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Naoko 🎶🍔  Former teacher, current San Francisco resident, eternal musician.

I put some of my favorite Smule #workfam moments into a picture frame. LIKE AN ADULT.

My amazing friend MADE ME YO-YO MA STICKER!!!

Brought my giraffe hat to work for Moose.

This guy is married now!!! ❤️ also, I got a sweet giraffe hat from the wedding balloon guy!

Sometimes a gal just wants to be handsome...

Thanks to @livforcolor and #1240salonandspa for adding some fuchsia and freshen it up my blue! Photo credit goes to @livforcolor too!

I feel like a comic book super hero! 💙💜💕


Bought an electric bass last night, and amp a few hours ago...this is me in my 2nd hour ever of playing. Am I a rock star yet? 😜

Our office moved locations, so we celebrated with personalized mugs. Yes, that’s my Bitmoji feeding coffee to yo-yo ma.

We voted! But honestly...I’m genuinely disappointed my “I voted” sticker isn’t a rainbow. I live in San Francisco, after all... 🌈🌈🌈

We are moving out of the warehouse so I thought I’d play my cello in it! A coworker put out this sign and hat. I made $2.33 in 20 minutes 😂

Played cello with @joshgroban to fundraise for the #findyourlight foundation, supporting the arts!

Nabbed a screenshot from @dionsinger ‘s video 🙃

I did not realize my hair was the same color as the backdrop... 🤦🏻‍♀️

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