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"i am 5, and we have a backyard that goes on forever. i spend immeasurable amounts of time and energy sprinting its length, pretending to ride a horse or maybe just to be one. . Who knows the difference, really? . Everything at this age is a bit watery, both right now in my tender mind, but also later on, when the blooms of the present have faded into past, the edges of memories softened and blurred with time. . Now though...right now - there is only this long stretch of grass spread out before me like a rolling green sea. Life is swimming with possibility, and I let it carry me from current to current, only rarely anchored down with the weight of limited, youthful responsibilities. . Breathless again, I reach the chain link fence that marks the end of my pasture. The sun falls through the leaves of the the gnarled old mulberry tree, and I stop to pick a plump purple fruit, recharge before the next round. . Maybe, maybe if my toes can fly just a little faster, maybe I can take a reckless bound after the second knoll and just...take off...leave the ground entirely. . Where will I go? What will I do if my feet become feathers or the hooves I Imagine? . Those kinds of questions don’t exist quite yet. . For a few more years at least The indistinct possibility is enough The touch of the wet grass is enough The slap of the fresh wind is enough The burning in my lungs is enough And it all reminds me that I am both as alive and as wild as the whole world Unknown . (🌿Being back in the Midwest during the summer always brings on the nostalgia 🌿)" . Find your inner child when you start practicing with @casa_colibri on Omstars - The Yoga Network.

“I’ve created this roasted cauliflower, fennel and ginger soup to provide a super simple, delicious and healthy soup that’s brimming with robust flavours and prebiotic rich vegetables to boost your gut health and immunity this winter. It’s the perfect soup for when you feel a sniffle coming on or you feel like something a little zestier than your run-of-the-mill vegetable soup. But to be totally honest, you don’t need a special occasion to whip up this magic – it’s the kind of soup you could have every single day. It’s my everyday kind of soup.” -- It's officially soup season and this is a great vegan soup to kick off the season! Find the full recipe on the OMstars blog, where you’ll find new plant-based recipes every week!

These are the basics of Ahimsa, the yogic principle of non-violence; and this is how you practice yoga off the mat 🙏🏼

Choose to see the world through the leans of love, and everything you see will have an air of beauty ✨
photo: @ck_outside

Only a FEW HOURS LEFT for our Introductory offer on Dianne Bondy’s @diannebondyyoga Bridging the Divide Teacher Development Course. Click the link in our bio today! Are you joining the course? What do you think?

When you finally make the transition into a vegan diet, it can be hard to find substitutes for your favorite foods - the ones you always ate growing up. Fortunately, there are tons of options available for us thanks to vegan foodies like @sweetsimplevegan (aka Jasmine Briones and her partner Chris). They're always sharing new recipes that serve as worthy substitutes for the foods you used to love. Check them on out Instagram, or try Jasmines course on Omstars!

The universe has a way of showing us exactly where we need to go. And if you feel lost along the way, just let go and practice trust 🙏🏻

Being a yogi doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy things like fashion and makeup! Being a bit of a girly-girl herself, @kinoyoga loves all things fashion and makeup, and being a yogi just means she chooses her products more consciously. That means products that are all completely vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable and ethically sourced. In today’s episode of Kino’s Closet, you’ll get an inside look at a couple of products from one of Kino’s favorite makeup brands, @100percentpure , plus her take on why it’s important to choose organic products that are all chemical-free. Log in or sign up now to start watching today!

Want your kids to experience a lifelong activity that’s noncompetitive, non-judgmental, physically challenging, and a ton of fun? Get them started with a yoga practice designed just for them on! Introducing Yogi Beans – a new kids yoga course that offers classes designed for kids from the ages of 3 to 13. These classes will help your kids get immersed into the world of yoga in a way that’s fun and engaging. Your kids will learn how to build self-love and self-confidence while practicing yoga poses, breathing techniques, meditations and more!
Lauren Chaitoff @yogi_beans is a mind-body fitness expert with an innate ability to connect with children. She is passionate about sharing the lessons of yoga with kids of all ages and has a knack for getting them engaged in the practice. Log in or sign up to get your kids started on the path of yoga today!

The recipes that @adamkenworthy shares on instagram and on his new series, Plant Based Performance, are healthy, delicious, and plated like a work of art.

Join Carson Calhoun @carsonclaycalhoun for another #TutorialTuesday with OMstars! Today we’re focusing on Pincha Mayurasana. In this tutorial, Carson uses a simple transition from a headstand to help you get into your forearm stand. Tune in to see how!

"We can never judge the lives of others, because each person knows only their own pain and renunciation. It’s one thing to feel that you are on the right path, but it’s another to think that yours is the only path. Each person identifies with the world differently . Mindfulness and compassion allow us to see this truth and to let go of harshness . Through the practice of Yoga and attempting difficult asanas ( poses ) we can find this understanding ." - Jessica Sayre -- Find Jessica on IG @Jessicasayreyoga or give her course a try on!

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