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Which direction? One Direction  I <3 One Direction. Got a problem with it? Theres the door, leave. #teamstyles Make the blue button green please!

For those of you who don't follow @spunkyfashion_xo , she has a cancer patient who goes to her school with a brain tumor. It had come and gone away but recently came back and made a big impact. I strongly support the family to keep fighting. #staystrongkelsey#weloveyou

So I know its late and I know this isn't One Direction related but I'm also a HUGE fan of The Beatles. Today John Lennon of The Beatles was shot a killed by Mark Chapman. I just wanted to say that even though i wasn't alive when was, i miss him. #RIPJohnLennon#TheBeatles#rip#thebeatles#british#love#miss

SO BORED!! Does anybody wanna play a game? If so, please comment below! -Linnea

This.... I just can't. Louis with his 2003 glasses, Niall with his drum set, Harry don't even get me started, Zayn with his lips😘, and Liam is still a baby puppy even when he's playing a xylophone! -Linnea

Can you guys stop spaming me with " hey, you can earn $927398288392.50 today " gimmick? Its really annoying. I don't like it. -Linnea

So I went to a orchastra rock concert today, it was alright. How was you day guys? -Linnea

So I decided to change my account to a One Direction account. @one_two_three_flick_ -Linnea

Lol, I accidently rotated it. || I've been thinking, i want to change my account to a personal account based on ONE thing. Like One Direction, or fashion or whatever. Any ideas? I'm already deleting mist of my pictures.

I don't remeber the account names of the IG's but lol anyways. || i respect this #respect #kitchen#girls#guys#knives#sandwichesareforbabies

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