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Good Morning

A @oneperspectivetoanother exclusive On the podcast. moments in love trying my hand At spoken word link in the bio for speaking this poem many rewrites but the feeling has always been the same. Give it a listen and let me know what you think. Happy Valentine’s Day.

It’s a four letter word and we all see it use it and say it in different ways. One thing that is common in all of them is it requires time, attention, and trust. Key ingredients. It’s more than the gifts. It’s more than the dates. It’s more than the trips. Love isn’t that feeling you get when You first see somebody after a while. It’s not that feeling you get when they look more amazing than ever.
Love is where you’ve been through a horrible day and you can go home to be heard. Mentally physically emotionally and spiritually. Love is that dynamic
Love is going to the edge and coming back. Bigger and better together.
Love is understanding it’s two individuals creating a team helping each other live life.
Love is a foundation that not many people can build. But everybody wants it.
It’s beyond the surface. Its understanding a persons truth fully and still showing them compassion. It’s understanding a persons flaws. And still wanting them to be a better human being.

The mind, heart, and soul take a different level of understanding.

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