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Wendy Reinert  Supporting dancers through the emotional challenges of the industry. https://www.beingadancer.com/read/

I have to thank this incredible woman for bringing Being A Dancer to Irvine Valley College. Friends since college, Jenn listened to me talk about what I wanted to teach long before it was fully developed. She agreed without question that I was onto something and trusted that I would have a workshop together within months. She told me about her students and the challenges they face at a small 2 year community college, so I created a workshop specifically for them. We hit a lot of topics including rejection and body image, but focused on how to navigate the “real” dance world after school, knowing that the lessons we learn in the studio are marketable in every other industry: focus, discipline, creativity, spacial awareness, passion, versatility....the list is endless. The key is to KNOW YOUR STRENGTHS!!! The most important question we should each be able to answer with confidence is: What do I have to offer the world?

What’s your answer? Comment below or DM me!

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What an honor it was to teach the dance students at Idyllwild Arts Academy today. Being a dancer is about so much more than just the dancing, and we talked about aaaaaaalllll of it: body image, competition, rejection, and injury. I’m so grateful for their openness and vulnerability and willingness to express the challenges they face while chasing their passion and JOY!! #beingadancer #rejection #ballerina #dancer #injury #resilience #lifecoach #idyllwildarts #idyllwildartsalums

Scheduled Being A Dancer workshops in California before I broke my foot. I figured since I’m teaching about managing the emotional impact of injury, it didn’t seem right to cancel. As long as I could crutch myself through the airport and the boot could fit under the seat in front of me, I could make the trip!
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I always say you never learn more about yourself than when you’re injured. The lesson this time was a doozy. Read about it here:
https://www.beingadancer.com/read/ (Link also in bio)

Sometimes when you decide to crutch the extra mile to sit in the grass with the sun on your face, you’re treated to a full on Graham class. Complete with sparkles.
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It’s been 4 days since surgery, and my second day back to work. Yesterday I felt utterly depressed. Caught up in beautiful images online of people I love performing all weekend, I longed to be on stage with them, mourning my lack of mobility, cursing the 6 long weeks before I’ll be back at the barre. My heart was overwhelmed by all of the things I can't do right now. And so I let those feelings unfold. I cried, I stomped around as hard as I could on my one good foot. I let my mind run away with it’s thoughts. And you know what? It helped. Today I feel hopeful. Today I found a little more patience. I wiggled my toes while visualizing tendus. I found a new stretch to relieve the imbalance in my back from spending so much time on one leg. I put my hand on my chest and felt myself breathe. I focused on what I CAN do right now.

Healing, like life, doesn’t work on a single upward trajectory. The only way through is to be honest with yourself and to Feel The Sh*t Out Of Your Feelings (Thanks Dan Savage!). There’s going to be good days and bad days, good hours and bad hours. The more we fight and ignore the ups and downs, the more treacherous it all is. Feelings have to run their course. We can’t choose a direction until we know exactly where we are right now. And wherever we are right now is exactly where we’re supposed to be.
Tell me, what’s your biggest challenge when you’re injured? How do you get through the hard moments? How can I support you? Injuries can be isolating, but I assure you, you’re not alone!

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Well, I’m injured again. For the third time in less than 2 years. I’ve been spinning uncontrollably through a tornado of emotions for 10 days. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t want to write this post. It’s easy in NYC to go 8 weeks without seeing people you know. I could go about my business without publicly admitting I broke my foot again. And you know what? Sometimes pretending is good. A friend reminded me recently that even faking confidence is confident. But also, you can’t fight reality.
So what was I trying to hide by pretending? And what good would it do? For the first few days, my inner critics valiantly tried to protect me, screaming: “You’re supposed to be the strong one! You can’t admit you’re injured again or they’ll know you’re a fraud! They’ll pity you! They’ll think you’re weak! They’ll think you’re worthless! This is your sign from the universe that you should just quietly quit dancing.” I know, I know. Not a single one of you would dream of saying any of those things to me. But that’s the thing about our inner critics: they’re loud, brutal, ruthless, unforgiving and un-compassionate towards ourselves, never to others.
Thankfully, I’m well acquainted with my inner critics these days, consciously engaging them in difficult conversations, identifying what is coming from Real Wendy and what is coming from The Critics.

