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Alternate Nostril Breathing is a pranayama technique that in its most basic form, can help students increase energy, cultivate a calm steady mind, and improve breathing. As you become more advanced and move to a more intermediate variation of this pranayama technique, you will notice changes in your subtle energy that make an immense difference in your life. Kim Jeblick’s new course, as part of our 2 weeks of EPIC releases, offers 2 variations of practice. One for beginners and one for more advanced practitioners. Give these practices a try and see how they can make a difference in your life!

Who’s ready or a new yoga challenge? Next month, @Kinoyoga will be co-hosting the #OneMillionYogisChallenge with @yogisoli ‪beginning June 1st.‬ This is a 12-day challenge that’s been created to coincide with Ahmed’s new course, Mindful Movement – Be Comfortable in Your Body. This course is for EVERYONE — you don’t need to be really strong or flexible, just willing and able. This course is more about your internal experience and is designed to help you use mindful alignment to create a sustainable practice that accommodates your physical, mental and emotional state.

We’ve partnered up with another amazing charity this month, Yoga Gives Back who provides funding and support to impoverished mothers, youths and children in India. Check out our blog post from founder, Kayoko to read more about their mission and initiatives. Plus, OMstars and our incredible sponsors Liquido, Liforme, and Fourth & Heart, will be donating $1 for every participant to the Yoga Gives Back Charity, up to a total of $20,000. We also have awesome prizes for you to win from each of our sponsors as well as from Sol & Selene and Batikarma. Click the link (in bio) to join the challenge  and tag your friends in the comments below! (PS — it’s free!)

Here’s how to join:
1. Click the link in our bio to sign up now
2. Follow our sponsors and hosts
@kinoyoga @yogisoli @omstarsofficial @liquidoactive @liforme @solandselene @batikarma and @fourthandheart
3. Repost this challenge graphic and help spread the word.
4. Tag three friends to join you in this challenge!!
5. Practice with us every day for 12 days and share your journey here on IG and be sure to use our challenge hashtag #OneMillionYogisChallenge plus tag all our hosts and sponsors daily.
6. Like and comment on each other’s posts to stay active and present in our community of yogis here on IG
Challenge starts June 1st!!!

Sometimes we get so caught up in the things we're working toward that we forget to enjoy the wonderful things we already have. #mondaymantra

Mark Robberds is a true example of a yogi who takes his practice beyond the mat and truly LIVES yoga in his everyday life. Check him out @markrobberds on instagram or give his classes a try on OMStars - The Yoga Network. He just might be the inspiration you need to start deepening your practice and taking your yoga off the mat!

Join Jordan Mallah @jordanmallah for his new OMstars course – Everyday Yoga for Your Everyday Needs! This course offers a little bit of everything from pain relieving practices to stress relieving practices and more! This course is perfect for beginners who are just looking to get started with some simple, everyday yoga without all the fancy, complicated poses.
When Jordan first embarked on his journey with yoga as laborer in the corporate world, he used easy and effective practices to sustain his health, happiness and sanity. Now he teaches these same types of practices to help students around the world. -- Think you could use a little more zen in your life? Give Jordan’s new classes a try, only on OMstars – The Yoga Network

Our 2 weeks of Epic releases continues with a new course from Twee Merrigan ! Using this course, you can dive into your practice using props, mudras and more. Start with the the easier more beginner focused classes and work your way up. Or if you consider yourself a more experienced yogi, give the intermediate classes a try! 
Twee’s desire and purpose as a teacher and trainer of yoga is to inspire students to follow their truth; Let her help guide you towards co-manifesting your own reality with the Universe through the power of pure and positive intentions, thoughts, words, and actions; to be ready and willing to recognize, receive, and integrate those manifestations; and to transform your practice into millions of conscious moments of yoga living within each day.

When you shine your light into the darkness, you may find that even beauty hides here too.
photo: @shavnore

Day 3 of our epic release week brings you 2 additional courses from Sonia Ribas @soniaribascoach ! Yoga For Stress Relief, and more! These courses each offer something new for OMstars. You now have an entire course that’s dedicated to helping you relieve everyday stress, plus, a full course that’s dedicated to helping you slim down and burn calories!
Who is Sonia Ribas? After spending years climbing the ranks as an international marketing executive in the corporate world, Sonia turned to yoga. Not long after discovering the amazing benefits of this powerful practice, she quit her job and pursued yoga full time. After traveling the world and studying with renowned teachers like Shiva Rea, Elena Brower, and Dharma Mittra, Sonia moved to the United States to start contributing to the yoga community. Now you can practice with her new courses, available only on OMstars – the Yoga Network!

Who wants vegan sushi? 🙋🏼‍ Learn how to make delicious vegan variation of your all your favorite foods with @diningwithdevyn aka Devyn Howard. Her course, Everyday Vegan will teach you how to make Japanese, Mexican, and Italian dishes that are all cruelty-free! Check it out when you sign up today

Day 2 of our 2 weeks of EPIC releases is here, and today’s new course is for all you moms-to-be! That’s right – we’re bringing a Pre-Natal course to OMstars – The Yoga Network, and you can access it starting today! This course, by Sonia Ribas, @soniaribascoach offers a different practice for each week up pregnancy, all the way up through your due date and beyond! Gain unlimited access to this specialized course, and start improving your experience with pregnancy for both you and you baby when you sign up to join OMstars today!

"Follow the Breath and Grace comes. ✨✨The breath smooths out the rougher edges in the practice but also in life. The breath gives space to be proactive instead reactive. The breath brings us in contact with the present moment. The power of the breath is limitless. Having a daily practice that brings one in contact with the breath brings priceless value to our moment to moment experience. Often when we are anxious, stressed or unsettled we have forgotten the most profound gift we have in this life"
Large Glaser @larugayoga

2 weeks of Epic releases begins NOW! Today’s course is a series of documentary style videos that are all about yoga. Everyone has a basic idea for what yoga is, but not everyone knows that it's actually so much more than just a physical practice or a form of exercise. No one understands yoga better than the yogis who have dedicated their lives to practicing and living the yogi life every day. With this new course, you’ll hear from a variety of teachers and people within the yoga community, and learn how they define yoga, what it means to be a yogi, how yoga impacts the community, and how yoga can help so many people in various ways.
This course features a host of amazing experts, including Deepak Chopra, Emmy Cleaves, David Swenson, Twee Merrigan, Dana Flynn, Elena Brower, Diane Cimine, Jean Koerner, Shiva Rea, Annie Carpenter, Anne Vandewalle, Rajashree Choudhur and more!

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