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Aidden Alexander Gray Johnson  18 year transboy #FTM | CU Track and Field Commit ‘22 | my son @mrasherjohnson 🐶


Hold up. I like this in black&white.

Their friendship is so cute but I lowkey ship them.

Hey loves🎈


Who dat? Who dat? Who dat?

Every dead beat parent’s saying now. &
Every cheater’s saying now.

Shrinkage is real shawty // Im looking like my grandpa more and more. (He’s Native American, Asian, and Black) anyways goodnight loves💕

He was fifteen years old😞
What completely shattered my heart was seeing Junior being stabbed but also the lack of humanity, emotion, and remorse in those human beings that just watched him get stabbed. How could you just watch that happen? #justiceforjunior Lord so many young people are leaving this world way too soon. Please Put yalls pride aside and show that you care for one another. Almost everyday we get more and more examples of YOUNG lives being taken too soon; Life is not promised. My deepest condolences and prayers go out to Junior’s family.

Im getting darker and I love it.

Asher’s gotten bigger yall

To all of my closeted LGBTQ+ people.. you are valid too. Not everyone can come out to accepting parents or come out to unaccepting parents. Plus alot of parents kill their kids for being LGBTQ+ or bully them to the point of LGBTQ+ people committing suicide. If you are closeted it is okay. I actually tell my supporters if their parents are unaccepting then to wait until they can financially support themselves because I dont want them going through the hell I went through or even worst than what I went through. But I just wanted to take the time today to tell you that you’re valid although people will try to make you feel bad for not being open like them... they dont know your situation! I actually cant stand people that out others unless it’s because the DL person was being mad disrespectful to the LGBTQ+ community. Other than that... its not anyones place to out someone. Please remember theirs a huge target on our backs for being LGBTQ+ and that’ll never end. Dont give me that “its 2018” bullcrap because i see on the news all the time of parents killing their child or even step parents killing their step child for being LGBTQ+, LGBTQ+ people being put out on the streets, murdered, and/or raped just for being LGBTQ+. Anyways I love y’all and I will always try to be here for y’all its just a BOATLOAD of y’all. PLUS HEY YOU CAN COME OUT TO ME IF YOU’D LIKE! I LOVE YOU REGARDLESS AND I WHOLEHEARTEDLY MEAN THAT🧡
Edit: if you’re dating or talking to someone thats in the closet PLEASE do not try to rush them into coming out or threaten to out them. Its not your place. Please be respectful and kind enough to realize clearly they are what they say they are... they’re dating you arent they? Give them time.. and sometimes forcing someone to come out backfires on you because then you cant talk to them anymore due to having anti LGBTQ+ parents.

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