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Slight exhaust turbine difference

Not a huge inlet difference

3068 vs 3576 Steamspeed stx20g-r and Garrett gtx3576r g2 #garrettturbo #steamspeed #subaru #killerb #spoolinator

Steamspeed stx20g-r turbo play. Was working fine, not sure if this is excessive play. Doesn't touch the side, but pretty close. For sale, Subaru style flange fitment with Garrett bb center. #steamspeed #turbocharger #20gturbo #stx20g-r

R.I.P. Radio Shack, I've saved so many jobs and repaired so many things with their parts. Going to miss them. :/ #radioshack

Something we all should do before throwing drink bottles away, leave the cap off. Every time we put the cap back on, the water stays sealed away for so long as the bottle lasts, which is a VERY long time when it's buried underground in a landfill. There is no sun to break it down. Water tables are dropping in places where it once was plentiful, some cities have to dig deeper and deeper to access it. Every drop counts, and if we simply leave the cap off, it can evaporate back into the atmosphere to be reused. Please pass it on, I made a similar post a while back that didn't get noticed. #waterislife #waterconservation #h2o #conservation

KillerB Spoolinator vband turbo adapter and hardware. Check out that killer vband adapter #killerbmotorsport #garrettturbo #perrin #spoolinator #madeinamerica

KillerB Spoolinator downpipe, this thing is well made 👍That outlet flange is no joke, no flex #killerbmotorsport #spoolinator #madeinamerica

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