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OMGcosplay  You can never tell when it's your "midlife" so I'm keeping my crisis ongoing UNT πŸ’š My PO box is at 624 w. university dr. #393 Denton TX 76201

Me looking past the haters like

#candid (for real tho)
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I want to now officially dub Monday, "I'm not Mary Jane Monday"
this is Jessica Drew, spider woman
/i'm not fucking Mary Jane/
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Brace your self guys, the next few weeks are going to be filled with Spiderman characters and my sweet sweet titty queen
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Catch me at afest yo πŸ‘ŠπŸ»
#afest2017 #afest

✨You're damn right I can't breathe ✨
#afest #afest2017

You can never cosplay enough spiders

I thought this costest would get belle out of my system, it didn't πŸ˜… I wanna do a full version so bad

Currently missing Canada and it's fucking photogenic bus stops

Fun fact, because this photo shoot is in a bathing suit I've literally worn in public the whole set is available at any level of patronage.
That being said, I highly recommend my $10 tier which gives you access to literally hundreds of photos and dozens of videos, or my Snapchat tier which gives you access to those same photos plus more photos and my NSFW Snapchat
I don't delete my past shoots so literally everything I've ever posted will pop up when you subscribe (no shade on people who do, I totally get it man, you do you ya sexy beast)
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πŸ“·: @kissycosplay

Pool samus is up on patreon right now! Link in bio
Lingerie set to come

Current mood: wishing cosplayers would be more forthcoming and honest about their imperfections like stretch marks and cellulite.
it's normal, it's healthy, it's nothing to be ashamed of, and yet we all hide it or edit it out. And I fucking get it, I've done it too, it sucks when you don't look like all the other people posting pictures of their bodies but as it turns out a lot of them don't look like that either. Of course I recognize how important lighting and camera equipment are towards naturally minimizing those imperfections and just because you don't see someone's cellulite or stretch marks doesn't mean they edit themselves, but realistically as someone who's been in the game for a while, it often does. I really wish my cellulite and stretch marks weren't something that induced so much anxiety in me. I know that a lot of that anxiety stems from feeling like I'm in the minority for having them, but I know that I'm not. Idk man /rant over/
Edit: reposted because of weird glitches on the photo

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