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Tim Paul  I'm just a passionate and competitive person who likes to make parts.

Another step closer to making chips.

Found some @twoearallen sized doors on the #midway last month. And the model of plane Allen sat back seat in while hunting subs for the Navy. And this exact plane my BDA brother @jimchappell41 worked on when he was in the Navy like 100 years ago. #youresoold #proudnavyfamily

Re-Previous post...I only had time to see what the machinery’s handbook said about this and this is all I could find. There is a Mil-STD for this but a quick google searched didn’t find it. Like old man Frank once told me, “the only perfect part is the part that meets the print.” So if an AD (assembly drawing) notes which direction to press for a pin then that is what you follow. If it’s your product then you make the rules. Without AD guidance the chamfered or beveled side goes in. The rounded side is intended for a slip fit for ANSI pins. Double beveled/chamfered are intended to be double press fit. ISO metric typically have double non symmetrical chamfer. I believe the longer chamfer goes first there. Thanks for all the comments.

Which side is down when you install dowel pins? Does it matter? Do you have an opinion? Are they different? #dowelpins #doesitmatter #thedevilisinthedetails

California is on fire. The choppers my old man works on are hard at work to help put the fires out. #thankyoufirefighters

Good bye San Francisco

In the office today and decided to squat on @martideans desk for a few minutes between meetings and look at what I found. She musta knew I was coming and that I’m a super tool catalog nerd. 🤓. #instamachinist #makeanything #makesomething #thedevilisinthedetails #haasome #machinelikeagirl #machinist #cncwest #cncmilling #cncmachine #cncmachining #cncmachinist

Just another rat in the race 😂

Thank you to those that serve our communities and our country. This morning felt heavy as we honor another lost #chpofficer , father, husband and former Marine. Enjoy today for tomorrow is not certain.

Give my Brother a follow and watch his journey. One of my older Brothers @twoearallen decided it was time for a career change. After some chatting with me and @larschristensen he decided to jump into the MFG industry. After a long career in the Navy and some time in his second career he signed up for machining classes and committed 100% to his third career!!! #proudlittlebrother #madeinamerica #nevertoolatetolearn #nevertoolatetochange #learneveryday

Apparently these are the new “cool” thing. Every other car older than 1960 has one in their window in Reno.

I have an extra soft spot in my heart for bedazzled paint jobs!!! #bedazzled

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