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Buttercup  Longlivechris💜

Y’all asked ..... leave in routine .... can’t forget the key part of my routine ! Using
@segbeauty diffuser to speed up my process and perfect my curls .... yk I️m goofy 😂 so had to incorporate that 🙆🏻‍♀️

So a lot of you guys have been asking me what I use to keep my curls in tact and my frizz to a minimum ..... @segbeauty has the best diffuser I’ve ever got my hands on and it’s affordable too !! Go on their page to find much more tools for your curls at an affordable price ✨

Blurry photo from a blurry night


Just know I had to DO IT ✔️

Here’s some more from Y day , cause Y not 🙃

Who knew evil girls have the prettiest face 🤪

Get you somebody that can do both yaaaa 🤟🏼

Let’s be real 💁🏽‍♀️

Never posted these on here 🤣 here’s some snapchat flicks

Then there were two 🤣

Salva and alba back at it again 💛😘. #pvdfest

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