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Gabriel Welch 

When I was moving a ladder just now. A Praying Mantis appeared on my finger. I took a little video of him before I started to paint. And then he disappeared. I wanted to set him somewhere away from the fumes. I looked all over the ladder..and i was did he disapear?? He was right there...He vanished. All the sudden he was on my leg. And now he's just chillin at a distance watching me paint and practicing kung fu. Got a little spirit helper today. Mantis reminds us to slow move into a place of deep stillness within ourselves

Morning sketch to get the day started #illustration #drawing #sketch #copics

Here's some before and during the edits

Tattoo design for a full sleave commissioned by a client. I find that when you work with someone on an idea. It creates an interesting dynamic. On the one hand I was given trust of my style and a full range of creative control which allowed me to feel free for the most part. On the other I had to alter it a couple times to fit his desired look. It is after all going to be on his arm for the rest of his life. In the end he feels as good about the design as i do. This was a challenging project and in turned it helped me to grow as a person. If anyone is interested in commissioning tattoo design work. Feel free to message me #rhino #rhinoceros #biomechanical #biomech #omeka #tattoo #illustration #drawing #art #biomechcollective #jungle #rhinotech #gabrielwelch #ink #copics

A picture I snapped while the sun was setting in New York...I got all low in the grass right behind this little dandelion and made it the huge focus of the photo #wordstoreadandstuff

Something about the way the light is coming through the window and onto the ceiling...the warm soft separations of rose pinks and hints of emerald greens and turquoise....It's beautiful...I'm inspired by it...i should get up ans paint it...yet..its already being painted for me... I feel lazy...laying in front of the fan.... looking at the ceiling change colors...watching the day pass by

What's up everyone' I'm thinking about getting a full scale apparel line in the works. Here's a mock up of the painting "Distant Memories" printed onto tank top. Want to know if you guys have any suggestions for what paintings you would like to see on clothing. It could be girls swim's board shorts...shirts..hoodies... this something anyone would be interested in?

Figure drawing #kinbaku #shibari #copics
Does anyone ever catch themselves drawing and begin to feel artists influence your work and times I feel like I strive to create work that's on par with Mucha...very crisp and bold line work...almost flawless..but my anatomy isn't as well studied and I get fingers are crude and my arms are work takes on melancholy tones and Gustav Klimpt enters my mind. How would he adorn this...with gold and textile patterns...maybe draw a girl masturbating...or death creeping in...perhaps a sad longing for an event or moment that has yet to happen...and then I say fuck it! Fuck this drawing!! Egon Sheile appears or Sam Keith i and pull and stretch and contort and leave it ugly...i wonder how many of us are conflicted with the art we make. Knowing we can't make it as beautiful and perfect as we wish we could. And present it to the world as best we can. Here you go. It's not my best work. But I learned something. I'm learning with each drawing. What I want to learn right now is to enjoy the flaws and short comings to post things raw and uncensored to not be afraid to break my own taboos. Whatever they may be. I've grown tired of my own expectations and how I may be perceived by the world. I want to be free and it seems that the page or canvas is the last frontier to truly let myself go and experience freedom. And if artists begin to censor them selves out of fear...freedom becomes lost

Little sketch I did on the flight home yesterday #moleskinesketchbook #copics #whitepaintmarker #pen

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