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Sheree Johansen  Personal Trainer -ONE Body & Soul mother to 3 young girls/hubby works away, practicising super mum. SnapChat- shezzalenko13


💞LOVE what you have first before anyone else. Then your goodness & happiness will radiate to them💞
@onebodysoul #loveyourself #lovewhatyouhave #lovewhatyouare #lovewhatyoudo #bekind #youareenough #lifecoaching

❌Results in 10 Weeks❌

Lindsey Richmond 9.2kg, 7.7% Fat,17.5cm DOWN
Riss Bertelsen 8.7kg, 4.2% Fat, 1.4% Muscle Mass, 11.5cm DOWN
Nora Johnstone 3.8kg, 4cm DOWN
Simone Harris 3kg, 1% Fat DOWN
Nat Wheatley 2.9kg, 0.5%Fat, 6cm DOWN
Annette Tomlins 2.7kg, 1.1%Fat, 2cm DOWN
Robyn Howie 2kg, 1.2% Fat, 2cm DOWN
Tammy Zanotti 1.8kg, 8.5cm DOWN
Melissa Parker 15cm DOWN
Lyn Farrell 6.5cm DOWN
Kelsey Johnson 5.5cm DOWN
Jess Hadley 4.5 cm DOWN
Emily Bibby 2.6 % Fat DOWN
Kerry Alfieri 2kg, 0.8% Fat DOWN

The WINNER of this Challenge is Riss Bertelsen. You were outstanding throughout the 10 Weeks. Not only did you lose weight, fat and cm's, but you were always there to support our Fitfam. Providing advice on how you have made changes, contributing to most challenges and encouraging others. You were also in regular contact with your buddy Robyn Howie which has helped her journey alot and also has developed into a lovely friendship as well.
Thank you for your help Riss, in spreading the good news of health and fitness. I appreciate the openness you have shared with all your friends and family which in turn will affect someone else in the long run. I look forward to another amazing 10 Weeks with you Riss, but this time it's on me!!!! Congratulations on WINNING and enjoy your FREE Bootcamp love.

Thank you to all those above who obtain great results. There are still a lot of others who's results have not been mentioned however I will get those numbers to you over the next few days.
Keep striving for YOUR Best SELF


To see some of the transformation pics click here to see more.

@onebodysoul #transformation #results #fatloss #fatlossjourney #fitness #health #results #beyourbest #loveyourself

😜That last mouthful the kids didn't eat. 😜The leftover chips on someones plate. 😝"Oh give it here, you can't waste it!".
All these mindless foods we stick in our mouths add up. Don't use your tummy as a rubbish bin, only eat when hungry and eat according to your daily activities and time it right. This was something we learnt from our recent Food is Fuel Nutrition night from @davidcatalystdietitian .
STOP the 1% ers slipping thru.
@onebodysoul #nutrition #heathyeating #mindfuleating #food #summerscoming #instahealth #exmouthliving #blueskies #bikini #ilovesummer

❌Summer 10 Week Challenge 2 Weeks AWAY❌

Book your tickets to transform before Christmas. ✅Meal Plan
✅InBody Scans
✅Yoga with Anneak
✅Cooking Lessons
✅Unlimited classes
✅Mon, Wed , Fri ✅5.45am Bluff Point
✅9.15am Foreshore
✅6pm Foreshore
✅ INDAH health & beauty spa vouchers per challenger
✅ Allegro Physiotherapy Body Analysis scan per challenger
✅ Leon Baker Jewellers Pearl Necklace
❌$300 CASH BACK FOR THE WINNER + heaps of prizes

Click the LINK In BIO ⬆️ For Tickets

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❌How Did She do It❌
15cm down 7kg gone

I joined up to onebodysoul PT as I was turning 49 and needed to get rid of the tyre that was forming around me !
Round 1, 9 weeks and I lost 9cm around my waist and dropped 4kg. Incredible ! I was amazed at what I had achieved! I was motivated, thanks to Sheree and her drive.
I attended class with Sheree 3 times a week, played my tennis, ran around for my kids and started to eat amazingly healthy following the meal plan.
So I signed up for round 2. I love how every class is different, I love how funny Sheree can be. I love how the group of ladies eggs you on when your not feeling in exercise mode.
Round 2, 10 week challenge done. Another 6cm gone from thigh and waist combined and 2.9kg lost. Amazing.
I am so very proud of my achievements and cannot thank Sheree enough for her belief in my ability to do my best.
If I can get this far, and if I can motivate just one person to believe in themselves, then I'm happy.
You may think it's just all too hard, don't !
I'm 49, I've achieved it, believe in yourself, have a goal, you will find it's so very rewarding when you see change.
No going back now.
Sheree, your stuck with me !

