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💥New OmStars Course 💥
Join @fitnessbyerin for this 15 class course, Strong & Supple Yogi, now available on OmStars.com! this course comes with a brand new yoga challenge! Each day of #strongandsuppleyogi pairs perfectly with each class in her course.
With over 7 hours of content, Erin’s debut program blends her skills as a personal trainer and yoga teacher, incorporating strong movements with fluid flows so that you can build a stronger yoga practice with an emphasis on mobility. From strength to flexibility, you’ll find everything here to keep you strong and supple.
Be sure to join the challenge on instagram, then, practice everyday with Erin on OmStars.com! Click the link (in bio) to get started today. Get access to this and a ton of other content when you subscribe.

Isn't Yuval just amazing? He uses incredible strength, body control, and balance to pull off some of the most incredible handstands we've ever seen!
@yuval_on_hands is a master handstand teacher and you'll only find his online classes at OmStars.com! Get started with your monthly subscription to unlock this exclusive course and start mastering your perfect handstand today 🙏🏻

💥Announcing #StrongandSuppleYogi Challenge💥
Hosts: @fitnessbyerin
Sponsor: @omstarsofficial @bitsybottom
Starts October 17
We are so excited to kick-off our brand new 15-class practice course with the amazing @fitnessbyerin with this yoga challenge! If you follow Erin you know she’s a superyogi who is both strong and supple. This is the perfect challenge to jump into her style and practice! From strength to flexibility, you’ll find everything here to keep you strong and supple. This 15 day challenge pairs perfectly with Erin’s new practice course - available TOMORROW, only on OmStars.com! Whether you are brand new to yoga or you already practicing, this course is a whole new level. You'll get to dive into Erin’s fun, flowy style.
How to participate in this challenge:
1. Follow @fitnessbyerin @omstarsofficial & @bitsybottom,
2. Repost this collage and TAG three friends who want to learn to practice yoga
3. Join OmStars.com and Practice Every Day with Erin’s course
4. Post a photo each day of the 15 days of yourself, or anything relating to the challenge
5. Tag @fitnessbyerin @omstarsofficial @bitsybottom and #strongandsuppleyogi in your posts to qualify for some amazing gifts!
Sixth Month Membership to Omstars.com $100 gift card to Bitsy Bottom
1 copy of Kino's new Yogi Assignment book
Sound fun and exciting? Join the challenge and get the most out of these practices when you practice with Erin on OmStars.com! Click the link in our bio to sign up now. 🙏🏻

You do or you do not, there is no try.
- Yoda
At OmStars, we want to make it easier to do. Get started and start doing when you join today!

Did you know that the beautiful Laruga already has classes available on OmStars.com?
Laruga Glaser, long time student of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, and now his grandson R. Sharath Jois, of Mysore India, guides us through the fundamentals of Ashtanga Yoga in her online course at OmStars.com. This course is recommended for advanced beginners and advanced students. Laruga's series includes classes on the full Primary and Intermediates series.
Practice with @larugayoga online at OmStars.com when you start your monthly subscription today! Plus, gain access to hundreds of classes from some of the worlds best teachers, all for just $14.99 a month! Click the link (in bio) to get started!

Yoga Sutra I.31 duhkha daurmanasyāngamejayatva śvāsa praśvāsā viksepa sahabhuvah
Yoga is all about learning to overcome the obstacles of life. When the obstacles are present Patanjali explains that you may experience physical or emotional pain, depression, shaking and trembling of the limbs and disturbed breathing. The spiritual practice of yoga purifies your mind so that you can recognize the truth. Facing the obstacles and knowing what they are is like having a map for the inner journey.
Find your map for the inner journey of yoga on OmStars.com!

OmStars Blog
New Post: Plant-based Pizza by @adamkenworthy who we have just finished filming with in NYC this past week! —
"Cauliflower crust baked with jalapeño & garlic. Topped with a pine nut & cilantro pesto. Butternut squash, shaved fennel, shiitake mushrooms. Finished with cracked pepper and truffle salt." Sounds and looks delicious right?
Read full recipe here:
Explore new plant-based recipes EVERY Thursday on our blog page and join the discussion about knowledge, experience and healthy living. Be inspired to live the yogi life with @omstarsofficial

Eddy Rivero's classes are coming to OmStars this October
@eddyriveroyoga is an Authorized Level I Ashtanga Yoga teacher who has practiced with the living Guru of Ashtanga yoga, R. Sharath Jois!
Experience Eddy's teaching style when you give his new course a try this month on OmStars.com! Click the link (in bio) to start your subscription today!

Can you guess who made this delicious looking salad? We'll give you a hint: it's completely raw, vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free!
Natalie Prigoone, aka @thegreatuncooking is an all natural, raw, whole foods genius! Check out her available recipes online at OmStars.com, plus, stay tuned for more recipes, coming soon!
Gain unlimited access to all our recipes, lifestyle tips, yoga classes, meditation courses and cultural shows for just $14.99 a month when you join OmStars.com today!

New Meditation With Kino!
Cultivate the skill of inner listening. As you learn to quiet the mind and tune in, you will be able to access a deep sense of inner guidance. Take a few minutes to sit still, coax the mind into a state of calm and connect with your breath. You don’t need to meditate all day! Just a few minutes can make a difference. Set by the harbor amidst of sea of relaxing blues, join @kinoyoga as she guides you through this meditation designed to help you develop a relationship with the true voice of guidance within.
Explore all of our yoga and meditation courses, plus so much more with a monthly OmStars subscription for just $14.99 a month! Discover what a regular yoga and meditation practice can do for you when you join today!

Have you met Holly Fiske? What can't this beautiful, strong, and talented mother of two do? From owning and operating an ethical & eco-friendly fashion design company ( @umstuff ), to teaching yoga and writing books, @upsidedownmama is truly an impressive and inspiring lady.
We're so excited to be featuring a new course from Holly, exclusively on OmStars.com this December. Stay tuned, and don't forget to subscribe!

Omstars Blog
New Post: The Yogi Assignment Book Review- Bringing Our Yoga Practice to Life: The Challenge is Real by @pegmulqueen
“It’s not always clear how the asana yoga practice makes us better people or our world any more peaceful. At least, not in a way that is easily put into words. Certainly, in looking back over the past decade plus I’ve been practicing, the changes are far more than just physical – still, it’s not so simple to explain that connection. Add social media in there, and now the whole idea that yoga asana is even remotely spiritual … well, it’s more than just confusing.”
Read full article here:
Explore and enjoy new blog posts every week, gain insight into your practice, be inspired to live the yogi life and more! Check out our @Omstarofficial blog to join the discussion about knowledge, experience, to engage with teachers, and be a part of our community on your yoga journey.

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