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omigems  Celebrating 30 years of business, Omi Gems has been a trusted provider of fine colored gemstones to the jewelry industry.


Sapphires are not just dark blue.. We have a broad selection of gorgeous fancy colored sapphires for those looking for something a little different. #omigems #sapphire #birthstone

#Spinel - you need them, we've got them. #omigems #coloredgemstones #birthstone

As August babies come to realize that they are not beholden to the peridot any longer, call Omi for your spinel needs. #omigems #spinel #birthstone

See you Sunday in NYC! We are at the Luxury Prive' show at the Intercontinental Hotel Barclays, Salon G314. #omigems #luxuryprive

We will have loose gemstones at our salon at the Luxury Prive' Show July 23-25 in NYC. Come by to see the newest production and talk with us about our gemstone roundtable events. #omigems #gemstones #luxuryprive

A lovely 3 carat oval Burmese ruby for those lucky July babies out there. #omigems #Ruby #birthstone

July is ruby month! If you need rubys, we have a wonderful collection available, from fine single stones to matched pairs and calibrated stones. We have been a trusted ruby source for more than three decades. #omigems #ruby #birthstone

Mark your calendars, Omi Gems will be in NYC this summer at the Luxury Prive' Show at the Intercontinental New York Barclay Salon G314. Look forward to seeing you there.

Kicking off the week with this luscious lavender spinel. We have spinels in all colors, shapes and sizes - think of us for your next call. #omigems #spinel

Alexandrite - June birthstone - if you need one, we have them. We have a large selection of Brazilian alexandrites to fill most calls. Get them while you still can! #omigems #alexandrite #rare #colorchange #gemstones

Blue sapphires have been super hot this week. If you need them, we have them. Your trusted source for over three decades - #omigems #sapphires #luxurybyjck LUX916

June is Alexandrite month - come see our robust collection of Brazilian alexandrites at Luxury by JCK starting tomorrow. LUX916. #omigems #alexandrite #luxurybyjck

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