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NIALLS HOE 🍀  5 boys are my life. I own nothing.


go home management u r drunk!!!

why are you so perfect.. My super crazy obsessive makes me wanna cry one direction feels are back thanks to lwwy

all time favorite Perrie pics. also just a note I don't believe for a second that Zayn cheated on Perrie. He wouldn't do that, especially since he introduced his family to her.. I fully ship Zerrie. xx


Harry just got a new tattoo at a place called 'Kevin Paul Tattoos!' #confirmed No one is sure what it is but I'm quite sure its on his collar bone/chest area. If you look at the picture you can see the bandage they usually put on new tattoos is popping out of the neckline of his shirt! xx :)

THIS JUST IN. Zayn Malik of One Direction now thinks that he is a comic book and has proceeded to tattoo Zap on his body.. 😂 Zayn y u think ur a comic book.

Secrets Fan Fic Chapter 4; The drive home was quick. We pulled into a driveway full of fans. "Well that was quick." Louis said laughing. Paul got out of his car and ushered mum, the boys and I inside. We all went to the living room, except for Niall who wandered into the kitchen. I sat between Liam and Zayn on the couch. Zayn had his arm flung across the back of the couch, and around me. Liam shot him a look telling him to back off. Zayn didn't move though he just readjusted himself and leaned in closer to me. "Um Zayn, can I talk to you? In private?" I said standing up and walking into the guest room before he could answer. I heard him walk in and shut te door behind him. I looked at him and began to ask "Zayn you know I'm dating Liam what are you doing?" but I was interrupted by his lips pressing against mine hard. #secretsfanfic || if this looks familiar it's b/c I used to post it on a big account I co owned but no longer do so I'm finishing it out here!! FEED BACK IS APPRECIATED :)

I feel like that was the perfect way to retire wmyb. Don't get me wrong I love that song, but now one of the better songs they sing can get big. xx

Lately I've been having such strong Liam feels, and that makes me feel dirty cause Liam's just too Liam for that.. But he looks like Justin with his new haircut which is extremely sexy. Infact all of their new hair is beyond sexy.. I'm having my usual Niall & Harry feels & now I'm having Liam feels? It's just too much to handle. Who are you guys having the strongest feels for? Xx

Too much perfection. Unffff Tom Daley and One Direction? Bye ovaries

Love Pezza || yay the women's gymnastics is on! xx

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