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OMGies  🎀 OMGies 🎀 ... there's nothing that tastes better than HOMEMADE. YouTube: Miss OMGies Pinterest: OMGies Twitter: @missomgies Facebook: OMGies


Iftari with Karachi Cuisine
1. Bun Kebab (Burger)
2.Kala Cholay Chaat (Black Garbanzo Beans)
3. Pudina Raita (Mint Sauce)
4. Sweet Lassi (Sweet Curd Shake)
5. Mix Sweet

Jumma Mubarak
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Delicious Punjabi Dinner

1) Spinach Chicken- Palak/Saag Murgh
2) Milky Flatbread-Doodh Paratha
3) Roafza Lassi
Happy day calls for Yummy Food.

#missomgies #omgies #palakchicken #parathalover

Iftari Time at OMGies

1) Chicken Dalcha (Chicken with Yellow Lentil)
2) Khushka Chawal (Rice)
3) Fruits
4) Lassi
Have a great Lovely Day. AND KEEP HYDRATED. #omgies #missomgies #iftari

1. Hyderabadi Lal Gosht (Spicy Red Fried Meat)

2. Pure Ghee Stuffed Paratha (Clarified Butter FlatBread)

Did you know that in Hyderabad, the delicious Meal Lal Gosht is cooked with great Joy and Happiness especially during Parties and Special Occasions.
So if you want to cook a simple yet delicious homemade Meal with a variety of spices than Hyderabadi Lal Gosht is the right choice for you.
Also did you Guyss know that Monday is the best day of the week for setting New Goals??? As the start of a new week, month or Year signals that it is a Fresh start to a new beginning. Individuals are more motivated and excited to pursue new goals at the start of a new beginning. So the 'Fresh Start Effect' is here Guyss. So set new and fresh goals. But remember to make those dreams come true!!! #ramadan #ramadanmubarak

Chicken Broast Briyani

From Kids enjoying Chicken to Advertisers using the protein to lure in billions of Chicken Lovers across the globe. Consumers turly Love Chicken!! Did you know that the 21st century did not only bring in significant advancements in technology and the craze of social media but also the Era has boosted many fast food businesses. Well its all due to the increased consumption of Chicken. Humans turly Love and Adore Chicken, as it is known to be the healthier protein choice. And as we all know Rich in Protein is at its best when it's with.....Any guesses?
Ofcourse all time favourite Chicken Broast Briyani💓💓💓 Hope y'all have a great weekend!! #tandoorichicken #biryani #chickenbiryani #missomgies #omgies

Delicious Dinner Recipes for an Awesome Weeknight Meal!!
1. Potato Curry (Aloo Korma)
2. Spicy Fried Ground Meat (Bhuna Huwa Keema)
3. Wheat and Barley Puri

These Delicious Weeknight Meals are so Simple and Easy, even kids won't be able to resist getting seconds.
#potatocurry #aloosalan #puri #missomgies #omgies

Desi Feast- Iftari Time
1) Nihari
2) Makhani Butter Chicken
3) Naan
4) Honeydew Melon
5) Lassi

The Best Combination ever! Enjoy this month with delicious meal.
Take Care and Enjoyyyyyyyyyy Monday.
#omgies #missomgies #iftaritime #makhanibutterchicken

And the Celebration Begins - Ramadan Mubarak
Starting the Beautiful New Month by:
1. Lamb & Chicken Shawarma
2. Mango Rasmali
3. Humus with Olive Oil
4. Manaqish (Arabic Pizza)
5. Mithai: Gulab Jamun
6. Pickled Turnips, Pickles, Sliced Tomatoes and Sliced Jalapeños
7. Lebanese Garlic Sauce

Ramadan Starts with the sighting of the New Moon. A New Moon comes with a New Beginning!! Did you know that Charity is an important factor in Ramadan. As Ramadan is a month of Sacrifice and Empathy; individuals are to be more generous to those who are less fortunate than them. Ramadan helps us understand and empathise with poverty along with spiritual development.
Happy Ramadan and let the celebrations begin!! #missomgies #omgies #shawarmalover

Cilantro Flat Bread with Egg Lamb Curry

Hara Dhaniya Roti and Zabardast Anda Gosht Salan
The month of May is almost ending..just one more week then it's June. Hurray!! May is the month that symbolizes success and Love. So make the most out of this month before it ends.

Enjoyyyyy this Month with Cilantro Flat Bread and Egg Lamb Curry
#omgies #missomgies #goshtsalan #andagosht

Chatpata Lahori Chicken Tikka

Chicken Tikka is a popular chicken starter at any occasion or party. Being a traditional South Indian Dish, chicken tikka is filled with diverse spices and flavours. Due to its on going popularity it is very much famous around the globe.
Chicken tikka is a easy homemade recipe, where you have to marinate the chicken with yogurt and preferred spices; grill, bake or oven top the chicken in heavy skillet over low to high heat. And guess what your Chicken is ready to serve!! Enjoy your week with Delicious Mouthwatering Chicken Tikka with Puri and Raita

#chickentikka #missomgies #omgies

Potato Cottage Cheese Croquettes with Spicy Chicken fried Rice
Also known as Paneer Aloo Croquette Rolls.
Today is National Visit your Relatives Day! This special day encourages families and relatives to get together and Enjoyyyyyyyyyy. In our day to day busy schedules it is Extremely difficult to meet our loved ones and spend quality time with them. Thus this day allows us to reach out and spend time with extended families.
So it's a great day to let your loved ones know how much you care about them by serving Potato Cottage Cheese Croquettes with Spicy Chicken fried Rice.
#omgies #missomgies #croquettes #ricelover

Spinach Aloo Paratha with Raita and Prickle

Aloo Paratha is for sure a famous breakfast Meal in South Asia. Being a traditional breakfast Aloo Paratha is popular among all generations.
If you want your morning to be rich in fiber, vitamins and protein than fill your Paratha with seasonal vegetable such as Spinach.

If you want to keep it traditional but health conscious than do try Spinach Aloo Paratha!! #missomgies #omgies #parathalover #alooparatha

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