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Anyone wanna do a s4s

*Nialls POV*
I met this girl a few weeks ago and I am so amazed by her! Her name is (y/n), (y/f/n). She is so beautiful and hilarious! I can't get her out of my mind! I think about her all day and all night! And she eats as much as me too! Its a match made in heaven! She's perfect! All the boys are sick of me talking about her but I can't stop! We've been on 5 dates and we are going to a fancy Italian place tonight. I think I love her!

Imagine you were in Paris, France on a vacation with your friend. You were going back to your room and you were on the elevator. You were on the 23 floor and only two other people on the elevator. The other people on the elevator were two guys they were taking in British accents which you love. One of the guys started to speak
Louis- damn Harry look at that beautiful girl!
Harry- shut up Lou she can hear us!
You- so we're in France she doesn't speak English!
Actually you were hear from America and English was your first and only language but you kept listening to the conversation.
Louis- oh and look she's wearing stripes!!
Harry- a perfect match! Haha!
You started to bush and the elevator arrived at your floor. When you were walking off the elevator you said something to the two guys.
You- have a nice days boys
You said and smiled at them. Louis got bright red and then the elevator door closed with you just smiling and laughing to yourself in the hallway. You went to your room.

Part 3: Liam started to sing " girl is see it in your eyes your disappointed cuz I'm the foolish on that you anointed with you heart I tour it apart" he kept singing everyones eye locked on you
Then Harrys solo you didn't even want to look at Harry you knew you would brake down in tears so u just looked at the ceiling. His voice was trembling you could tell he was about to cry. When it was zany solo you didn't realize he had left the stage and was now walking up behind you. "I'll be here by your side....." you turned around to see zayn walking towards you to the beat of the song
"no more fears no more cryin" he grabbed you hand and guided you towards to stage but you held back all of the sudden you feel your feet being lifted off the ground by Harry while he sings in your ear "and if you walk away I know I'll fade.." at this point you were an stage with all the boys surrounding you. You still had a blank stare but our cheeks were a little red but u still didn't give in. To song ended and every one In the auditorium went wild you forgot they were there for a bit and thought it was just u and the boys. The crowd went silent waiting for you or the boys to say something. "so......do u forgive us?!" louis said hopefully but also worried. "I can't just for-" you started to speak but Harry cut you off with a kiss. You were shocked an so were the other boys. "I'm sorry (y/n) I just couldn't hold it in any longer I love you I always have I mean more than friends" Harry say looking into your eyes. All the feelings you had for him came flooding back you couldn't fight it you loved Harry. "so (y/n) please will you forgive us and come on tour with us" zayn ask ruining the moment you laugh and nodded your head. Everyone cheered even the boys. "so...erm...where does that leave us" Harry whispered in your ear you smiled and kissed his soft lips "I love you (y/n) will you please be my girlfriend" Harry said with a smile on his face. You kissed him and said of course. "awwwwwwwwww" you heard in the background. You didn't realize that everyone could hear you but it was ok now everyone knows your his and everyone knows your best friend with one direction!

Part 2: A week past and you were back to your normal life at school. The boys have called you and Texted you multiple time but you just ignored them. It was the week before Christmas vacation and you had an assembly, they didn't tell you what the assembly was about but you have one every year until you realized all of the security there you start think if the boys would show up but they were on tour, until you saw Paul you knew if he was there then the boys were too. You quickly got Up from your seat and was about to leave when you heard everyone gasp and all the girls start to scream you knew the boys just came on stage. You felt a tear roll down your face and quickly wiped it away. "(y/n!)" "wait!" Liam screamed into the microphone you turned around and gave them all a blank stare. "(y/n) we are so sorry we don't know what we were thinking we should of just told everyone the truth in the first place!" Louis said with sadness in his eyes. "we are so miserable without you we couldn't get you off our minds!" zayn exclaimed. You just stood there in the middle of the aisle with your arm crossed trying to hold back the tears. Every one was looking at you then back at the boys the music started to play and instantly you knew what it was, it was Gutta Be You, you rolled your eyes and just stood there.

Part 1: Imagine you are best friends with the boys. You met them at a meet and greet and just clicked you guys kept your friendship on the down low because the boys didn't want u to deal with the Fans or paparazzi you were a little upset that you couldn't tell anyone but it was worth it. You were on the boys tour bus watching the boys interview that was going on now and something caught your eye, the interviewer was holding up a picture of you and the boys. U were now watching to see what the boys were going to say "she's.....erm..a-" Niall was cut off by Harry " oh she's just obnoxious fan that won't leave us alone" Harry replied you were in shock you snapped out of in when you felt a salty, wet tear fall into your open mouth. You couldn't believe your ears, and to think Harry said that, you have always a little crush on Harry and you thought he did too but after that those feeling went away. After Harry said that all the boys agreed like it was true. You felt so hurt that the boys would say that about you. You were supposed to go on tour with them but you just couldn't after that. You called your mom to come pick you from the tour bus and left a note for the boys, the note read...
Thanks for the little shout out on tv today..... It hurt me I don't think I can be friends with you guys anymore so have fun on tour and lose my number! -(y/n)

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