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1D Fanfics ❤  2 directioners who love to write (: Other accounts ; irish_prince_ && keepcalm_love1d_ Enjoy <3

Hi guys! I just wanna apologize for then wait of the fanfic. We are trying our hardest to get the rest on! (: -Nikki

Guyss I have a question. I know this isnt a fanfic but do you guys just want the one fanfic, or another one for in between?

Sorry for the wait guys ! (: || Part 3 Madison's POV I was so happy. Every doubt in my mind had vanished. Harry picked me up and hugged me so tightly. Thats where I was happy, in his strong arms. I looked at him and brushed his brown curly hair out of his bright green eyes so I could see them. I heard people shouting and cameras being flashed. I looked around sort of frightened. Then I remembered that Harry was famous. He grabbed my face gently and moved it so I was looking at him again. "Don't worry about them." he smiled. Then realizing he hadn't said hello to his own mother yet, he quickly turned towards her and pulled her into a hug. I saw a boy with bright blue eyes and lovely blonde hair come towards me "Hi I'm Niall! This is Zayn , Liam , and Louis!" they all hugged me and said it was great to meet me. But when Zayn hugged me I noticed he held on longer, and pulled away slowly, smiling at me. I brushed it off and went to stand next to Harry "So where does everyone wanna eat?" he asked us all. "NANDOS!" Niall squealed while he jumped up and down like a little kid. Harry leaned down to whisper in my ear "Excuse him, he's always like this" I giggled and helped the boys with their bags. I noticed Zayn was lagging behind, but I just met him so I decided to keep up with Harry as we walked to the parking lot.

Part 2 Harry's POV We were on the plane an hour from landing. I had called my mom quickly to come get us but also to bring Maddie along. Maddie was my best friend since I was about 5, when her family moved in. My mum and I went over to her house to welcome her to the neighborhood. Her mum introduced me to her and we went into her backyard to play. Ever since then we were best friends. And I didn't tell her , but I was madly in love with her for as long as I can remember. She used to come to me for boy advice, and I used to get so frustrated with her because every guy would always hurt her. All I wanted to do was love her, but I was never given that opportunity. The boys hadn't met her yet but I knew they would love her. She was such a happy girl and always knew how to make everyone smile. After a short nap we landed at the airport. I was so nervous to see her. What if she was mad at me for not staying in touch? What if she only wanted to be friends? As all these thoughts clouded my minds I saw here there with my mother. I dropped my bags and ran towards her, picking her up an twirling her around. Her familiar but sweet perfume hit me, and I couldn't help but smile. I was so glad she was in my arms again.

Maddies pov part 1 It was 12:00 on a Saturday afternoon in Cheshire. Yeah, the same town as the teenage heart throb Harry Styles grew up. Actually, I was really great friends with Harry before he became famous. When I was 5 my family moved into the house right across from him. Since Harry had left I often found myself at his house visiting his mother. She was a lovely woman, but I could tell that sometimes she took Harry being away all the time hard and just needed someone to talk to. I walked from my house to hers in the freezing cold. When she opened the door she hugged me and welcomed me in. I came in and sat down at the kitchen table. "So Maddie, how have you been lately?" she asked cheerfully. I let out a sigh "I'm good, just a bit stressed that's all. Hows Harry?" I ask very curiously because Harry hadn't called or texted in a while. "He's doing well. He loves the famous life but I think he misses his home a lot. He misses you too" She said. I stopped and looked up at her. I had always had a huge crush on Harry, but I had been to close to him and didn't want to ruin the friendship. "I miss him too. all the time" I said back smiling. "Everytime he calls he always asks how you are" I couldn't stop smiling. What if he thought the same way about me too? I excused myself to the bathroom. On the way I stopped by Harry's room, just standing in the doorway. He had pictures all over, lots of them of us. I just remembered all the amazing times we had. I went to the bathroom and walked back into the kitchen where his mum was on the phone. When she hung up she turned to me. "So, the boys are at the airport. Wanna come with me to get them? Harry asked me to bring you along" I immediately got nervous. I hadnt seem him in almost two years. What if he's changed a lot? "Of course!" I responded after debating. I first went to Harry's room and grabbed a beanie that I gave him for his 13th birthday and headed out the door. I was so excited to see Harry, my heart beating fastly.

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