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Giulia  I want to go places and see people and eat the good food of the places Food •travel•in-between Rome, Italy 💌

Dopo la complicata bruschetta e l'estenuante insalata mozzarella e pomodoro, il mio percorso ai fornelli continua con la pasta al tonno, questa volta da condividere con la mia amica di studio (con chi altri sennò?), che ha apprezzato moltissimo... l'impegno e lo sforzo. #olioanticofrantoio #oleificiofiorentinifirenze #oliofiorentini #ad

Where I'd rather be right now; with a drink in my hand and a tacos platter in the other one. Instead I'm stuck in traffic which unbelievably got worse just because I have to be at work in 1 hour.

L'estate è da sempre la mia stagione preferita in quanto a cibo, basta una bruschetta, un'insalata di tonno o mozzarella condita con un po' di olio extravergine di oliva e tutta la famiglia è felice e contenta. Nella foto la speciale partecipazione di mia mamma che non vedeva l'ora che io dicessi "okay, puoi prenderla, ho finito". #olioanticofrantoio #oleificiofiorentinifirenze #oliofiorentini #ad

Thank God it's Monday, especially if you start the week in one of the most beautiful locations in Rome @palazzodama, with fun friends and sipping on delicious @cocacolait cocktails.

I spent half a day today deciding if I should get out of bed; and the other half being desperate because I have an exam in 48 hours and I am not even half through my notes. Memo for next time: don't go to an open bar beer event 2 days before an exam. In the meantime, I'm going shopping because tomorrow I have another cool dinner in one of my favorite places in Rome. I might or might not do an Instagram live crying/ laughing on Tuesday during the exam. Should I?

Happier when I'm with carbs 🍟this morning I had an American style Brunch at the newly opened @burgerbargrill with a bunch of other cool people ( @lecolazioniste ) who were so busy snapping pictures of food they didn't realize I stole the pulled pork from the table and ate it all by myself. Diet is well, how about yours? #LeColazioniste #BurgerBarGrill

Week 2 of my diet has started: granola, avocado toast and a chocolate Oreo milkshake, please and thank you!
Just kidding, I'm serious. I have to keep it light so I won't feel guilty for the pizzas on Thursday and Brunch on Saturday 😊😊 I'm realizing that maybe being a foodie that can't say no to carbs doesn't really go with the concept of being on a diet ☹️

• Diet is going well; I was only playing pretend. Pretend I wasn't on a diet. #burritoparty #foodiesromameatup

I started off the week being on a diet (my boyfriend being in perfect shape is definitely a great motivation); I lost about 3 kg because I had a flu, fever, throat ache and all of the kind and now everything is going great, at least that's what he thinks. He doesn't know yet that on Saturday we'll have a burrito IG party, and I'll try to eat as many as I can 💁🏼🌯

• it's Monday again, so it's also my 87th attempt on starting a diet this year. A #poke bowl sounds like we're starting off pretty good, let's see how long this one will last.

It's here, you guys! my favorite season of them all; sprinmer! This was me yesterday afternoon before my mom met my boyfriend for the first time, at the 3 gelato of the week; pretending I wasn't peeing myself. Gelato does wonders for this kind of situations, I promise!

Cheers to a Thursday that seems more like a Friday • cheers to happy hours, Chardonnay glasses and love talks in front of wine ❣️

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