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And work has started! 😉

Enjoying my weekend and reflecting how happy I am with @bajubyoniatta’s #birubybaju2018 collection. I had named the 4 looks after 4 women who have inspired and continue to inspire me. I am wearing a Rukiah in this picture. Rukiah is my mother. ❤️ Just did a quick check at @enpointe.co this morning and have been told that the Rukiah is SOLD OUT. But fret not, the Kamisah and Zawiah are still available, though in limited sizes.
I had a chat with a dear Friend in KL who is waiting for her set to arrive and shared with her how I see batik as an ecosystem of real people behind every piece of cloth that we purchase and don. Each piece is the work of a batik craftsman whose hands have worked for weeks and sometimes, even months on one piece with hot wax and dyes. And so I take pride and am unashamed to say that there is so much love in every piece of batik that my clients take home from @bajubyoniatta. We don’t just sell clothes. We are supporting an ecosystem of people who care about keeping heritage, tradition and craftsmanship alive.
Here’s to a beautiful Sunday. ❤️❤️ MUA: @daeng_sasha
Outfit: @bajubyoniatta
Accesories: @woonhung
Photog: @nizam.sg

Yup. That’s me in a tudong.
I am back on stage this July as part of the Singapore Theatre Festival! Have you booked your tickets for Press Gang yet? #singaporetheatrefestival2018 #wildricesg

Took this not-so-little one to @pearlistasg at #pearlistaorchard and love love love what the stylist did to her hair! Thank you @nura_j... we love you long time. Love the location and your staff is top class. Ladies, look for Kak Ani when you are there. She is da bomb! ❤️

Dear Mommy,
I cannot begin to thank you for the years of unconditional love you have given me. Never once have you turned me away. In fact, you held my hands through the darkest of hours as I grew up and navigated in this world that can sometimes be quite unkind. But you were always there, Mommy.
Mothering is more difficult than all the exams I have sat for. I learnt that when I became a mother myself. But you, Mommy, have been such an inspiration I had dedicated my latest @bajubyoniatta collection to you. With one look named after you. And you were so game to be part of the campaign shoot.
Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy. I love you. May Allah bless you with good health so I can hold you just a little longer and tighter. ❤️

Hey friends, if you missed the launch of @bajubyoniatta’s Biru: An Ode to Bunda, do come down to @thebatikpeople tomorrow from 11am-9pm. I should be there around 2pm if you wish to meet me personally. 😉 See you tomorrow!!

Truly stunning. @djenarmaesaayu wears another from our #birubybaju2018 series.
This multi-talented artist - she writes, directs, produces and acts - wears the Zawiah paired with a gorgeous indigo #batiktulis.
We are launching this series today at @themox.co located on 451, Joo Chiat Road. Come on up to level 3 to see the series in the real.
#nakebatikgreatagain #bajubyoniatta #birubybaju2018

@bajubyoniatta is super excited that the multi-talented award-winning actress, director and writer @djenarmaesaayu (she played Kartini’s Stepmother that bagged her the Best Supporting Actress award!) donned #birubybaju2018. She wears the Rafe’ah here with one of our favourite batiks from the 48 that we will be launching today! Come join us at the launch this afternoon at @themox.co on 451, Joo Chiat Road, Katong Mall, Level 3. ❤️ #batiktulis #makebatikgreatagain #bajubyoniatta #birubybaju2018

MUA: @liesnasubianto 📷: @nizam.sg

I was asked if there was a driving force behind this new collection. An inspiration of sorts. Here it is.
My beautiful mother Rukiah is captured here wearing a piece named after her from @bajubyoniatta.
Biru: An Ode to Bunda makes its debut tomorrow. I hope to see you there. 📷: @nizam.sg MUA: @daeng_sasha

So @bajubyoniatta has released the 4 looks!
But here’s more excitement - you get to build how your Biru looks. The collection features an all-Tulis (handmade) Kain Batik with the intricacy of the art as well as the quality of the cotton that determines the price. This explains why it would be ideal for you to meet the batik pieces in the real. We have only 48 pieces in this collection - which means each look has only 12 sets, from S-L for the tops.
We look forward to meeting you on the 1st of May. I will be talking about the collection at 1pm and sales will begin at promptly at 1:30pm. See you at MOX, Level 3. ❤️ #batiktulis #makebatikgreatagain #bajubyoniatta #birubybaju2018

Ok you all very nonsense. I put nice picture of model, you never give enough thumbs-up. I put picture of my big hair, you all like eh. Here. Hambik kau.
Jokes aside, I was really into creating the whole Ibu-Ibu look for the wedding we attended. My Husband was rather amused by the look but I thought I rocked it pretty well no? Hehe. Made me feel regal with that hair do, and #birubybaju2018 collection - sekali-sekali ok la.
I wore a wayang pin on my Kebaya and was told by my Friend @liesnasubianto (for the record, she dolled me up that night with her magic pallet!) I was wearing Arjuna. He’s an equivalent to Superman so she says! (Oops. Salah... it’s actually a Gatot Kaca! Super strong this character! Can fly without wings).

Here’s another of me and my Bapak @nizam.sg. If you think my hair was big, there were women with bigger hair at the Indonesian wedding we attended! 🤣

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