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OMGcosplay  Dallas TX, UNT 💚 🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻

I'm making a note here, huge success
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I think about the girl on the left every time I put on a costume. I say the girl on the left like it isn't me because I've come so far through cosplay that I hardly recognize her, not because of looks, but because of where I'm at mentally. Cosplay has always been my home away from home, my opportunity to be someone else, my creative outlet, and my escape. The girl on the left was sad and hated everything about herself. Cosplay started as my way to get away from myself. Now, every time I put on a costume I try to be someone that girl would be proud of.
Cosplay isn't about who looks the best or who has the most money to spend on a costume or who has the most followers. Cosplay fills a different role for everyone who does it. If you're nervous about starting cosplay and not looking as good as you would like to or not living up to the people you see online, fuck that. You would be hard-pressed to find a cosplayer who is flawless out of the gate. Worst case scenario, you have some fucking hilarious photos to look back on like I do. If you're thinking about starting cosplay, do it

Lol when your costume is so last-minute that the paint from your shoes are drying during your photo shoot
📷: @alantijerina

First set of black widow photos go up on my Patreon tomorrow just sayin 👌🏻
📷: @kissycosplay

Bad quiet singing ft. Terrifying mannequin head

I like big props and I cannot lie 👌🏻 Throwback to ikkicon on New Years. ❤️

It's my favorite part'll see.. 🌾

I'm actually pretty proud of what I was able to do with my makeup for my #closetcosplaychallenge of belle. The details of how to do the challenge are in my post from yesterday. If you do it please tag me ❤️
📷: @kissycosplay

🌾I want adventure in the great wide somewhere🌾
i'm bored and impulsive so @kissycosplay and I decided to challenge ourselves to put together a costume of a character we had never done before out of only things we already owned and we only gave ourselves an hour to do it. This is what I came up with! Even though I am by no means the first person to do something like this I want to name this the #closetcosplaychallenge and see if I can get other people to do it because it was HELLA fun so if you try it, use the hashtag and tag me

I nominate @carnationcosplay @yourgirlolive and @dominique_skye

This is a big ol throwback Thursday to right around this time last year when I was making my slave Leia poison ivy mash up in my dorm room. How many of you were following me at that point or found me because of this costume?
Ps shame on me for filming this horizontally

It's mosquito season, know what that means? It means I want to die a lot
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Lamborghini mercy 📷:

OK, this Tinker Bell costume is so freaking cute but when I commissioned it I accidentally made it way too short. Therefore this set of photos (for good reason) will only be available on Patreon (link in bio) but do not fret, I have re-ordered the same costume long enough to do an actual cosplay of it outside without flashing people
Happy Easter!
📷: @kissycosplay

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