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Windows of Trainability™ represents an innovative approach to athlete preparation, one that can be easily integrated into any system of training without imposing radical changes on a coach’s existing methodology. Omegawave’s approach centers on the concept that the amount of the load should not be the primary focus of the training process, but rather the timing of when the load is applied. Synthesizing the extensive experience of leading coaches with multi-disciplinary scientific knowledge and research, Omegawave incorporated the Windows of Trainability™ approach into the Coach product in order to better analyze and predict how an athlete’s body adapts to training stimuli. Utilizing the Windows of Trainability™ approach will allow for the optimization of the athlete’s training process by addressing and providing comprehensive answers to the fundamental dilemmas of coaching: - Is the athlete ready for another workout, and at what volume and intensity?
- Which physical qualities–endurance, speed & power, strength, or coordination & skill–should be developed to produce the greatest training?
- How can the training process be optimized to achieve the best results in the shortest period of time and with the least amount of physiological cost?

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Some insights on how to be an effective coach. What do you think about? Are you effective? Have a nice weekend everyone!

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@rbkrendimiento midiendo la recuperación con @omegawave #omegawave a @cajarural_rga algunas de los chavales tienen que activar el parasimpático con la hipoxia y otros el simpático con una vuelta suave en bici. Cada uno es individual. Estrategia dirigida por @ivanreebokrendimiento entrenador y asesor de entrenamiento del amateur del @cajarural_rga. @dani_viejo @davidgl1996 @crisloring #35vueltazamora #4etapa #hipoxia #cycle #vuelta

In case you missed it, Runner's World mentioned Omegawave in the article "7 Futuristic Gadgets You Can Buy Now": "Optical heart-rate sensors can tell you how hard you’re working out, but Omegawave tells you how hard serious competitors should work out. The Bluetooth-connected chest strap hooks up to electrodes that attach to your hand and forehead. Wearing it for five minutes before you run will give a measure of your cardiac and central nervous systems—and an app adjusts that day’s workout to help you avoid overtraining. One tester said the results were as expected—his scores were low on days he was tired—but found it too much hassle for those days when rushed to get out the door to run." (Text by Jeff Dengate, photo by Matt Rainey)

Some people have asked why is there an electrode placed on one hand in our DC measurement even though we are measuring the super slow brain activity. The reason is this particular protocol was proven in 1982 by prof. Iluchina from the Institute of Human Brain in St Petersburg, Russia. Basically, to register DC potential you need at least two electrodes: active one- placed at vertex or frontal lobe, and a reference one - placed on a distant part of the body (so could be on the leg too). The measured signal is the difference in potential between the active and the reference electrode. It is assumed, that potentials at each point will influence registered signal with the same strength, but in different direction. Therefore, the best is to have a reference, which potential will have minimal influence on brain signal registered under active electrode. The thenar is such a reference point.

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Pár hónappal ezelőtt lehetőséget kaptam a 360shop által, hogy kipróbálhassam az Omegawave sportolók számára kifejlesztett eszközét. “A rendszer segít a következő kérdések megválaszolásában:
Mennyire sikerült regenerálódnom a legutóbbi edzés óta? Mekkora volumenre és intenzitásra áll ma készen a testem?

Ez az eredmény létfontosságú segítséget nyújt a következő edzésed megtervezése és optimalizálása kapcsán, és az alábbi információkat tartalmazza:
Az edzésképesség ablaka: iTM állóképességre, gyorsaságra, robbanékonyságra, erőre, koordinációra, készségre, edzési pulzustartományok, a központi idegrendszer elemzése, a keringési rendszer elemzése, az anyagcsere rendszer elemzése.” Élsportolók, sportrolók és az edzőik számára is nagyon tudom ajánlani 😊✌️
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Omegawave Glossary is introducing #fatigue today. Stay tuned to learn more! Check out our blog posts on Omegawave's web pages (Link in bio)

Gareth Hall is the Co- Founder and Head of Athletic Development and Performance at Sport981, a UK-based organization dedicated to developing progressive training strategies and supporting high-performance.

Read the full case study on Olympic level athletes in our blog. The key points that Gareth Hall believes are worth highlighting from this case would be: · Performance appears more successful when external (performance output) and internal markers (regulation) of performance are aligned and positive. · Athletes who had a more fluid approach (daily variation based on readiness) performed better than those following a more traditional approach (pre-planned periodization). · Creating belief and unifying coaches with a common set of data can be a bridge to more collaboration and a means of finding new and innovative ways to improve individual performance. · Athlete buy-in is critical, with each athlete requiring a unique strategy to convince them to believe in a new approach. Creating belief is a team process. · DC Potential appears influential in how athletes are able to generate consistent performances. · DC Potential is a useful marker to create more open conversations with athletes and coaches (emotional, physical, and psychological). · For a more complete indication of Readiness, you need to monitor multiple regulatory mechanisms (in the case above, for example, if you only looked at HRV you would have missed the negative DC Potential trend). (Link in bio)

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@cal.dietz from the University of Minnesota was our latest guest on Strength Chat! Episode is live on all platforms!
In this episode Cal Dietz is talking about using @omegawave! 💪

Here are the main reasons why Omegawave is the right choice: • Pioneering mobile technology and cloud service that uses a patented combination of specific scientific methods to comprehensively assess the overall Functional State and Readiness • Frequent, daily Readiness assessments can be measured in the field with minimal investment of time and exertion using non-invasive, safe, reliable, and easy to use technology • Omegawaves methods for assessing Readiness are validated by solid science and assessment data from more than ten thousand elite athletes • A team of elite coaches and leading scientists provide timely, expert support to assist with Readiness analysis and the preparation of guidelines and training plans

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