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Gabriel Welch

My brother are on the way to paint at Pirate Party in Montana. Gonna be going in a bit of different direction than all of our other collaborations. I have a good feeling about this one @thepiratepartymt @jeremiahallenwelch @thewelchbrothers @omeka_one

"LYCAN" @uswolfrefuge recently one the wolves at the the refuge became seriously ill. Her name is Nala. She's absolutely beautiful. Also very shy as wolves are around humans. I got to meet the wolves at the sanctuary on a trip last year with Scott and Leisha and fell in love with the wolves out there and the mission that the Britt and Bill have taken upon themselves to protect and house the wolves. The medical bills for Nala alone came out to $4,500. If you feel like donating anything it would be greatly appreciated. Even $1 would help. To donate simply contact @sierra_veterinary_specialists_ 775 358 8555 and reference Nala from the @uswolfrefuge. Also if you feel like donating any goods or service there is gonna be an event called WolfStock on Saturday July 29th at the potentialist workshop located at 836 E. 2nd st. Reno NV from 1-8 pm FREE all ages welcome. Plus you'll get a chance to meet the ambassador wolves 🐺 there is gonna be a silent auction at the event and this is a painting of Lycan who I got to meet at the refuge. He's really quite goofy and playful in person. He has love for the humans. Anyway. This is a piece i painted of him to donate to the silent auction to raise money for the @uswolfrefuge if you feel called to donate any artwork. Don't hesitate to do so. I'm sure the wolves would appreciate your donation of love and energy towards them. As would the refuge @uswolfrefuge #lycanthewolf #wolf #wolves #uswolfrefuge #gabrielwelch #gabrielmartinwelch #omeka

San Francisco 2023 AD////in progress
The sunken samurai city of San Francisco

You will never see the same sunset twice in your entire life. Enjoy each moment as it comes and let each moment go as it passes into the past

"M1803" or "Moose" as he was named by Wolf Conservation Center staff, was born at the WCC in May 2010 along with his brother M1804 ("Thicket"). Once they were old enough, Thicket moved to St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge off the coast of Florida and Moose moved to the Beardsley Zoo in Connecticut. While at the Zoo Moose met and fell in love with F1563 ("Salty") and they had three pups in 2014. The new family needed more space to grow so they came to the WCC in December 2014 and it's a good thing they did because Salty gave birth to 7 pups in May 2015. Unfortunately two pups passed away but the family is doing very well and the 5 pups are healthy and rambunctious. If you would like to learn more about Red Wolves and care to contribute to keeping this beautiful breed of wolf from becoming extinct. Visit
This painting is available and $100 of the proceeds goes towards adopting M1803 "Moose"
I want to make it one of my life's missions to protect endangered animals from extinction. There's many other animals on the verge of extinction as well. I feel that wolves are closest to my heart so I'll start here. Small steps. We're all struggling to survive. The struggle is sacred. And we struggle together to do whet no man can do alone.
12" x 16"
Thank you in advance for your support #M1803 #moose #redwolf #redwolves #gabrielmartinwelch #gabrielwelch #nywolf #nywolfconservationcenter #adoptaredwolf #redninja #omeka #stargazemafia #wolf

Very pleased to announce and increasingly excited to be painting at pirate party along side my brother. I've heard so many great things from any of my friends that attended last year. If you're in need of a ticket head over the Welch Brothers Facebook page so that you can join us next weekend at the paaaarrrrrggggghhhty' okay. And....I'm done @thepiratepartymt @thewelchbrothers @jeremiahallenwelch @omeka_one

11" x 14"
Acrylic on canvas
The word Lemur derives from the Roman word Lemures (ghosts or spirits) from Roman mythology.
Lemurs (/ˈliːmər/ LEE-mər) are a clade of strepsirrhine primates endemic to the island of Madagascar.
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