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OneOcean Research  Highlighting shark and marine research around the globe, sharing fascinating science and facts that support conservation & community.#oneoceanresearch

#oneoceanresearch co founders testing out prototype #biomimicry #tigersharkwetsuits So far so good #coexist #nature #naturalcamouflage #apexpredatornotmonster #Repost @juansharks
Mimicking a #tigershark utilizing Biomimicry bi·o·mim·ic·ry
Is by definition: the design and production of materials, structures, and systems that are modeled on biological entities and processes. The @xcelwetsuits #TigerShark #wetsuits @oceanramsey helped design utilizing images I took of one of our most favorite #tigersharks Photo (a selfie, which btw, selfies killed around 100 people in 2017 alone) taken while cruising with a few beautiful female tigers in #tiger beach Bahamas visiting @daniel.hulme while shooting for @savingjawsmovie Follow #SavingJawsMovie to find out more about this scientific conservation film coming soon. #helpsavesharks #TigerSharkWetsuits coming out soon message @xcelhaleiwa @xcelwetsuits for more info & @wetsuitwarehouse If you’re in #Australia and #savetheocean Go #sharkdiving not #sharkfishing Say NO to #sharkfinsoup #sharkattacks are rare just look around and #respect sharks and be sure to check out amazing #sharkattacksurvivor @mikecoots who we filmed with today and @bethanyhamilton who is absolutely #unstoppable and @captaincook_2 now #competitivesurfer and @uluboi #professionalsurfer Much aloha and respect to those amazing and inspiring individuals who are stronger despite.

Photo by @juansharks Come join us to document and enjoy time observing #GreatWhiteSharks in Isla #Guadalupe this October or November. Message @silenthunterpty for details on @oneoceanresearch led trips where you can learn about shark behavior and photography from @oceanramsey and @juansharks and local researchers at this incredible place in #Mexico.
Trip departs from #sanDiego and is all inclusive except airfare. Hope to have you join us. #shark #sharkresearch #sharkdiving #greatwhitesharkdiving #sharkdive #pelagioskakunja #oneocean #oneoceanresearch #oceanramsey #juansharks #marinebiology #sharktrip #discoversharks

Omg!!! Check out @oneoceanhawaii footage shot by #marinebiologist #oneoceandiving #researcher @ge_keoni yesterday: #DolphinsAndSharks Dolphins and Sharks cruising together. Check out #OneOceanHawaii to learn more about this incredible experience and @oneoceandiving to come out and join @ge_keoni or one of our other professionally trained #sharkbiologists #sharksafetydiver s in the water with sharks. #Sharkswithdolphins #oneoceanresearch #oneoceanhawaii #hawaiianculture #respecthawaii #malamahawaii #malamamanō #malamamoana #kokua #kokuahawaii #ethology

Curious about sharks? We study shark behavior, specifics on body language and it’s relation and change in the presence of humans and other animals, environmental conditions and other quantifiable and qualitative variables.
When you come out with @oneoceandiving ask your guiding biologist or naturalist about the current trends in correlating variables or which sharks have been present recently. We record all of our data in an i-pad everyday while on board and would love to share and answer your questions. Check out our #sharkresearch division @oneoceansharks and it’s unique combination and use of social media, apps, and searchable hashtags to accurately catalog and easily reference ID’s #sharkID #oneoceanresearch #oneoceansharks #oneoceanteam #oneoceandiving #hawaii #oneoceanglobal @oneoceanglobal #studysharks #helpsavesharks #marinescience PHOTO BY @juansharks #juansharks of #marinebiologist & #sharkconservationist @oceanramsey in @xcelwetsuits #savewhalesharks

Successful voyage with too many beautiful memories to disclose by social media alone.The best teachers are the animals. The best classroom is in the water. Make your priorities true and lifetime is an endless accumulation of knowledge. #positivity #growth #move #change #adventure #explore on board our most favorite liveaboard outfitter @clubcantamar #MVseaescape with all the boys to the 2016 UNESCO world heritage site #Revillagigedo one of the final frontier for wild marine #megafauna. Beautiful people good experience and only great times to share 👍🏽 supporting local researcher @amaukua for #connectivity in sharks and oceanic ecosystem habitat who collected 6 manta biopsy (tissue for population genetic and muscle for diet content/isotope analysis) minimally invasive process dedicated to the preservation conservation scientific study understanding of the local flora and fauna hosting @zissoutom @pepkid @muttboy63 @zacharypirate @halepeno42 @madi_makoff @nani.moana led by budding in-house researchers @seajewl @sharkysophie @oneoceansharks for oneoceanresearch -signing off. SeaJewl #forthegoodofthewild #staywild #divesocorro #nextgen (and one Galapagos. tag 🤙🏽🦈👌🏽😊🔬

#OneOcean ambassador @halepeno42 #JoaquinWolfe kicking back with an adult California Sea Lion #ZALOPHUScalifornianus. Following the California currents down the coast of California major down to Baja Sur the Revillagigedo Islands sit in prime position for the convergence and redirection of smells tastes debris via water movement that the currents become #sharksurf. In this remote volcanic chain #naturalaquarium divers may chance encounters with many types of #marinemegafauna including sharks whales tunas, one of the last frontiers that humans can chance the views of our animal brothers. Excited to takeoff for our first @oneoceanresearch Expedition with a great team @oceanramsey @juansharks @halepeno42 @muttboy63 @pepkid @zissoutom @nani.moana @madi_makoff and the rest without instagram;) see the world in a week!!!!

