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Gabriel Welch 


That Way? β†™οΈπŸ‘½β†–οΈπŸ€–β†˜οΈβ˜ οΈβ¬†οΈ @sonic_bloom_ #perplexed

Today's doodle ball πŸ€ #drawing #illustration #sketch #doodle

Wrath of the Red Ninja

A sky scraper city orb appearing above an egyptian desert πŸœπŸ—Ώ

Here's a glimpse of the mural in progress this past weekend at Sonic Bloom. Much more magic to come. My first time in the wilderness of Colorado was wild and has left me in awe of how beautiful this life is at times. The connections made I'll carry with me on my travels. I feel a never ending expansion in my heart. The love received and the loved shared. It's all so much. And yet. Just enough. I feel as though I've made peace with myself. Perhaps it's only temporary. But it feels good to be at peace in this moment. The way things unfold in their right place and time. The patience it takes to see it all through. Thank you Otis for your patience with me. I know it can be infuriating to work with me. I'm always learning. You inspire me. Your calm focus is admirable. Excited to see where you take this mural in your studio. Appreciate you Psybe. The blueprints you put into this mural give this a retro future feel that left me inspired from the time out at great north a couple years back. Love to see this piece go in the direction it is. Look forward to some studio time with this after Otis. Lots of love to everyone. Too many names too mention or remember. Thank you Annie for getting me out to bloom. Love you all ❀️❀️❀️ @otis_chamberlain @psybevisual @anniestarduster @sonic_bloom_ hope to return to the ranch someday. Almost back to my bear cave 🐻 what a trip that was

When at last, the dying embers of our blood drunk passion turns to ash, only then will we know what was lost in the fire πŸ”₯

SONIC BLOOM!!!! Round 1...Flight!! From San Francisco International Airport/////Denver Colorado Flying out with Otis today to meet up with Psybe and en route to the ranch for my first festival in Colorado. Thrilled to see what happens this weekend. See you all soon @sonic_bloom_ @otis_chamberlain @omeka_one @psybevisual

We say we want love to be safe and to never harm us. Yet our hearts cry out for adventure and the dangers that await us in the unknown. We say we want someone who will be predictable, someone we can always depend on only to get bored with the monotony. We say we want to be ravaged by the fires of love only to walk away when the flames begin to burn us. We say we want to get shot with Eros (arrows) only to find ourselves wanting to pull the arrows from our hearts. We say what we want from a lover. But seldom if ever do we mention what we are willing to give. It's no wonder the flames of love begin to dim when the fire isn't being fed from both sides. I wouldn't be surprised to find that at the end of each day we all let out a sigh. Of a love that is fading away. Hearts that once used to scream have lost their voice. When all of our lives we dream of being swept off of our feet. Of a love so grand it could move mountains. And together would change the world. On a mission to create heaven on earth. When that love is right in front of you. That's when we become scared and walk away. Leaving the fire unattended. Returning to what feels safe and comforting. Drowning in a sea of tears. We wallow in what was. And what could have been. If only we we were brave enough to answer the gates when love wanted to come crashing through our castle walls. We either surrender to love. Or we fortify against it in hopes that behind our walls we have safety. Take refuge within yourself from the storms. Cultivate a deep appreciation for yourself. Fall head over heals in love with yourself. Because when love is out to get you. You better be ready. Because you're going to need all the self love you can muster to survive the battles that are ahead. Victory does not favor the timid. Be brave. Walk with an open heart ❀️ speak from your heart. Speak your truth. Fear not #Eros #arrows #omeka #omek #love #war #selfmastery #blackbook #redninja #hearts #fire #water #air #earth #elements #master #gabrielmartinwelch

When you should be packing up your paints into a bag to fly out to sonic bloom to paint but you can't stop painting' #omeka #graffuturism #postgraffiti

Fresh out the woods "Red Fox" 🦊 available $333 plus $11 for shipping πŸ‚ acrylic on canvas 9" x 12" 2017 #redfox #zen #omeka #zenfuturism #gabrielwelch #gabrielmartinwelch #kitsune #fox

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