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OmStars™  Online Yoga Channel +400 yoga lifestyle episodes #livetheyogilife with us 💫 ALL New Ashtanga Course with @kinoyoga 👇🏻to subscribe!

#tbt to our May yoga challenge with @beachyogagirl - May I Begin With 10! Leave us a 🙋🏻 if you participated in this challenge!
Stay tuned for more challenges, coming soon to! 😊

Join @kinoyoga for a beach themed meditation on the beach! Experience the shores of your consciousness and the state of the ocean of awareness as you observe your breath, your thoughts and your feelings through this 10 minute meditation with Kino!
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Have you ever felt like you needed a health coach? Meet Mia Forbes Pirie @mia_forbes_pirie – she's a certified health coach, mindfulness teacher and yoga instructor! An expert in intelligent change and a natural born peace maker, she's a living embodiment of what it's like to live the yogi life, and she makes it her business to help others do the same. --
No need to go out and find a health coach, you've got one right here at OmStars. Join today for access to all of Mia's courses and Healthy living tips for just $14.99 a month! Plus get unlimited access to all of our courses, available only on!

💥New Course!!! 💥
Practice Ashtanga Yoga with @tylandrumyoga in our newest course 🙏🏻Ty is an exceptional teacher who offers the best verbal cues to help you with alignment and focus as you move through your Ashtanga Yoga practice! His course offers a full length Astanga Yoga Primary Series practice, an explanation of Prana and Apana, and an extremely detailed tutorial on learning to jump back and through.
Join OmStars today to take Ty's classes and keep practicing with all our exceptional teachers online for just $14.99 a month. Stay inspired to practice!

Do you ever think about picking up a yoga practice? What's holding you back? Think you're not flexible enough, or strong enough or thin enough, or anything else? It's not true!
The truth is, you don't have to be anything except willing to practice yoga. If you're willing and dedicated, the rest will come with time.
You don't have to start your journey on your own. No matter where you are with your yoga practice, we're here to help you every step of the way. Join OmStars today for access to hundreds of videos for all levels of practice for just $14.99 a month! Stop thinking about it and just do it! You'll be glad you did ✌🏻

Leave us a comment if you made time to practice today!
Keep up the good work, and stay tuned! More videos to come 😊

Vegan PIZZA 🍕 and PASTA 🍝
We've got more episodes of The Great Uncooking live on OmStars now! This week Natalie @thegreatuncooking is teaching us how to make some delicious vegan pizza, pasta, and cheese! Check out the recipe for Natalie's Cauliflower Pizza below!
Cauliflower Pizza
1 whole bundle of cauliflower
1 onion
dried oregano to taste
1/4 cup of nutritional yeast flakes
2 cloves of garlic
1/3 cup of chia seeds
salt and pepper to taste
1 can of organic tomato paste
1 clove of garlic
1 tsp of olive oil
oregano to taste
salt and pepper to taste
1 sweet potato
sliced beet root
an assortment og colored peppers
cherry tomatoes
onion slices
fresh basil
salt and pepper to taste
For more foods your body and your tastebuds will love, visit today! 🙏🏻

⚡️New OmStars Leggings, Shorts and Tops⚡️
We are so excited to share our new Rainbow Snakeskin print 🌈 🐍 😊 in leggings, shorts and a twist bra! We have a red twist bra to mix and match as well. All available in our online store now.
Did you know that practicing with OmStars earns you points. Our points work like airline miles! Once you earn a certain number of points, those points turn into dollars that can be used on our online shop! Start practicing and earning points with OmStars today 🙏🏻(link in bio!)
Photo by: @astrudaaa_photography

Have we mentioned how much we love Tamara? If you're interested in a totally unique yoga experience, then you have to try her Yogance series on OmStars! Tamara is a dancer, a gymnast, and a yogi, and Yogance puts all those things together to create a magical movement therapy that we can't get enough of! @cuchira
Want to give Yogance a try? Join OmStars today to get started!

Do you struggle with food cravings? Did you know that spending just 5 minutes in meditation can help you control your food cravings? That's exactly what this meditation with @beachyogagirl is designed for! Follow along as Kerri guides you through this brief meditation, and start controlling your food cravings today!
We want to help you use yoga as a tool to find more balance, more acceptance and more control in your life so that you can feel more peaceful and joyful . Join today to get started.

Are you ready to practice? Come check out our newest course--it has a little bit of everything! So whether you’re looking for an Ashtanga practice, yoga for mobility, a fun movement focused practice, yoga for moms, beach yoga, strength training, or flexibility work, you can find it all right here. Choose the practice that’s right for you on any given day!
We all have those days when we’re busy and we just need to find a simple way to fit our yoga practice into our schedules. OmStars is making it easy. With this new course, Just Practice, you can drop in, take a class, and move on with your day without figuring out how to work the entire course into your schedule! Just do the practice that fits your needs.
Come practice with us at! We have a little bit of everything for all your yoga needs – whether you’re looking for practice, insight, wellness or culture, you’ll find it all right here on! Join today to get started!
Link in bio! #omstars

We just love @sheenon 💗 Did you know that he is a celebrity hair stylist here in Miami, FL? He styles celebrities like Elizabeth Olsen, Elle Macpherson and Ellen Page! We feel so blessed to have him as a guest teacher on!
Check out our yoga styles by Sheenon, exclusively on! Join today for just $14.99 a month!

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