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Rebecca Pacheco  Author, Do Your Om Thing. Creator, OmGal.com. Contributor, @runnersworldmag @womenshealthmag. Yoga & meditation teacher/speaker. Mrs. @coachdanbos.

She sang at my wedding. Tonight she sings for a sold out Paradise Rock Club. Today we did pre-show yoga w/ The Who Crew (my god, they are a lovable bunch— swipe to see!). There is nothing like seeing the women you love accomplish their dreams— and with total grace, humility, humor, and generosity. I could go on forever with this one. Love you @bettywho. Kill it tonight. #whocrewyoga #equinox #friendlove @paradiserockclub @equinox

Snowed in? Take yoga class with me online— all levels, short or long form @runnersworldmag (link in bio)—for FREE. Great for non-runners too! The DVD (promo image shown) is one of my most favorite creations ever and definitely an awesome addition to your yoga/running routine. Would love to see your pics today of your practice w/ either (free online or DVD) and/or hear what you think. 💪🙏😘 #yoga #onlineyoga #yogaforrunners #homeworkout

Feels appropriate on International Women’s Day that I joined @momsdemand— along with 1,000 other Moms (and aunties, sisters, daughters, brothers, & dads)— in Old South Church tonight to protect our kids. ALL OF THEM. If you haven’t already, check out @everytown’s website for ways you can help {link in bio}. I particularly appreciated being armed with facts about gun violence and actionable ideas for reform. I’m a face in the crowd here (last row💪!), but what we need right now are as many faces and hearts and minds as possible to stand up, speak out, and shine a light of truth and justice whenever we can. #enoughisenough #neveragain #throwthemout #momsdemandaction

The building where I write sometimes is a bazillion years old, with the original directory still partially visible outside. My reflection looks ghost-like here, which suits me right now. I’ve been facing some of my own ghosts lately and, at times, feeling less solid. I am always my own loudest and most haunting critic, and motherhood has challenged my mind/body/heart to its limits this year, forcing me to question who I am & who I want to be. I spoke little of how sick I got with an autoimmune complication/disease postpartum, and we as a society speak very little of the drastic identity shift of becoming a mother. Being self employed is always risky. As a parent, doubly so. Today, all that felt, for the moment, less scary, like I befriended this more porous self. “Sit down, friend. Tell me what you know. I’ll type...” #writersofinstagram #mom #reflection

The perfect meditation cushion. #maine #meditate #breathe

I’ve been thinking incessantly about our babies. ALL OF THEM. But especially the ones who aren’t babies anymore, like the fierce young people in Parkland, FL who immediately turned the darkest moment of their lives into a mission of truth and light, and those whose parents, families, friends, and communities will never see them again— because they were gunned down IN SCHOOL by someone who too easily armed himself with a weapon of war (a despicably common occurrence in this country). It’s time to put a stop to this nonsense and politicians who are beholden to the NRA (95% of whom are Republican btw). Please join me on March 8 in Boston (link in bio) for the local meeting of @momsdemand/@everytown or check for your nearest city and meeting. #votethemout #momsdemandaction #everytownforgunsafety #guncontrolnow #neveragain

“New phone. Who dis?” Thank you @heartbreakrunco & @nikerunning for including me in the #nikereact fun and fanfare this weekend. And @coachdanbos for insisting on the sitter (and me having a social life). Guys, that beer is NOT A PROP. 😳 #nikereact #heartbreakersrun #newphonewhodis #sneakerhead

Me advising @repkennedy on his #SOTU response last night... JK (a dream speechwriting job, though!). This was a couple years ago at an event hosted by his cousin @mariashriver, at which I spoke on a panel. I enjoyed this conversation so much. I knew he served in the Peace Corps, something I strongly considered after college, so we chatted briefly about that. I still wonder how my life might have changed course had I done it. I would have departed weeks after 9/11 and that felt scary at the time, as well as the financial sacrifice I couldn’t quite make responsibly at that age. I admire Congressman Kennedy’s decision to serve, then and now. #leadership #service #peacecorps #moveforminds #democrat #soturesponse

Last Wednesday around 9:45 AM elegant stage snow was falling in Boston, the kind that seems to descend for decorative purposes only and not to snarl traffic or warrant shoveling. It was beautiful, until it coincided with one of the most heartbreaking & horrific scenes I’ve ever witnessed. A couple hours later when I sat down to write, I couldn’t write (or think) about anything else. It became an op-ed in @bostonglobe yesterday. Thank you to all who read, shared, & commented. [Link to story in bio]. I feel uncomfortable with too much being made about my role. Others did much more, & I wish I did more. I’ve taken comfort in the words of a reader who commented, “Even if we do it wrong, we need to do something.” I’m touched whenever you all read & share my work. Thank you. It’s how I’m able to keep doing what I do. Please hold the woman in this story in your thoughts and hearts right now. #bostonglobe #oped #columnist #writer #heartbreaking

Wow. I fell hard for this incredible group of teacher trainees led by @amyleydonyoga. What a light & leader you are, Amy. Thank you for having me. It was a joy to talk about the Bhagavad Gita & #DYOT today. Best of luck, rising teachers! [Scroll to see the WHOLE crew]. 👏🙏📚💗 #yogateacher #yogateachertraining #yogaphilosophy #author #speaker #exhale @exhalespa


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