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Join @larugayoga for her new course, Backbending with Ease, where you’ll get into the learn some of the most important principles and intricacies of backbending. In this course, Laruga walks you through several backbending poses via in depth tutorials that break down the mechanics of each pose. As you move through each pose, one-by-one, you will begin to develop more support and integrity in the practice of backbending. Once you’ve successfully completed each of Laruga’s tutorials, join her for a 30-minute guided practice that will help you incorporate what you’ve learned through a thoughtfully designed backbending sequence. This course was made exclusively for, so you’ve got to be a member to practice. Log in or sign up to join our expansive community of yoga students, teachers, and enthusiasts today!

"It happens to the best of us. No matter how good our intentions are and no matter how much we love our practice, sometimes we just fall away. And that’s okay. In that case, starting again is just part of the journey. And each time you make the brave decision to return to your mat, there are new lessons to be learned."
Have you fallen away from your yoga practice? Wondering if it might be time to get back on the mat? Check out our newest blog post to see what ideas we have to help you get back to your practice, and maybe for the first time ever, a daily practice 🙌🏻

Spending time in nature gives us the opportunity to remember who we truly are. For we are nothing if not creatures of of Mother Nature.

#TBT to when @diannebondyyoga created her first Omstars course, The Gift of 20 minutes. Now you can practice with Dianne through 3 different Mini Courses on Omstars,com! Try them all when you log in or sign up today.

Calling all yoga and pre-natal yoga instructors who are interested in working with infants and children - we’ve got TWO new Teacher Development course that are just for you! If you’re interested in adding baby yoga classes to your repertoire, then Baby Bean Yoga with Lauren Chaitoff is the perfect course for you. Through this special teacher development course, designed exclusively for Omstars, you will learn simple baby stretches, songs, and poses that parent and baby can practice together. Build the foundations you need to start teaching baby yoga in your community, creating a safe place for new moms and babies to get out of the house, practice self-care, and spend time with other, like-minded new parents.
If you’re a parent who’s interested in introducing your toddler to the principles of yoga, or a yoga teacher who would love to teach yoga to kids aged 2-5, then our Yoga for Preschoolers Teacher Development course is ideal for YOU! In this course, we will go over simple breathing techniques to help with self regulation, child friendly asana, plus mindful games and meditations that will help translate the concepts of yoga in a way that young minds can absorb and understand them. --
Lauren Chaitoff @yogi_beans is a mind-body fitness expert with an innate ability to connect with children. She is passionate about sharing the lessons of yoga with kids of all ages and has a knack for getting them engaged in the practice. Sign up for one or both of these new courses now to take advantage of our special intro offers for up to $10 in savings! But don’t wait - these offers are only available for a limited time! Take advantage of these exclusive savings before it’s too late!

This is how we will create change in the world. Not on our own or all alone, but through connection and intention, together.

“In yoga philosophy, we talk about Samskaras, which are powerful psychological imprints. Everything leaves then, every action or intention. Maybe they can run in families. It is our yogic duty to see these seeds and counteract them. It’s my yogic duty to help you with yours when possible. I believe this kind of justice is the light shining on my yogic path.” - @josepharmstrongyoga

Have you heard about our new 30 day beginner’s yoga challenge? The #30dayyogajourney is an all new challenge designed for beginners, new practitioners and anyone who is looking to develop a daily practice! We’ve designed this challenge to work around you – to help you create a manageable routine that you can stick with long after the challenge ends. Sign up now and join us on January 1st! You’ll receive one 15 to 20-minute, beginner focused class per day for 30 days. Practice with a variety of teachers, try different styles, and build a routine that truly works for you. From Ashtanga to Yin, Vinyasa and more, you’ll get the yoga experience you need to finally create a solid practice in just 30 days. #30dayyogajourney #onemillionyogis
Plus, when you join our 30-Day Beginner Challenge, you’ll be helping us give back to an AMAZING cause. For every person who joins the challenge, Omstars and our sponsors, @liforme and @ohmmeapparel will donate $1 to the Yoga Gives Back charity. Plus, you’ll even have the opportunity to win weekly prizes from all our sponsors throughout the challenge!
Ready to get started? Here’s what you need to do:

1. Click the link in our bio to sign up or go here:
2. Follow our sponsors and hosts
3. Repost this challenge graphic and help spread the word.
4. Tag three friends to join you in this challenge!!
5. Practice with us every day for 30 days and share your journey here on IG and be sure to use our challenge hashtag #30dayyogajourney and tag all our hosts and sponsors daily.
6. Like and comment on each other’s posts to stay active and present in our community of yogis here on IG.

We all know that the holiday’s are a time for spreading joy and love, and we can't think of a better way to get into the holiday spirit than through meditation! Cultivating a daily meditation practice can help us feel the gratitude, love and cheer of the holiday season all the more deeply. That's why we're so grateful for the opportunity to share a set of Essential Meditation Instructions from @dennishunterwriter this Holiday Season! Join us LIVE on December 18th at 1PM EST for a Live practice you won’t want to miss! But remember, live classes are for members only – join today then meet us LIVE on the mat December 18th!

Feeling like you might be ready to advance on to the Ashtanga Yoga Third Series? Then Give Ty Landrum’s New Course a try on Omstars – The Yoga Network! This course offers detailed instructional videos that will teach you, step by step, how to come in and out of the poses in this series. You’ll learn proper form, muscular engagement, alignment and more. Then, when you feel ready, give the full practice a try alongside Ty’s beautiful, real-time demonstration. Remember, the Third Series Practice is a challenging test of the body’s strength and flexibility, plus the mind’s ability to remain calm and tranquil. It is always recommended that you also spend time practicing in person with a teacher who can assist you in your journey to the third series. Use this course as a supplement to your regular, studio practice.
@tylandrumyoga has dedicated many years to his practice and his studies of the yoga tradition. All of his classes are put together with great care, and his exemplary knowledge about the human body really comes through in his tutorials. This course offers you an amazing opportunity to learn more about the human anatomy as it applies to the poses in this practice. Log in to start practicing now or join today!

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather, the will to move forward despite the presence of fear. Think not of whats to come, think only of what is happening right now. it is through the present moment that you will find your bravery 💪

Carry the seeds of love with you everywhere you go and sprinkle them around the world,. Just flowers grow wherever the wind blows their seeds, love will bloom through everything you do.

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