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ONEWORLD Ayurveda  The leading authentic Ayurvedic Panchakarma centre in SE Asia.

The advantages of a twist are myriad.
Suppleness and lubrication of the spine and its vertebrae, leading to improved overall flexibility.
Cleansing of the organs, squeezed like so many dirty dish-cloths.
Balancing of Pitta, fire, as well as all digestive organs.
And finally, its special effect is that it stimulates those endocrinal glands responsible for our secondary sexual characteristics: waist, lack of facial hair, high-pitched voice.
Here demonstrated by a 59 year-old yogini, on a stroll through the woods of Chitwan, Nepal.
Photo, with thanks: @betilda

The yamas and the niyamas, the philosophy behind yoga are what this age-old practice is really about.
The very first precept: ahimsa=do no harm, is as relevant today as it was thousands of years ago when first conceived.
It goes back to the fundamentals of yoga, which means to yoke or to unite.
Remembering that we are all one means that harming another ultimately harms the self.

I kid you not, Pancha Karma is hard work.
So sometimes we need a break, a walk, a laugh.
Pancha Karma (PK) is the age-old Ayurvedic cleanse.
5000 years ago we were just as prone to over-indulge. The human being has not changed, we haven't suddenly developed two hearts for example.
We may think we're more intelligent, but the jury is out on that one.
All the great issues of society: greed; disease; poverty; murder and war, to name but a few, have not been resolved.
Where do we start?
With the self.
Photo: @ayurveda4me

Almost surreal, like the theatrical backdrop to a contemporary play.
With various relationships being dramatised simultaneously, literally and perhaps figuratively, on different levels.
On the lower level, clients are relaxing on Oneworld Ayurveda's post-treatment veranda, with spectacular views over the ricefields.
Above, clients are enjoying the herb gardens, absorbing the last few rays of the setting sun, listening to the sounds of the birds preparing for nightfall, the crickets, and an occasional gekko.
Nothing needs to be said anymore, all are at peace after the afternoon treatments.
Night falls rapidly in the tropics, in the space of a half hour it's pitch dark.

What causes the wind to move?
The Vata life-force, made up of ether and air.
Vata causes all movement within the body too, such as peristalsis, defecation, urination, respiration, ejaculation, sneezing, coughing etc.
If you are a Vata type, you'll tend to be mobile, perhaps waving your hands when talking, or perhaps raising just one eyebrow. You'll be hugely creative, cerebral, probably spiritual.
And when you go out of balance, you'll feel cold, dry, resulting in constipation, creaking joints, insomnia, lack of concentration, memory loss, fear and anxiety. And feel a constant need for change.
That's when you compensate by adding more heat to your diet in the form of spices, warm food, as well as more unctuousness.
With thanks:
Video: @oneworldayurveda
Mantra: @tekok

Water cleanses, it purifies and refreshes.
Cleanliness is next to godliness, as the saying goes.
We have a huge affinity to water, after all it constitutes over three quarters of our body.
If you're a Kapha person, your predominant elements are water and earth, so you'll find water too cold for you.
If however, you're a Pitta person, your predominant element is fire, so you'll enjoy the cooling properties of water.
And you, Vata, being ether and air are prone to feeling cold. So water needs to be warm for you to enjoy it.
This photo was taking during a purifying ceremony at one of Bali's oldest tempkes: Tirtha Empul.
Photo, with thanks: ono_lee

What are we actually trying to achieve during yoga?
A beautiful shape? Health? Beauty?
These are all side-effects of yoga.
What we are truly seeking is union.
Union of the body, mind and spirit.
Union of the self with others, with the greater whole.
Union, ultimately, with You.
Natarayasana, Shiva's pose: @tekok

Om shanti shanti shanti.
Presidents Trump and Kim, please come and do a Pancha Karma with us at - the appropriately-named - Oneworld Ayurvuda.
Before you come you believe that everything is important.
Afterwards you realise that nothing is.
Except for peace.
You're welcome to come simultaneously. Though some who come for the first time like to share a room, perhaps in your case we might respectfully recommend separate ones.
Photo: with thanks, @ono_lee

What does it feel like to have completed a 10 day Pancha karma?
What did it feel like during the process?
Recent client Séverine shares her feelings with us.
Video: @oneworldayurveda

Omega 3: these fatty acids reduce inflammation and may help lower risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and arthritis. They are highly concentrated in the brain and appear to be important for cognitive (brain memory and performance) and behavioral function.
Everyone is taking fish oil in order to get their Omega 3.
Fish have all kinds of heavy metals such as titanium, mercury and cadmium. These are concentrated in the liver, the body's filter. Which is where oil is expressed. Which is what you then consume.
Much more healthy and sustainable is flax-seed oil, full of Omega 3.
Place a heaped dessert spoon of these seeds in a mug, cover with luke-warm water (always from the kettle, never the tap) and leave overnight.
Drink the next morning, discarding the seeds.

Aparigraha, the fifth and final 'yama' or Yogic precept, leading us to happiness, means 'do not hold on'.
To anything material, such as possessions, youth, beauty.
To your identification with your profession: what you do has become synonymous with who you are.
To negative memories and self-defeating thoughts, repeated daily. These then form our emotions, which in turn form the body.
Even to illness, a 'raison d'être' for many. Try not to be your illness, do not feed it by talking about it to others.
When we let go mentally, we let go physically.
Pincha mayurasana: @tekok

Avoid doing what you want and you can do what you like. 'Tapas', the third of the five precepts, known as the 'ni yamas', to help us lead a happier life, gives us self-discipline.
Undoubtedly the greatest liberator.
When we are no longer led by our senses we are free indeed.
How, though?
By controlling the mind, through meditation.
When I see this hideaway amongst OWA's beautiful herb gardens I remember friend and recent guest Ursulina using this peaceful spot to do so.
Photo, with thanks: @svdkh

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