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OMGies  πŸŽ€ OMGies πŸŽ€ ... there's nothing that tastes better than HOMEMADE. YouTube: Miss OMGies Pinterest: OMGies Twitter: @missomgies Facebook: OMGies

Aloo Gosht ka Salan with Roti

Dinner is served at hmmm I can totally smell the smell of LOVE in the air!

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Delicious Punjabi Dinner

1) Spinach Chicken- Palak/Saag Murgh
2) Milky Flatbread-Doodh Paratha
3) Roafza Lassi
Happy day calls for Yummy Food. Try this delicious meal and enjoy life.

Mixed Vegetable Curry with Roti

For Vegetable Lovers, try this delicious Curry and you will fall in love.

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Delicious Lunch at OMGies

Hyderabadi Lal Gosht (Spicy Red Fried Meat) with Paratha.
In love with the combination of curry and paratha. You totally have to try it.
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Nihari with Puri's

First of all Happy New Year's! OMGies it's 2019. Well why not have some thing really yummy for New Year's. Nihari is love and spoil your self with puri's.

Strawberry Kulfi
Hmmm the taste of Desi Sweets with Kulfi.

Celebrations for 2019 have started at OMGies home!
Start the New Year with something sweet. Eat a Kulfi.

A Healthy Saturday Breakfast Table!
1) Boiled Egg
2) Avocado
3) Fruit and Whole Grain Bread
4) Cucumber
5) Dark Roast Coffee

Did you know that skipping breakfast can actually make you eat more throughout the day... Did you ever feel like snacking extensively throughout the day, or even eating a larger lunch and dinner. Well as a result, skipping the most important meal of the day which universally we all call Breakfast, can cause weight gain and further health problems.

A day without breakfast is like starting a car with no patrol!! Breakfast provides the right energy and fuel for our body and brain. Hence once we receive the right amount of proteins, Vitamins and fiber our body and brain is able to function properly throughout the morning.
But it doesn't end here in order for a fresh and effective body we have to concentrate on a healthy lifestyle. In order for a healthy lifestyle start from the morning were your day starts.
Soo start off your Saturday Healthy! And Take Care and Enjoyyyyyyyyyy cause the weekend is here! πŸ’ƒ

Good Morning Paratha!

Omg in love with this aloof paratha... so mouthwatering and delicious. Definite try!!!

Mango Lassi
A yummy drink for the holidays. It will keep u fresh and on ur toes.
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Pyaz Pakoda (Onion Fritters)

It's so distinct in flavor, wonderful in spices, tempting in taste … Well did you know this spectacular dish is known across South Asian restaurants. OMGies this homemade recipe is known for its crispy and crunchiness. With its passionate smell and joyful taste Pyaz Pakoda ( Onion Fritters ) is here to spread love, warmth and happiness.
Pyaz Pakoda ( Onion Fritters ) is a special traditional recipe that is finest in taste, texture and appearance.
Its Tuesday Everyone! Here's some Tuesday Motivation: "Your uniqueness is your majic!"| Unknown. Soooo DO YOU! 😎. Take Care and Happy International Human Solidarity Day! Today's a day to Celebrate Unity and Harmony; but with Pyaz Pakoda's. πŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’Ÿ

Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with Blue Cream Cheese

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OMGies is here with one of the most amazing treats of all times. Whether you are a girl or a boy, a king or a queen it is our all time favorite sweet. Well, this homemade recipe is especially for all Chocolate Lovers and Cupcakes Lovers. We all love and adore Chocolate as chocolate is loved by all of us. Indeed OMGies is a dye heart fan of Dark Chocolate Cupcakes.

We all crave for Chocolate and it is the feeling of ultimate love and happiness. Everyone needs a taste of chocolate in their life and a bit of miracle. It’s very decant and the cupcake is rich in texture. The chocolate gives it a creamy and rich appearance and taste. Yummy dark chocolate gives a melt in your mouth feeling and the chemistry of dark chocolate and cupcakes is a wow factor.

Chocolate is the true lover of love and kindness. Each bite you take is so tender, ultra smooth, soft and moist, wow you will love it, the taste is so good. It is true to say that deep down, Dark Chocolate Cupcakes makes us feel like a king and a queen. As chocolate symbolizes care and tenderness along with love. A feeling of warmth and care comes with Dark Chocolate Cupcakes.

Happiness truly comes to the one that eats Dark Chocolate Cupcakes. You will truly enjoy it and soo would kids as we know kids love Chocolate and Cupcakes. Hence the combination of Chocolate and Cupcakes will make everyone happy and kids would get soo excited. Kids can help you in the kitchen; it will be a fun experience for them. Dark Chocolate Cupcakes can be soo decorative with all the design and kids can help you with the process. Do try this fun and easy homemade recipe and share it will friends and family.

Egg Curry with Rice

I just love Egg Curry! What a lovely Dinner idea right?? Happy Sunday to Everyone. Enjoy as much as possible cause tomorrow is Monday! ❀

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