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Recently, I came to realize that no matter how hard you scrub, or if you like, bleach your skin during a bath, it comes off with dirt particles just after a short period of physical activity.
Just in case you're in doubt, take conscious note of your skin just after 45 minutes of a skin waxing bath by exerting little pressure on a part that has been subjected to sweat or just wipe with a clean handkerchief and I am sure your doubt is cleared.
Of course, dermatologists will always assert that the dirt on the skin is not really dirt but dead skin cells mixed with oil and sweat secretions of the skin. However, It has been proven that as we age, our skin cell turnover slows down and scrubbing with soap alone is not efficient enough to remove the dead skin that accumulates on the surface.
The foregoing therefore presents us with an opportunity to suggest that the outcome of numerous researches by skin therapists and the positive end results accrued therein may never replace the fact that "nothing lasts forever" & "nature will always take its course". In essence, this situation tends to refer us to the reality that at some point in time, the human flesh (skin) will be subjected to degradation no matter how properly and efficiently maintained. So, to the handsome man with a glowing skin and the delectable woman with a polished skin bereft of blemishes, kindly note that someday, you will age & watch your skin wrinkle or peharps, be deceased and there won't be no opportunity to sustain maintenance of that flawless skin.
These days, we see people die and in a matter of 72 hours, everyone, maybe excluding nuclear family, moves on with their life because it's the reality of life.
Nothing in life lasts forever. so, we must endeavor to live right, show kindness/compassion as much as we can and importantly, beyond looking good, leave an impact and lasting legacy on our environment and the lives therein
My Two cents for Friday!!! #seunonijalawrites

Thank you amazing people!! 👏👏👏👏

Dear Mom. I lack the words that can succinctly describe how much of an amazing woman with a beautiful soul that you are.
Through thick and thin, you've been a potent source of strength which has provided the requisite stimulus that has kept me going even in the face of adversity.
As God lives, you will enjoy longevity laced with divine health and unprecedented happiness in all quarters.
Ladies and gentlemen, please permit me to introduce to you, a woman of substance, a mentor and a wonder to this generation. 😍🥈😘 🎂 🍷 🎶 💛💃💝
It's my Momma's Birthday..
Please, join me in celebrating her!!!

Was gonna keep it strictly simple and didn't intend to author any sensational write up at all. But, the writing vault resident in me keeps sending a reminder of how imperative it is to pen a few words on this auspicious occasion.
The past 365 days have been eventful to say the least.
I had cause to laugh, but then, I also had cause to shed heartbreaking tears.
I had cause to be happy, but there were a lot of painful moments.
I had cause to celebrate a few achievements but then, robust energy dedicated to some critical endeavors in expectation of specific results never materialized.
I had cause to be excited, but there were depressing occasions.
I had cause to battle depression, but then, I smile & appear happy alot of times, so there's possibly no suspicion.
I had cause to inspire and motivate alot of people, but rarely had the will to do same for myself when it mattered
Despite the odds, Gods mercy kept me and his faithfulness which can't be measured is the reason I am still alive, hearty and full of hope for a brighter tomorrow.
Dear Lord, I'll never take the grace to exist and celebrate an addition to my years on earth for granted.
It's plus + one for me, it's my Birthday...

Rainbows appear in a bow shape for A PURPOSE
Diamonds are precious gemstones for A PURPOSE
Daytime and Night time pave way for eachother effortlessly for A PURPOSE
Life is governed by a matrix of stages and phases for A PURPOSE
You may have ended up as an ape but you were created as a Homo Sapien Sapien for A PURPOSE
You are where you presently are for A PURPOSE
Your highly coveted and desired rise to the apex has not yet materialized for A PURPOSE
Peharps, you are reading this post for A PURPOSE
The PURPOSE is to encourage you to keep tabs on YOUR PURPOSE and never loose track of your PURPOSE in life because you were wonderfully created for THAT PURPOSE!! #purpose

Tough to preach.
Difficult to practice..
Especially when everything seems gloomy and hopeless...
But then, we've gotta keep going....

There comes a time when happiness eludes us. But then, at some point, we find ourselves crawling out of our downcast shell in realization of the fact that we owe it a duty to make happiness reign in our lives & affairs irrespective of the situations we're confronted with.
Happy Weekend Fam

In our voyage through life, we encounter alot of experiences. Some are laced with undiluted excitement, some turn out very unpleasant while others are completely unbearable. These events form the crux of the popular maxim "the good, the bad and the ugly" which life is synonyms with, and is perceived by many as an inevitable cycle that must be completed by every homo-sapien that traverses the earth.
Depending on what side of the maxim life allocates to us per time, we react accordingly based on our level of emotional strength, innate acceptance of situations as they evolve (especially those that can't be readily changed), psychological stability, depth of our emotional intelligence and perhaps, our measure of faith in God.
Essentially, these events in spite of their coloration, sparks a plug in the cylinders of the engines situated in our minds. By way of comparison, "when a car engine comes up with one or more misfiring spark plug(s), it is only ideal that effective performance of the engine is inhibited until a replacement has been done as appropriate.
In the same vein, when we take out time to appraise our lives & the events that have played out therein, with emphasis on the 'mistakes, errors in judgement, failings resulting from indecision & setbacks amongst others which have come or is still being accompanied by very painful costs, we sometimes wish "LIFE COMES WITH RESET BUTTONS"
If the above is a possibility, It is certain a whole lot of people would select the option of pushing the reset button at specific intervals. This would basically eject all painfully unpleasant situations & ultimately, pave way for a fresh start on a fresh slate.
Unfortunately however, since the painful part of our lives can't be blotted away, we MUST learn not to only crave for the good times but also endeavor to embrace the unpleasantness that comes with life as a fundamental part of our biographies.
Overall, through think & thin, we must develop the courage to approach life with optimism & great hope that the bad times won't last forever & equally, work out strategies of correcting past mistakes that may threaten our happiness at present or in the near future.


Alot of times, we are overwhelmed by turn of events and circumstances which naturally triggers #worrying
Of a truth, it may be hard not to worry because daily, we are confronted with challenges arising from health conditions, financial crisis, work related issues, family problems, societal/environmental hazards amongst others which feature prominently in all spheres of our existence.
According to experts, occasional anxiety is a normal part of life which switches on the worry knob at intervals (when the need arises). The remote intention is to help you keep tabs on the challenges and ultimately activate practical and workable means of surmounting them as much as possible.
However, worrying excessively about the afore mentioned and other things results in feelings of high anxiety which is known as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). This condition encourages people to get extremely worried and nervous about random situations even when there is little or no reason to worry in the first place and this is owing to the simple fact that an anxious brain is hypervigilant & always on the lookout for anything it perceives to be dangerous or worrisome.
Perhaps, some unconsciously think that if they "worry enough," they can prevent bad things from happening or activate solutions, but the fact is, worrying excessively, if not checked, can cause alot avoidable emotional, psychological, physical and even mental harm.
TO WORRY OR NOT TO WORRY??? The choice is exclusively yours to make, but I hope, just like I am trying to do right now, that you will renounce worrying and embrace peace and have faith that all will be well.
Permit me to end this piece with an admonition culled from the lyrics of a 1980 single released by the Legendary reggae maestro Bob Marley titled "Three Little Birds".
🎶 Don't Worry About a Thing" for "Every Little Thing is Gonna Be Alright" 🎶

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