@onebodysoul #lovemyjob #clientsatisfaction #results #gaurantee #healthyeating #training #bootcamp @offshorecharterswa

💖💞THANKYOU 💖💞 Thank you from the bottom of my heart to each and everyone of you in the past 10 Week Challenge. You are all different and unique. You all had different work schedules and committments to one another. You all came with different fitness levels and mindsets. And you all had your own set of demons to face and overcome.
I stand here today a proud trainer that we are all leaving a different healthier person. Thanks to this 10 Week Challenge not only are you changing in body shape but your mental health and mindset of living has changed. No longer do you wish to sit in your car on your phone but you kill the 20mins you have with physical activity. No longer does 5km sound like a long way, coz you have achieved it. Even running up stairs or a big hill doesn't scare you as much as it did in the beginning.
Thank you for coming into my care and letting me show you a better way. If your journey is ending with ONE Body & Soul today I wish you all the best for the future and look forward to seeing you still achieving and believing. We are always here for you when you need that little pester to get moving to stay committed.
For those who are remaining to enter the Summer Program, get ready crew to gain some arm muscles and tone that booty. Coz we have chinup bars, obstacles, ocean and sand to play with this round, and thats just a snippet😂 Don't be scared NEW people, the crew will tell you all about their first few weeks. You will be ok! 😘Here is a little piece to remind you what you got up to over the past 10 Weeks. 😘

Love you all


Ps. Bring on Summers Challenge!!! 2 Weeks to go!! @onebodysoul #challenge#results#instahealth #healthyeating #exercise #workingout #friends #confidence #beleive #beleiveacheive #journey #love #loveyourselffirst

❌How long does it take?❌ You can lose weight fast with a restrictive diet with no room to enjoy yourself or you can lose it with healthy changes and meals the whole family enjoy and it doesnt limit you when going out.
Statistics prove that a slow reduction in weight is 10 times more successful and sustainable then strict unrealistic meal plans.
Here is a beautiful client and her journey with our Challengers. She has completed 3 so far and is coming back for more. Her work has kept her away this last round a fair bit which jeopardised her results however she is still looking fabulous and still improving.
You too can have this. Only 1️⃣5️⃣days left to register for Summers Challenge.
Click link in BIO now!! @onebodysoul #challenge #results #progress #healthyeating #instahealth #balancingworkandlife #workhard #cleaneating #soproud

Hair day isnt complete without a selfie pic 😂. Went for a purple look this time thru the roots fading to the ends! Hope you like it🙏🏻🙏🏻 ???
Thanks to @price_attack_geraldton_ you always do an amazing job.
@onebodysoul #hairdayselfie #purplerocks #crazy #hopeitdoesntfadetogrannypurple

💖Todays Motto💖

LOVE yourself more and more each day. Your in this body for a fair while may aswell enjoy it and the journey it takes you. 💖Strive for healthy mind and body each day
💖Share your passion with others around you and enjoy each and everyday

@onebodysoul #loveyourself #healthymind #results #happiness #motivation #girlpower #beactive

Awwww look what a client just said and check out tonights sunset!!!💖💖💖💖💖💖
Hey You!
Are you sitting in the fence, umming & aaahing about joining the next challenge?
Well I joined up at the last minute for the current one & it's one of the best decisions I've made in a long time.
Here's my story.. I hope it gives you the ooomph you need to get on board because you will not regret it!

In short, I stuck to the meal plan, I attended every class and I included incidental exercise.
I used to drink alcohol every day.. yep every day. Getting up to a bottle an evening on occasion. Terrible!
So when I say sticking to the meal plan, that included giving up alcohol for a good chunk of time in the challenge. I also gave up chocolate & any added sugar.
I attended the Nutrition evening & that was so informative & also gave me the reassurance to include simple dinner meals like small portion of meat with veggies/salad.
Exercise wise I did 3 classes per week, walked on 2 days with friends and also ran or walked at Harriers Club each Sunday.
I was slightly disappointed to not reach my goals, however I have slackened off a bit the last 2wks food wise so it was really to be expected. I still did awesome & you can too!
I can't wait to start strict again for the new challenge (start day is on my calendar!) and work with Sheree in achieving my health goals ☺️😍 @onebodysoul #challenge #beleiveandachieve #summer #cardio #hiit #boxing #metafit #results #confidence #inspirational #motivational #sunset #handstand #strength #instahealth #instafitness

💞YOGA for Summer Challenge💞

Every Summer Challenger has the option to attend Yoga with the amazing Aneak.
Do yourself a favour and check her out on instagram at "puresukhayoga". I have never seen anyone quiet like her. She is outstanding. So excited to have her on board to help you all stretch out what we have created in classes.
This is additional to normal class on a Thursday 6.30pm. Click the link below to find out more of whats on offer. ✅https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/believe-achieve-10-week-summer-challenge-tickets-37792909610

Spots are limited so don't wait and miss out. Countdown is on for it to start.

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