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Kenzie Brenna  ‪Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known ✨ love yourself 🌙 KENZIE10 @wearyourlabel #SELFLOVEBOOTCAMP 💘👇

Because an enormous amount of gym goers follow me, I decided I would be transparent with you guys.
☀️ Do I like this this post? No.
☀️ Is either one better than the other? Not supposed to be, but aesthetically sort of.
☀️ Does that make me any less proud of what my body does day in and at out for me? No!!!! (That's how you know recovery is working 😍)
I don't always like sharing posts that make me uncomfortable, HUGE shoutout to my fellow active amazing friend @mindsetforlifeltd who has helped me understand you don't always need to to, but I feel like this is important for some women to hear and see.
Over romanticized parts of bodies have always happened, I'm not immune to it, I'm not saying I don't work for certain things, but within my work here online I have found peace and confidence with what I have 😍🙏💥💕✨ #blessed
And there isn't a day I take my body for granted or hate it for something it just simply is not.
🚫 I'm not the curvy girl with large breasts
🚫 I'm not the curvy girl with bottom ratios
🚫 I'm not anything but me ❤️
And I'm SO proud to be me!
No one can be me better than I can and a side by side photo like this doesn't show you how kind I am, how much I have grown, how hard working I have become, how much I love my friends, family and now myself, it's just my body existing in a different way 💕⌛️🍑
I'm ok with me.
Hope you're ok with you too.
#beforeandafter #STILLDOPE #beyourownhero

"That's beautiful."
#selflovebootcamp link in bio! 💘
☀️ 31 day calendar
☀️ more inclusive
☀️ 19 pages of PDF's for full description of days
☀️ G I V E A W A Y S!!!
☀️ Sunday night love sesh email with phone wallpapers

Omggggg 😍😍😍
I freakin loveeeee this babeeee 💫💞✨
#Repost @myssematch ・・・
I've never understood why rolls, cellulite, and scars are always edited out of photos when so many women and men have them and they are a part of the average human body. Stop hating yourself and embrace your perfect imperfections. #MyBodyMyRules

Self Love Bootcamp is now open!!
👏 More 👏 inclusive 👏
👏 Easier to read 👏
👏 MORE giveaways 👏
Link in bio to see more!
Note: you will receive the REST of the PDF's come Sunday night, which explain IN DETAIL all of the days :) IM SO ESSITED! 🎉💘✨
Let us goddess unite!!!!!!

Not b r a v e.
Just bumming around like a mermaid (where's my mermaid emoji at?!) 🦄✨💘
This was taken for fun at my @wearyourlabel shoot with @sophiesahara 📸 and my lil cinny bun friend @jenbretty 👯
I think when you're in a room with women who are living in the moment, creative, positive, PASSIONATE, we become naturally confident and self empowered.
Be sure to surround yourself (online and irl) with humans that make you feel REALLY GOOD ❤️
That's your tribe.

Omg. Omg. Omgggg!!!
Got surprises.
Im so excited I can't handle it!
Any recommendations for pizza, bagel, donut, dinner and brunch spots lemme knowwwww below!!

I'm so inspired by this babe to get my yoga on!!!
I remember when I first started doing yoga, I was sooo intimidated because I wasn't thin or flexible at all. I never saw bigger girls at my studio like me or in any of my yoga/yoga diet books I just bodies that weren't mine. 🤔
It's not to say that those bodies can't be on the covers (cause duh #everyBODYisbeautiful) it's just why leave mine out? Ya know?
Same thing with going to the gym, you don't need a thin body in order to make that place your bish!!!! 💪🤸‍♀️🏋️‍♀️
I'm so thankful for @mynameisjessamyn for just being her damn self and continuing to be the yogi that she is!!!
To show you don't have to be limited by your body size to enjoy an activity of your choosing!!!!!
Many good vibes today 💞✨💞✨💞✨💞✨💞✨💞

Your body's cells are arranging themselves out of love ❤️
Friendly reminder:
The term "cellulite" is a way to describe the "appearance" of fat cells.
It is a cosmetic issue, it is not an indication of health, of social value, of inherent personal worth.
It's quite actually nothing lol
Your fat cells may appear on your arms, stomach and/or legs!
Ain't nothin wrong with it ✨💫✨💫

Getting ready to head to the #sciencemarch with @science.sam 🔭⚗️🔬and this is how I got ready!!!! The best thing about this self love journey is that it's teaching me to listen to my "YAS" voice and my "HELL NAH" voice.
Last year I would be too scared to wear a flower crown or to leave off a section of makeup!!!
I was like yup. I've wanted to do this for a while but I've been too scared of being the weird one!!
And maybe this isn't weird to you (honestly my 16 year old self drew mascara tears down her face YO she'd think this is nadda) but it is for me at this stage in my life!!
Wear what ya want, wear what ya love and eff the rest!!!
#flowerpower ✨✨✨✨✨

Cause girl on girl hate is so 00's.
Seriously, imma lift you up, so you can lift me up right back.
Because you're goodness does not rob me of my goodness.
Luv u cuties ✌️✨💘
(from bae @bodypositivememes 💫)

Hey you,
It's ok not to be ok.
It's ok not to be ok.
It's ok not to be ok.
It's ok not to be ok.
It's ok not to be ok.
As many times as you need to hear.
Something about wearing a shirt that says that which makes me feel ok again 💘
@wearyourlabel 👕
PS ~* #selflovebootcamp is almost finishedddddd*~ ✨

#Repost @goofy_ginger ・・・
“Body positivity is promoting obesity. You’re glorifying obesity.” Here’s the thing. Existing is not the same thing as encouraging. Existing is not exalting. Loving yourself and practicing body positivity is not an ‘excuse’ or a promotion. It’s a declaration of self acceptance and freedom! It’s escaping the confines of societal expectations, and embracing exactly who YOU are. By embracing your body, you empower yourself and those around you, too. Seeing other people we can relate to creates unity. We come together realizing we are all human. Pushing one body type as ideal (fat, thin, whatever..) is not actual body positivity. I’m not telling anyone else to look like me. I am saying enjoy being YOU.

At any size and shape..
You are valuable
You are worthy
You are enough
You deserve love!

I am not promoting any one body above the rest. I am however promoting self acceptance, individuality, equality, and balance.

Your value is not correlated to your weight.
You don’t have to justify living in your own body.
You are allowed to live unapologetically, stripes, bumps, dimples, scars, crinkles, and all!

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