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Yoga is a journey. Each yoga pose contains countless physical, mental and spiritual lessons that have the potential to teach you something about yourself and about life. When you approach yoga with this attitude, then you truly have something to gain. No matter how many times you fall, no matter how much frustration you feel, no matter how tired you get, stick with it, and with time your body, mind and spirit will grow.
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"I'm eager to show people that veganism doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. I love creating yummy, healthy recipes using simple, easy-to-find ingredients. I'm excited to host "Everyday Vegan" and inspire you to try yummy plant-based foods using ingredients you likely already have in your kitchen!" - Devyn Howard
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Yoga Sutra 1:12
abhyāsa-vairāgyābhyām tan-nirodhah
The perfect balance between the path of effort, known as practice, and the path of surrender, know as non-attachment, brings stillness of the mind.
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Announcing #AshtangaYogaChallenge
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Starts July 1
Imagine traveling all the way to India to learn from the ancient masters! It sounds like a fantasy but it can come true just by practicing the Ashtanga Yoga method. Coming straight from the source, this practice will literally change your life. Join this 30 Day Ashtanga Challenge and see your whole world shift this month. Whether you're already practicing or new to the practice this challenge will bring us all together around the traditional practice.
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"Find those who inspire and influence you to come to your mat and enjoy your practice."
- Kerri Verna
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This post my our day! Thank you for sharing! Read @mela_yoga_mama 's experience using Omstars.com for the first time below... #Repost ・・・
My yoga practice has been dragging behind me for a couple months now... I was thinking another IG Yoga Challenge would help me, but I thought instead I would give @omstarsofficial a chance... after all, the first week is free. I just finished Day 1 of Kerri and Kino's "21 Days to an Effective Handstand" and it is exactly what I needed! It was a challenging yet time efficient class, which is key for me as a working mom. Not to mention how much fun these two teachers made it! I wanted to write down so many quotes!!! My favorite was Kino saying "Planks make the world a better place!" 🤣🙌 And I have to answer the "if you were a dog, what kind would you be" question, well without a doubt I would be a pitbull. 🐶 Also I totally need that tank Kerri, "Abandon Perfection" 💗 And the idea that some of us are born naturally flexible and some are born naturally strong makes so much sense for me, and why I can't yet touch my biceps to my ears 😂 Well I will get there 👌 Thank you for the time, energy, and compassion you are putting into this @beachyogagirl and @kinoyoga ... I don't think I will be able to wait until tomorrow to do Day 2!!!!! 🙏 #omstars #livetheyogilife

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Yoga Sutra I:7 is pratyaksānumānāgamāh pramānāni. It defines three types of yogic knowledge: direct perception, logical inference and devotional knowledge.

Watch the latest episode of our Yoga Sutra study course with @kinoyoga to find out what the important differences are between these types of knowledge and which one is considered the highest form of revelation
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