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The good life. Family. Picnic mat. Backyard grass & coffee. ๐Ÿ‘Œ (Specifically, coffee from @nespresso 2014 vintage, meaning it's older than the baby, the mat, the house and our marriage!) #gifted #heytobybear #nespressomoments #picnic #breakfast #Sydney #northshoremums #mumlife #babyboy #hellosunshine

It took a message from a mumma from Adelaide to get me out of the house and to this gem of a wood-fire-fuelled cafe. (It definitely helped that @mumsawake, @onemumtwokids & @jacq_6 brought along their extra delicious bubbas!) Win for me and a win for Toby!
#sydneyeats #northshoremums #cafelife #mumlife #mumsawake #instameet

It's been so, so rainy and busy and life admin overloaded and wheezy breathing, and housework-ey recently. But it's also been interspersed with amazing surprises like Adele, and Toby crawling(!), and a mid week dinner at a private restaurant, featuring an abalone per person and these monster lobsters and xo sauce on everything ๐Ÿ˜†

It's not much to look at, I know. We've been going gangbusters around here - work is amping up more and more each day, Baa-ba is sick, the Bear is going through one of this amazing wonder weeks (wonder three weeks more like) and insists on yelling at everything, and my asthma means that the tiniest of colds leaves me wheezing when I walk.
I realised, at about 9pm, that it was pancake Tuesday and that it was the first one in the time we'd spent together that I hadn't whipped a batch up for my main man. So off the sofa, up to the stove and ten minutes later we had a couple of crepes in a cup each with a puddle of maple syrup and butter at the bottom.
It's not photogenic, but the fact that I managed to pull off our little tradition (albeit 13+ hours late) makes me feel like we've got this whole adulting thing under control.

This morning, in heady anticipation of a hectic afternoon at work (and thanks to the geotag function on instagram), the Bear & I sped across to the suburb next door to breakfast in an unassuming, but delicious, little joint with this glossy-haired lady from Adelaide & her absolutely delicious baby. We were both rather smitten. Thank heavens for Internet friends! (And then Toby refused to balance, acted like a maniac all afternoon and decided he would only eat grown up food. No mush. Thank you.) #heytobybear #breakfast #breakfastinsydney #mumlife #mumdate

YeahYeahYeah for impromptu nights out thanks to the bestie @cheflx (and emergency MaMa/GongGong babysitters). Highlights were this bizarrely delicious John Dory / nam pla /banana leaf / escargot business matched with a Grenache/Cinsault/Syrah from the Laguedoc-Roussilon region. (And now to extract myself from the baby, again, to edit the pics & shoot them across). #chefmatesarebestmates #yourlocalchinese #sydneyeats #wine #sydneywine

Little T, proudly rocking the baby man bun in his Japanese samurai outfit at Baa-ba's birthday lunch (until a toddler walks past and is told not to disturb the "pretty baby girl who is trying to have her lunch") ๐Ÿ˜‚

Time for a haircut, maybe!

We've had our first cold, complete with snuffly noses, a little raspy cough, watery eyes and our first fever. I thought being sick was bad, but having a sick bubba is one of the most helpless feelings I've ever experienced. Thank God he's on the mend and laughing and playing again! As much as I loved the extra snuggles, I missed my cheerful baby boy.

The best birthday presents are cobbled together with a bit of love. They're also properly delivered to the birthday girl, instead of being left on the dining table in a get-out-of-the-house-we're-late rush. Sorry @embryo - we'll keep it safe for you!
#shoplocal #inthecove #edible #happybirthday

"Who do we song for?" "Ah-Goo-Goo!" Yeah, close enough!
#wsw #rbb #westernsydney #derbyday #babyboy

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