#ISURUSoxyrhincus MAKO SHARK 🦈⚡️footage by team researcher @sharkysophie #SophiaEllis #oneoceanresearch

#connectivity. The balance of an ecosystem includes all stages of life. Learning about different kinds of sharks means learning about their environmental niche. That means the weather, optimal habitat, succession of a species as well as their neighbors. Spending a few moments on the dock with California Brown Pelicans at the southern tip of Baja California Sur. One of our favorite seabirds. (Nigel in finding nemo). #PELICANUSoccidentalis with the future @dolphingirl388 @nicosquid12 @espiritusanti57

Making friends, learning invertebrates and evolutionary biology with spanish princess #Clarita @claramarinne @thesharkodyssey 💃🏻🦈#sharkgoddess. The Phylum #Cnidaria involves 2 body forms: #polyp and #medusa. These organisms all contain #nematocysts stinging cells distinguishable unto 3 Classes #Antozoa, #Hydrozoa, #Sciphozoa. Antozoans include corals, colonial sedentary polyps and anemones singular sedentary polyps. Hydrozoa includes #Siphonophora like #portuguesemanofwar #PHYSALIAphysalis which are actually a colony of polyps that include a pneumatophore at the surface and 3 chains below that act as defense, food and reproductive systems. Schiphozoa encompasses all true jellyfish: independently moving polyps that can travel in together. @cabosharkdive

@nakawe_spain shares::: 💔🦈
Esta foto fue tomada recientemente en Bergen, Noruega. El marrajo sardinero aparece como Vulnerable en la lista roja de la UICN. Los machos alcanzan la madurez sexual a los 8 años y las hembras a los 13, y sólo tienen de 1 a 5 cachorros por camada. Debido a esto, son altamente vulnerables a la explotación.
¿Quieres ayudar a detener esto? ¡Envíanos un video!
Si ves carne de tiburón o raya de una especie amenazada o carne no etiquetada con el nombre de la especie, envía un vídeo a Asegúrate de incluir la ubicación y el nombre de la tienda y mencionar dónde te encuentras y qué es lo que ves. Tu vídeo podría aparecer en nuestro próximo documental, 'Game Over Fishing'. #GameOverFishing #CarneDeTiburón #FileteDeTiburón #EspeciesAmenazadas #VídeosDeTiburones #Videos #MarcaUnaDiferencia #Tiburón #Tiburones #TiburonesYRayas

biomimicry. Look like the most stealth animal in the ocean. Stripes like a tiger dance great in the rays of the sun, a common approach of inquisition. They fade effortlessly into tarnished visibility esp in shades of brown and green. Looking down from above the shado s of a tigers form are quickly lost in the patterns of the reef. Did we mention they make no noise? Tigersharks are addicting to learn from and study and quite manageable compared to your average apex predator. Finding and interacting with sharks is much harder than it looks. Each of the living 4-500 species has a preferential diet, habitat, behavioral complex and ecological role. Precision is everything in the natural world where almost every other species but humans rely on the signs and cues of weather seasons and the environment as opposed to this measurable concept called time. Stay in tune with the natural world #staywild. @oceanramsey by @juansharks matching @xcelwetsuits coming soon . . .

On tour we had 3 #THUNNUSalbacares small yellowfin tuna. Below 100lbs these fish are called Shibi but let the shibi grow and they will turn into AHI 💪🏽🤘🏽👊🏿 !!!! Supporting local sustainable fishery options is more important now than ever because of the impacts on overfishing. Unfortunately these encounters are becoming increasingly rare and impacts in Hawai’i fisheries and reef health are undeniable. Shark conservation and research ecotours are already more #sustainable because these wild animals are being promoted and studied rather than fished. Returning to visit and monitor residential shark populations allows the shark to come and go as they please within their natural environment as opposed to death or removal. Balanced presence of predators on land and sea are necessary for successful ecosystem. Native Hawaiians knew this as well as how to understand respect and work with or around sharks. Modern science is still catching up to these important perspectives. Many of our big fish stories are harder to come by and trophy fishing is proving to be unreliable. The last of our big fish are being exposed as a result of ecological compression so preserving for the future is not a question but a reality. The resilience of nature is strong but how great would it be to contribute to growth instead of demise 😃 do your part and be a good #globalcitizen with everyday choices that may impact or inspire anyone around you. Set the tone for a fishier future a healthier happier ocean!! Reduce plastic, eat local, grow food, compost, and share the message @oneoceandiving @beneath_theblue @ca_pt_da_zz_le @hannah_gabrielson @craig_gabrielson @seajux filming for @oneoceanresearch

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