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Matilda 🌹  cbr, aus. she/her. selfies, books, self care, craft, dogs, sustainability, and changing the world πŸŒŸβ™€βœŠ πŸ“š: 37 in 2018


Only a handful of days left of the year's best season. Gotta Autumn hard for the next week!

Book 37: "Any decent human being, witch or otherwise, has the capacity to do good in this world. It's merely a case of whether one chooses to do so." So this book was everything I'm about; witches, strong ladies, magic, positive female friendships, a whole bunch of sweet doggos, people overcoming their mental health issues and self harming, grandmas, queer representation, small quaint islands, and a real good amount of darkness and heavy stuff. This is the second book I've read by Leslye Walton and she is just spectacular. My only criticism of this book is that it wasn't longer. I wanted more and more and more! 🌿

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Celebrating #worldbeeday and sustainability at the Swedish Embassy with my most Swedish friend @_annikah and laughing too hard to take a good photo.

Book 36: Terra Nullius should be read by everyone. It is written so cleverly and while it is a work of fiction, it shows an Australia that is too close and too familiar to our own for comfort. It honestly gave me nightmares. The depictions of Settler brutality haunted me in my sleep. But I think it also gave me a much better better understanding of the horror and enduring trauma of colonialism. Please read this brilliant book. It is very important and very, very good. -
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I used to think that she could've been an angel but she left all her demons on my front step 🎡 -
Off to watch @ursulawolfe KILL at Miss Burlesque ACT. Skirt is second hand, shoes are borrowed, coat is faux fur and was a gift from my mumma for my 21st and blouse is @hm conscious collection #haulternative #ootd

Autumn baby.

Fairyland is beckoning to me from the path to work.

Book 35: 'Chocolat' with Persian food. 'Pomegranate Soup' is full of magic, mouthwatering food, heartache and wholesomeness. It is a tale of the Iranian Revolution through the efforts of three sisters trying to start a new life in a small Irish town. Just like an Elephant Ear or a bowl of Red Lentil Soup, I ate it all up and wanted a second helping. Honestly, I loved this little book and its heart and all of its recipes that I am now off to cook.
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This account has become an autumn appreciation page before my very eyes. #autumn #canberra #cbr

I've been feeling weird about my face. Since my birthday it's been hard to look myself in the eyes and I've been avoiding cameras. I even asked someone to delete a photo they took of me (I never do that). Getting older is weird and it's really hard not to compare yourself to where everyone else is. It's easy for me, when I feel like I have nothing to show for the past year, to focus instead on all my grey hairs and the way my eyes crinkle when I really smile and trying to pretend I didn't have a coldsore all last week. But here's the thing - I *have* accomplished a lot in the last 12 months. I graduated. My mental health is the best it's been in a while. I'm working full time and I am valued and loved and happy. And my face is just my face and it's a pretty good one and we've hopefully got a lot more years of change and aging ahead of us. Sorry for being down on you buddy, you're wonderful. I'll try harder not to forget that in the future ❀

How bloody good is Autumn? I just wanna snuggle and wear jumpers and read books while my dog keeps me warm and the leaves change colour around us.

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