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It's the first day of spring 2019. We made it !!! Through the cold. Through the fire. Though the hardest part of the season. not to be confused with the weather but the weather of our lives. we came from 2018 with expectations of 2019 was going to be the year. We made plans. even if you didn't say them on social or to family. That little piece of you just said i want to do better. We come to the time of the year where water flows. We've been frozen. We have regained our flow. The waters were dark but now we have our way. We have braved the crazy waters that we didn't know how to sail on. Now we have our way. Now we have our destinations. Going toward our truths. Going towards our growth. Going toward our understanding of fulfillment. Understanding that it takes times. Understanding that we are living a life and taking time away for ourselves is important.

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Super soul Sunday vibes. It’s a moment of silence when you listen to the waves crash. But you have to really listen. It’s the heart beat of the world. Take the time in your day to find balance

Happiness comes from fulfillment.

What are you thankful for ?

Truth in the booth. From granny sanders to Maya Angelou it’s all about what’s right.

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