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Fridate. 😍

Over the past two days, my theatre students stepped out of their comfort zone and performed Shakespeare monologues and soliloquies. It was a site-specific exercise (imagine Shakespeare on stairwells, and shower rooms!). Here are 14 triumphant (and relieved!) faces at the end of the assessment. Well done, Year 2s. (Oops. I am quite sure the other Year 2 class is disgruntled because we didn’t take a picture together yesterday. 😅)

My Son turned 10 today! And we had cake. ❤️

In the company of @siti__k at @teaterekamatra’s #tigerofmalaya and possibly the most talented Actors and Actresses who took the stage before Suria channel existed. 🤭

A big congratulations  to @teaterekamatra on their Dirty Thirty celebrations! It’s been quite a while since I left the theatre having enjoyed a production as much as I was provoked by it. Last night’s staging of ‘Tiger of Malaya’ by my all time favourite playwright @alfiansaat did just that. Wonderful wonderful multi-racial/lingual/cultural cast. So beautiful to watch, and delightful to hear different languages sharing one space. It was also lovely to come together to celebrate a theatre company that turns 30. Not just any theatre company but one where I had spent my youth. A bunch of us looked through a pile of old photos, reminiscing days in TAPAC, laughing at memories of wonky doors that opened to rehearsal spaces - spaces that have held secrets that only rehearsal rooms keep. 30 years in the arts scene and standing tall is no easy feat. What a milestone. Here is a company that saw itself through dark, even painful, days, where survival was, at one (perhaps more) point in time, questionable. But the people in Teater Ekamatra, year after year, never bowed to defeat. They fought and continue to fight for a voice that only theatre can amplify.
I sincerely hope Teater Ekamatra continues to do what it does best - make good theatre. Because we know what good theatre does and we must not ever let the good work we do stop. But like all good work, they need your support. And support can come in many many ways. To begin, please catch the play. It runs till the 23rd of September. And while you are at it, grab yourself some merchandise in support of the fund raising initiative that has already begun. The company has big plans to move forward (though I am secretly wishing they bring Pesta Peti Putih back because... where do I even begin... we have so so much to do to groom young, school-going, aspiring artists - how and where do you think most of us started, right?). And this can only happen with the support of people who believe in the arts. Teater Ekamatra seeks to raise $30,000. It’s a humble ask, really. And I hope my friends here can help them. Happy 30th, Teater Ekamatra. #ekamatra30 #tigerofmalaya #ekadirtythirty

Back again for the @sgwritersfest and this year for quite an interesting spread of sessions! Go on and check out what #sgwritersfest is up to. I am so so excited! ❤️❤️

What might you be doing this weekend? Swing by for this on Saturday. I will bring some of my personal pieces and share my travel adventures with batik. Hope to see you there. ❤️

Lucky to be coming home again. #notmyhouse #whereiwannabe #needaholiday #beachfront please, @nizam.sg?

Lucky to have been where I have been.

Lucky I’m in love with my Best Friend.

Attended my first convocation ceremony at NAFA! The lecturers all wore robes and had to walk in grand procession to get to our seats on stage as we witness our students receive their diplomas and degrees.
I was extremely heartened when some of my degree students had acknowledged me when they got onto the stage before they received their degrees. That slight shift of the way they positioned their bodies, the eye contact that forces you to look back at them, and the modest bow of respect - was one of the greatest gifts an educator can receive.
I noticed also that most of the students from China did the bow of respect to their Mandarin Drama lecturers (I was sandwiched between 3 of them). It was really beautiful to watch. They took their time to honour their lecturers as they held their mortar boards and genuinely bowed in the direction of their lecturer. I relished the moments where they displayed sheer reverence and regard they have for their mentors.
I went home feeling so very proud of my students. Especially my 12 supervisees who have graduated with an Honours degree in Arts Management. Exceptional bunch these 12 who have called themselves Ms O’s 12 Apostles. ❤️

We got the entire brood together tonight (quite a feat considering the bigger boys have a life and so it is not easy to get them together at one seating, except on Hari Raya). It’s also quite a challenge to get my parents out of the house these days. They much prefer staying home because mom says it’s such a hassle to get dressed up and all. She also finds difficulty walking long distances. Dad too says his knees are not that strong any more. So to have the family out like this really means a lot to me.

We celebrated a few things today - Rasyif’s 21st birthday, Romana’s DSA offer and, as much as I would like to believe, Teachers’ Day. ❤️

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