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OMGcosplay  You can never tell when it's your "midlife" so I'm keeping my crisis ongoing UNT 💚 My PO box is at 624 w. university dr. #393 Denton TX 76201

Comment your favorite song
Just bought some really nice headphones and I want to try them out on new music

I think the comment I get most often when people find out that I cosplay is “omg thats you? these look nothing like you“ to which I respond, that’s the point lol

When the invisible jet breaks down

“You don’t forget the face of the person who was your last hope”

Ending Earth Day right 👌🏻 just uploaded 80 natural unedited photos to patreon of this very cute set. If you want to see previews go check out my story

Get you a girl who does both.
Also ps get on my patreon to see the full set 👌🏻 pretty much every penny goes to cosplay, fueling my lingerie addiction, feeding myself, and saving for law school. A noble cause.
this will be dropping today on my $10 tier

If you dont love me at my messy room and no cosplay, you don’t deserve me at my messy room but cosplay this time

HAPPY (early) EARTH DAY! I got a bunch of really fucking cute photos from this set that I’m excited to show you guys. All the PG-13 ones will be on patreon but I got a lot of ones that I can post here too. The full set will be available on Sunday, real Earth Day

Happy earth day...
What? Lewd the earth? Who would do that? Me. I would do that. Now go on patreon so you can see it when I post and I can eat food and stuff

Getting better is hard work, it’s a lot easier if you have a good support system.
This is from a walk that I went on recently to support the national eating disorder association and you don’t really see it but there were hundreds of people there. Sometimes even seeing that you’re not alone in your area can really help if you’re struggling. Eating disorders are very isolating and this is just a reminder that if you struggle with one you are not alone. To someone without an eating disorder it may seem a bit dramatic for my “why I walk” sign to allude to death, but it’s important that you realize how staggering the death toll is. Every 62 minutes at least one person dies directly from an eating disorder and I’ve almost become one of them several times. If this is something you relate to know that you are absolutely not alone.
If you think that you struggle with disordered eating, (and it doesn’t have to be just anorexia, binge eating disorder, bulimia, ect are all valid) please open up to your friends and family. It gets so much easier after that.
I promise I’m not going to turn this account into a blog about eating disorders but I do think it’s healthy to bring it up every once in a while, even if it’s just for my sake. Recovery is really fucking hard man, just doing the best that I can.

I got my hair done and it looks really good, let me be vain OK?

This video is a fucking roller coaster from start to finish. Between the photo bomb, me looking drunk, and wind blowing hair back into my face, this has to be one of my favorite videos. I look ridiculous.

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