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vicky mcfadden  Traveller, Artist, Photographer. "Make the most of today, you'll never have any regrets."

Oregon coast this morning.❤️
As I awoke, I thought about why I love the beach so much, I think its because I can always gain perspective on life, being reminded how ominipoent is our world and heaven's are, so much bigger than any silly problem.

Love diving in the Springs in Southern Oregon....Its the new ground for treasure hunting... not that I've tried...but it sounds fun.:)

Snowqualmie Falls, Snoqualmie, Wa. A guy at Starbucks asked me today what I thought meaning of life is...After a minute I said, its to learn be content and at peace, irregardless of circumstance...what do you think?

Trying to keep my camera steady, but this worked out pretty good! This video was taken at the end of the hiking trail we took. Its the view looking out over Port Angeles & strait Juan De Fuca.

My time lapse from the top of Hurricane Ridge. It was spectacular to sit and watch nature do her thing.❤️

Summer is just around the corner, I'm so excited! Anybody got any special trips planned?
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Diving Rainbow River! My most favorite dive yet, because the water is so beautiful and clear and location is so peaceful and relaxing. It was one of those days were the only agenda was to have fun. If I go back to Florida, that dive is going to be the first thing on my list!

Picture perfect sunset in the Florida Keys.🌟

I had the good fortune of seeing true art on a walk through golden gardens...I promised the guy that I wouldn't photograph the picture itself.
Love the arts, every kind, you name it:)

Hiking season is upon us in the NW. This scene at Snowlake, with my pals is the perfect way to spend a Saturday.❤️

My day at Ocean Shores, a perfect sunset, I can never ask for it just me, or is there a hint of summer in the air?
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Cannon Beach at sunset! One of my most favorite stops, traveling down the west coast. A highly recommend place to visit, if you're ever in Oregon. -
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