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Thank you to our good friend, and insanely talented photographer @suahuatica - one of many beautiful images on his page! With the gorgeous @elaenamaeybe wearing an OMS Tattoo mask!
Check out @seafromthesky for a different perspective from @suahuatica !!
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THANK YOU to @diverlaura for spending a week with us!!! Great posts and fun reading! -------------------------------
Laura is also co-founder/inventor of "she-p" - helping lady-divers answer natures call while in a dry-suit* check out !
*there may be other situations or applications that we won't get into here...
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Final Question: where do you keep your Emmys?
On the mantle over the fireplace.. Isn’t that where everyone keeps them? ;) In this photo it is for the Zunder water Photography in "Seastar Wasting syndrome".
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Why do you dive OMS? ----------------------------------------------------
( @diverlaura ) I dive the iQ Lite system with soft pack and Evoque regulator kit for single tank, side mount and CCR diving. The iQ Lite systems is a comfortable, light weight, modular and ergonomic BC option. Dive gear for the professional diver is a very personal thing, just like a good office chair and desk combination when you spend a lot of time working on a computer. I make a portion of my living filming underwater, so my ‘office chair’ is my dive kit. ----------------------------------------------------
Dive gear selection shouldn't be driven by ego or peer pressure, you should choose the gear that works best for you and your diving. ----------------------------------------------------
Underwater shoots can last from 4 to upwards of 16 hrs, so gear that hurts or pinches just won’t do. I dive OMS because it just works so i don’t have to worry about about gear issues and it is very comfortable so I’m never distracted by my kit. This comfort and reliability allows me to focus fully on my camera and ‘getting the shot’.
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How long have I been diving OMS gear? ---------------------------------------------------
( @diverlaura ) I started diving OMS kit back in the early 90’s. When backplates were just gaining traction in the “technical diving” world, the early commercial options from another manufacturer were made out of ABS. When using with heavy doubles the plastic had a tendency to crack along the tank attachment holes so for safety reasons, I looked around for a more robust option. My first stainless steel backplate was made by OMS, I chose the OMS plate because it had attachment point holes all the way around the plate (we were still figuring things out and it was nice to have a lot of options) and the edges were rounded and smooth which reduced potential damage to other gear such as drysuits and wings. ---------------------------------------------------
More recently I have switched to the iQ Lite system with soft pack only for single tank, side mount and CCR shoots. This change was in part necessitated by a need a light weight travel system in part due to increased demand for underwater filmmakers. It is very light weight, extremely comfortable and I find I have no need for ‘more’. Choosing dive gear shouldn’t be about ‘ego’ (the biggest baddest gear around) or driven by what your clique of friends consider ‘cool’. Dive gear choices should be about diving the gear that makes the most sense for both the diver and the dive.
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( @diverlaura ) Investigating and filming a CSO (combined sewer outfall)
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( @diverlaura ) wanted to share a fun BTS time lapse of a recent shoot. @omsdive IQlite & Performance MonoWing, with Airstream Evoque Regs. With @robogrip @miristone @nauticamhousings @lumixusa @stellaprolights @lmlightlife ----------------------------------------------------
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What is your favorite piece of OMS dive gear? ------------------------------------------------
( @diverlaura ) Currently my favorite piece of OMS dive gear is my iQ lite soft back BC. Why? The iQ Lite gave me back my diving mojo. How did it do this you ask? First and foremost, because it does not cause my lower back/SI joint discomfort after long dives. Additionally it fits very well (no off the shoulder BC straps), the tank is stable and rides very close to my back due to the built in longitudinal stabilizers, which makes it feel like I am ‘one’ with my gear.
Oh yeah, and it’s RED and matches my custom, made to measure DUI FLXextreme drysuit!!!!
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OMS Dive is proud to announce that Ambassador Laura James ( @diverlaura ) will be hosting our IG feed this week!! -------------------------------------------
Laura is an Emmy Award winning Underwater Cinematographer, and recipient of the 2012 Cox Conservation Hero award. -------------------------------------------
She runs her own production company, and is a pioneer in Underwater 360 and VR work.
Laura is also the first woman to dive some of our most illustrious deep shipwrecks in the Northwest including the Al-Ind-Esk-A Sea (240′) the T/S Bunker Hill (270′) and AJ Fuller (220′). -------------------------------------------
"As a diver I feel I bring a unique insight to the problems facing our waterways, having seen firsthand the consequences of human carelessness. As a citizen scientist I hold the knowledge to support sustainable conservation programs. As a filmmaker I maintain the tools needed to support public awareness. And last but not least, as an environmental activist, I possess the enthusiasm needed to help shape public opinion. Combining this passion and my diverse talents make me uniquely qualified to promote the message that not only must be heard, but acted upon: “We MUST protect our Oceans" -- Laura James
Check out
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