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Bri Marie  🐶🐶💕🍔🍟🍻♍️🦄🌻🌈😙💨 SC👻: briii_briiii


These past two weeks have kept me in bed with my hand and being super sick, but I needed some time to take care of myself because I haven't been. Yesterday I got AMAZING news! Today I'm feeling way better. AND tomorrow is going to be great 😊🙈 things are on the up and up! 💕

My first love ❤️My Gunner boy 💕

UPDATE: index and middle are still sausages, got a nice shade of yellow coming thru, and still have a hole. Hurts this morning but I can almost make a fist without too much pain 😌😞

Make me smile😘

D O N E.
this dog bite has royally screwed up many things.
ill be in my bed crying for another week.
come visit🎈

Chomps McGillicutty🐊

When we were little and you got bit, I ran six blocks,as fast as I could, barefoot down the middle of the street until I got home so I could go with you to the hospital. Today I called you and immediately you were by my side. The greatest present I've ever gotten was you. Thanks for being my ride or fucking die. Best friends til the end🤘🏻I love you brother @cole_evans31

I mean, it sucks, but it's also crazy how I have a giant hole in my hand right now.
Side note: today was my THIRD dog bite. And as soon as I got home, I kissed Olive.
My girls and I play rough💪🏻
Accidents happen💕


I've really been practicing silence lately. Anger is not something that I allow myself to feel to often anymore. Sometimes it can't be helped but I've come a long way from the person I used to be. Thinking before I speak, making sure what I say is meaningful and not just unnecessary words. Making sure my actions are good and made with good intentions. Saying exactly what I mean, even if it takes me a few tries. CHOOSING what I react to and what I will not give a single drop of energy to. These things have really helped me grow and cleanse my mind. Everything, EVERYTHING, is mind over matter, and I can do anything I set my mind to. I hope everyone has an awesome Friday! Love y'all 😘❤️

I know this feeling too well.

Hey Pensibama

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