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Quinn's Belly  Hi I'm Quinn. I fancy a pizza after the gym and I can't live without ham and cheese. Follow me to keep track on the stuff I stuff myself with lol.

I... am finally done with my first essay for this sem. NOW IT'S TIME TO PARTYYYYyyy boom tsk boom tsk boom tsk

Linguine alle vongole cooked by the beloved @ohbrightheart. The right amount of chilli, pepper, white wine, etc. My stomach is very much in delight. Woooo yeah.

Wow, Sunday is almost over.

Need. Fresh. Air.

Scallop Wallop - a little bit on the salty side (which is pretty okay because I'm fond of salty things). Served with crabmeat and scallops, it's a decent plate of pasta especially when you dine al fresco. I've been here a couple of times and had the same thing on both occasions. Except, well, I decided that I couldn't care less about my crab allergy and ate it with crabmeat during my second visit. It was a good decision indeed. On another note, they could be less stingy with the scallop size.

P.S: The dish was initially pretty but I was hungry so screw it.

Yet another unproductive day.

I'm quite a fan of the tiramisu cake here though I must add it's a little pricey and well, my sister could bake one that's insanely good (and better). Where's my cake? I need something to calm my nerves right now.

To satisfy my cravings for spaghetti alle vongole, I went all the way down to da paolo. To my dismay, they didn't serve that at all. In the end, I settled for something aglio olio. This was decent but not enough to make me contented when my heart is after something else.

Tired but happy. It's been a hell of a day but I've never laughed this much after a long while. It isn't summer without the sea, sparklers and perhaps some watermelons haha.

It's funny how we started running in circles when the chorus of ARASHI's Happiness came on. People must have thought us rather insane.

But it was a blast doing these crazy things together. I really wish the day lasted longer.

Apart from the Italian fare, PizzaExpress offers vegetarian options for your herbivorous friends. It was nice spending time with wonderful people and having a change of scenery. I think we all needed that.

Linguine gamberoni al aglio olio -
Served with bouncy prawns, the pasta is slightly spicy and tastes like any aglio olio stuff out there. Would have preferred the linguine to be a little firmer. Well, it wouldn't kill to satisfy pasta cravings.

Dad's favourite restaurant. The standard has fallen, with the chawanmushi being quite tasteless. The quality probably depends on whether you have a keen eye for fresh fish (you can select your own cuts of fish here) or perhaps how early you are.

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