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Hot Guys From One Piece  ❦Pictures aren't mine. Please help me give credits if possible ❦I hope you, the like-minded One Piece fan, will enjoy the pictures. Thank you😊❤


Monkey D. Luffy❤

Trafalgar Law💙 *spoiler alert* so Doffy shot Law 3 times in the chest. I'M SO DONE. IF HE KILLED LAW, I WOULD DEFINITELY MAKE A GOOD USE OUT OF THE FEATHER DUSTER MADE FROM HIS SHOCKING PINK COAT THINGY *cry in the corner*

Trafalgar Law💙

So I heard people discussing how Law's dead and I couldn't believe it so I'm asking if anyone knows anything? MY BABY A%}CNC;$JDS CANT BE DEAD😭😭😭 *panicking so bad right now*

Trafalgar Law💙

Baby, please don't cry😚


Portgas D. Ace❤

Because we all miss him, aren't we?😫


I have been traveling for few weeks now and that's why I won't be posting much until I get home😄

Trafalgar Law❤

Happy birthday to you, my dark doctor💙💙💙


Trafalgar Law💗


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