And as ashamed and embarrassed as I was initially about being injured again, I know hiding it would negate my mission for @onbeingadancer. The first step to defeating shame is to voice it. As soon as I voiced my fears to a friend, I turned into a warrior. My inner critics no longer needed to protect me. Instead, I created an army with all the proper tools and support to defeat my fears. I’m now training my inner critics to fight with me instead of against me.
So get ready, social media land, for some serious vulnerability. If any of this resonates, reach out, comment, send me a message! What are you inner critics telling you? How can I help you confront them? Let’s use each other to drown out out those voices.
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The hardest part about being a dancer is the times when you’re not dancing. When you’re forced to take a break is when you find out just how much a part of you dancing is.
When you don’t get to dance is also when you can find all the other things about you that make you YOU. I am a dancer first. But I am not ONLY a dancer. I am a fighter. I am a student. I am a traveler. I am a lover. I am a teacher. I am a climber. I am an artist. “I am large. I contain multitudes.” (Whitman)
I learn this lesson more acutely every day: As dancers, we are so much more than the sum of our parts.
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Photo by my favorite @chriscomfortphotos

Over the years, I’ve allowed my various obstacles to guide me in continually finding new ways to dance. It was either that or get frustrated and quit. When I was too injured to dance on the ground, aerial dance saved me. It saved my dance career. It saved my passion. Recently, though I’ve been dancing on the ground a lot, I find myself coming back to the air out of gratitude. Flying has given me more resilience, strength, and freedom than I ever thought possible. Climbing the rope reminds me that I have to keep finding my own way.
There is no one way to be a dancer. It’s simultaneously terrifying and liberating to know that there’s no prescribed path to follow. But by going after a goal, all the while staying fully present and open minded, you never know what possibilities will present themselves.
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Today I brought my workshop On Injury to the students in the intensive training program at @themusebrooklyn
We talked about injury prevention, proper warm ups, conditioning vs. corrective exercises and the importance of each, and how to know when to keep pushing and when your body needs to back off.
Getting your mind and body to communicate with each other can be challenging for a physical person, and that disconnect often leads to injury. So we also found ways of bridging that disconnect.
Thanks so much for having me, for your openness and curiosity and willingness to try something new!! #beingadancer #aerialist #dancer #circus #injury #training #injuryprevention #conditioning #injuryrehab

I graduated from Tisch 15 years ago, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready for the dance world to welcome me with open arms. And it did embrace me. It’s also kicked me around. But here I am, many years and many jobs later, still dancing, still bright-eyed, but with a lot more wisdom. Today, alongside fellow Tisch alum Danielle Schulz, I get to share my experience with the new class of graduating dance majors. We’re gonna talk specifics of adulting, what the freelance hustle is actually like, and most importantly, how to find your own way through it all.
Being a dancer is a twisty, windy, obstacle-filled path. You can have a goal in mind, but you also have to stay open to possibilities. No two dancers’ paths are the same. You never know what’s around the next corner. Sometimes you just have to take the step.
If you’re a teacher who thinks your students could use some guidance while navigating the realities of the dance world, let’s talk! Send me a message! For more info, visit beingadancer.com.
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I'm thrilled to be teaching alongside some world-renowned circus artists at the NECCA workshop weekend, April 21 and 22! Train your body, work your tricks, gain some strength, and then hang out with me to connect it all with your mind.

On Saturday, I'm teaching Understanding Injury, where we'll learn about the emotional impact of being injured, and how to manage all the stuff that comes with the physical strain: feeling betrayed by your body, wanting to heal faster, the difficulty of coming back.

On Sunday, we'll talk about How to be Rejected in an industry where rejection is inevitable. How will you trust and grow your own self worth when you are constantly told no? How will you thrive in an industry built upon comparison and competition?

Finish the weekend with a workshop on identity, where we'll ask (and attempt to answer) the question: Who Am I Anyway? This class will help you explore your unique gifts as a performer. You’ll learn how to maintain your individuality while holding on to the adaptability you’ve been developing.

Send me a message with any questions!! Link to sign up in bio!
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