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Current mood...couldn't sleep, so l learned one of my favorite #kpopsong of all times before bed✌🏻️

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Get your own liquor girl!
#Thanksgiving #mannequinchallenge with #friends #byob 🍷🍾😈👻

Happy Friday! #wokeuplikethis

When there is chaos outside, you can find order within. I know a lot of you guys are deeply saddened by the aftermath of the election. I just want to share this post with you guys bc I want to remind you that when it may seem like everything is hopeless and backwards. It is important to remember that you are your own person. And you can tear down everything that isn't working and rebuild and make it better. That's what keeps my head up, there will be a lot of people saying what you can and what you can't do, or what you should or shouldn't do. I didn't listen to the nay sayers or the pessimists. Just do you, do what you believe is right and move forward. Like how you can find control of each and individual piece inside your sanctuary, so that you may find your inner peace when you wake up each morning. I am reminded every morning that everything in this room was built from scratch from my own will, despite of not having anything, jobless, last year. But I'm grateful to all my friends who has helped me become as fearless and hopeful in amidst of all the chaos of my life. Remember, you can turn any awkward situation around if you have the vision for what you want your life to become. Stay well and be positive 🙏🏻

@jillish_ 's true form
Fun times with new friends :)

Guess who's making an appearance at Bia LIC? That's right, u guyssssss!! But no really, come thru. It's gonna be lit 🔥🔥🔥
Sat. 9pm. Don't miss it 👻😈

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