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ONGNIEL  ❝ ONGNIEL IS SCIENCE ❞ – Ong Seongwu & Kang Daniel ∴ • ㅡ  ❥ Est 170418 — OFFICIAL LINE ACCOUNT:@rfz4633s(use @) — Credits to owner 📸📹 —

Anyone else notice He slimmed down? His cheeks is pretty obvious its getting smaller ☹️ stay healthy babe xx

Ong blessed us with his specs but daniel killed us all with the appearance of his abs today😋

New 💙 jersey ... mine is not even here yet and they are already making a new one🙃🙃

“What is perfection?” “Look at Seongwu “ 👍

Our goddess Ong Seongwu close up in melbourne preview by NEOMA masternim 📸

•Ong Seongwu •
“The world that i see (1)”

Ong seongwu’s point of view today , this photos are really beautiful 🌟

All @ong.niel team would like to say a huge thank you for those who have participated for Ong x Minhyun Birthday project for Pre-Order 1 .The project is still on going and we are still taking orders for PO 1 till tomorrow🙏 My bestfriend, @sekarqaanitaa had a chance to visit YKAKI recently and she said it was beyond amazing being able to help the little kiddos they are so young and strong.All of our teams might be visiting YKAKI after we handed over the donations to YKAKI and we are really excited to bring smiles to the little kids and we are so eager to share with you our experience!!! Please continue to support LIGHT IT UP till the end of the month❤️

Guess who ? 😍😍😍 our talented @chenminloh is back with another art piece and this time our swaggy rapper from Taipei as her model 🙆‍♀️😍🌟


Oh anddddddddd it’s been One year since wanna one received their first win for energetic at a music show 🌟😍 wanna one's reactions after being announced as the winner is so precious 💗 #ENERGETIC1stwin

Make that 3 fav trios,idk why is wanna one ruining my wanna one bias list it shouldn’t be like this.My number 1 bias is still park woojin dont worry im loyal to my chamsae 🤧😘

His eyes are so intense I want to look away or never look away, I can’t decide.

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