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Zach Nelson

Nothing feels better than being home at times... enjoying life... #STRIDELINE #FUTURELEGEND #TEAMZIPEMUP #SNAC #BLESSED

I am forgotten as a dead man out of mind. I am a broken vessel. For I have heard the Slander of Many fear on every side: While they took council together against me, they devised a way to take away my life, but I trusted in thee O Lord: I said Thou art my God. Deliver me from the hand of my enemies and them who persecute me.
psalms 32 12-16

Always keep some stand up guys around me... real always recognize real...

@b0rnalkhemist yooooo we made some beauties fam... blessed... Gods Gifts

My sister @ashleymonique86 is finally home and you know we had to get the crew together.... love these guys

Just not in my DNA...

@50cent ain't lying that nigga did that

2 new commercials in the works... one independent one and one @strideline shit bout to be fire... whole #TEAMZIPEMUP LINE dropping @teamzipemupofficial

And watch Game of Thrones Again....

Ok Let Me Tell You The Story, My Name Toni this Is Me In The White Shirt.. The other nigga in the Black Shirt name "lil man" It's Crazy they call him that seeing his size😒 Anyway, In The Red Shirt that's my bestfriend Marco atleast I thought he was until this happen.. Me and my dawg Marco was Just Coolin One Day Smoking Gas,Well Boolin Cause Marco Was A Blood and got mad Every time I Used Something With A "C" idk how this nigga was a blood and he Grew up In Greencove In A Big Ass white neighborhood with puppies, rainbows and shit Plus his parents Was Married, but the Nigga Was "BLOODY"👌🏾 anyway we Boolin smoking Gas and shit So This Nigga Marco Gone Say "boy you see themm bitches over there, I'm Finna Bome over there" So me being the nigga I am I Check myself out in the Camera and Say "Shit Come On" The Nigga Marco Gave Me That Look I Said "I'm Bome, Bome On Bru" So We Start to walk cross the street as we got closer I started to see who the Females was It was "Lil man" Ol'lady and her two homegirls.. Why out of The 3 Females this nigga Marco try to talk to "lil man" ol'lady🤦🏾‍♂️ This Nigga Marco say "Baeeeeeebeeeeee what's up you lookin good as shit" They start laughing she was on the phone she told him "I'm good I got a man" Him thinkin she trying to play hard To Get Gone Say "Fuck yo man he ain't nothing like The Marceeezee" They Stopped Laughing Us Not paying attention until it was to late See a black car Pullin Up It Was "Lil man" he was on the phone with her Gettin directions to pick them Up and He heard Everything.. this Nigga Lil Man Hop Out The Car And Say "WTF YOU SAID CUZ" I'm like Ohhh Shit This Nigga Marco Finna snap he don't play that "C" word Shit, I Was Wrong.. this nigga Marco Curled like a Bitch.. he Gone tell this man It Was me.. This nigga pointed at me and all. Before I could say Anything that Nigga "Lil man" Grabbed my ass so fast and did some WWE Monday Night Raw Shit On My Ass.. Fucked Up My Whole Day😒

Impulse buy impulse buy impulse buy life size captain America shield.... don't do it Zach....

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