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One sleep away! See you tomorrow at @cameliaco.sg for #mykainofbatik.

@bajubyoniatta’s friends from @woonhung and @shop.gypsied will be joining #mykainofbatik tomorrow for the weekend!
You can get your batiks AND accessories to go with it. 🤗

See you at @cameliaco.sg!

I am really quite blessed because this little one #nadineohanna, though only 5, is a HUGE batik fan. So when I asked her to work with me to model for these pieces from #bajubyoniatta_dinda, she was more than happy to oblige. In fact, she asked to keep one set just for herself. I couldn’t possibly say no, not especially after she worked so hard for this shoot! 😆
These pieces (and more!) will be available at #mykainofbatik this weekend @cameliaco.sg! Swing by and show some love. ❤️ #bajubyoniatta #batiktulis #batikforkids #mykainofbatik

My littlest girl #nadineohanna is the latest edition to @bajubyoniatta’s muse. She was more than happy to show us how to wear batik!
#bajubyoniatta #bajubyoniatta_dinda #batiktulis #batikchap #batikforkids #mykainofbatik

Just for this weekend, we have a very small collection - for girls! Stick around to see the looks in a bit. ❤️ #bajubyoniatta #bajubyoniatta_dinda #batiktulis #batikchap #mykainofbatik

Let me tell you a little secret.
I first wore my piece of #bajubyoniatta_wayangsayang in January this year when I performed in Walking In Beauty at the Esplanade Recital Studio. I had, by that time, 24 pieces of these hand-drawn batiks which I had commissioned batik artisans in Solo to work on for @bajubyoniatta.

I took the same piece and wore it to Walking In Beauty (London). I knew I had made these pieces as a way of sharing my love for batik. And behind this series, I had a story to tell. About the forbidden. And about artists, signified by the Wayang, on the borders of what is known as ‘motif larangan’ (forbidden motifs). Come hear about this piece on Saturday. My artist friends @corinne_gibbons, @sh_arda, @nabbycat and @tigermanrei will be sharing stories about navigating with the forbidden, led by @petrinakow (who was also the driving force behind Walking In Beauty). I am prepared to let the 24 pieces go, having kept them for over a year. Question is - are YOU ready to keep one for yourself? ❤️ #bajubyoniatta #bajubyoniatta_wayangsayang #batiktulis #mykainofbatik

Batik tulis (hand-drawn batik) is cloth that is waxed completely by hand using the canting. This is the most expensive batik due to the long process and high level of skill needed. You'll see slight differences in the thickness of the wax line, and the details show variation in size or shape.

#bajubyoniatta #bajubyoniatta_wayangsayang #batiktulis #mykainofbatik

Wayang Sayang is a specially commissioned 24-piece collection that celebrates the arts and artists having to navigate with the forbidden. Each piece is an exclusive piece of #batiktulis.
Hear more about this piece on Saturday and you may just find one that speaks to you. And then you can say “this is #mykainofbatik”! These will be available in Saturday at @cameliaco.sg. ❤️ #bajubyoniatta #bajubyoniatta_wayangsayang #batiktulis #mykainofbatik

The work I put in for @bajubyoniatta is nothing short of Heart. It embodies my love affair with batik and traditional fabrics. It also serves as an outlet for me to create narratives that weave passion with the richness of heritage. With each piece that I create, I grow.
#bajubyoniatta #bajubyoniatta_waxinglurikal #batiktulis #lurik #atbm #mykainofbatik

The collection from WAXING LURIKAL also features the Kemben.
Kemben (Javanese) or kemban is a female torso wrap historically common in Java and Bali, Indonesia.
Our muse @simplysue totally owns the look, doesn’t she?
Each piece of batik for the kemben is different because these are made from batik tulis (hand-drawn). You can style this in so many ways! Come join us on the 8th of Dec at @cameliaco.sg and see how style icon @dahliamohd, Founder of @enpointe.co, put together various looks just for you!
See you at #mykainofbatik!
#bajubyoniatta #bajubyoniatta_waxinglurikal #batiktulis #lurik #atbm #mykainofbatik

And we have brought back the Utama - this time, using #batiktukis and #lurik. We have called this WAXING LURIKAL.
Weaving was known to belong to the sphere of “small people” (wong cilik) whereas batik was presented as a purely aristocratic activity, characterized as a refined (halus) art. WAXING LURIKAL celebrates these social opposites, redefining beauty without boundaries.
I personally love the versatility of the Utama. You can wear it with anything, really. I have donned it with my favourite white top here (it’s not for sale!). Each pair is made with a DIFFERENT batik piece - that’s right. It’s one-of-a-kind. True to @bajubyoniatta’s commitment to revive how we wear and appreciate batik.

Come swing by @cameliaco.sg this weekend to check these pieces out. ❤️ #bajubyoniatta_waxinglurikal

In creating this Waxing Lurikal, I had personally worked with lurik craftsmen and batik artisans to produce a beautiful combination.
Ready to see the pieces?
#bajubyoniatta #bajubyoniatta_waxinglurikal #batiktulis #lurik #atbm #mykainofbatik

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