I have an insta sometimes

Managed to /not/ set the fume hood (or myself) on fire during the Suzuki reaction...

Although we've been together for almost half a year (6 days away from 6 months!), you've been a pain in my ass since day 1. I love you Jackson! You're truly a rarity (it's that red hair) and only a handful know it. ❤️ Stay daft 😉

Pantone edginess with a dash of supreme angst? Yes.

vaping gave me butt AIDS

Organic lab has been incredibly headass all year. Ashley and I always performed the lab as per instructed and we ended up with a fucking 15% yield once

hit 'em with that politik

otoño 🍂 or maybe just a fire nug

What can I say? I've always been partial to gingers. I'm especially fond of this one. The #mcm award definitely goes to this lil shit ❤️

Introducing Mrs. Thomas! 🍾

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