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Omar Slim White  I create modalities, philosophies & technologies that will expand the consciousness of humanity. Intergalactic Avatar, Spiritual Teacher, Vegan, etc..


In the occult world Lucifer means to bear light. Illuminati means light. Light represents knowledge. The problem with having too much knowledge without purity is that it can be tainted if the VESSEL doesn't understand the principles of righteousness. Being UNCLEAN spiritually will pervert any information. For example if someone is lustful they'll take knowledge and try to teach it in a way to justify their lustfulness. If someone is addicted to flesh they'll take knowledge and twist it to justify their lifestyle.
These are small examples of how knowledge can be tainted inside a corrupted body. This is the issue with secret societies. You're dealing with beings who have access to certain information but they've abused this information. They've tainted this information. This is why you'll see scriptures about Jesus fighting the Pharisees as these same beings were using knowledge to manipulate the people. Jesus used knowledge to liberate the people.
Let's take the I AM principle. When Jesus said EYE and the FATHER are ONE he didn't say he was GOD but he was tapped INto THAT SOURCE in which we call GOD.
This is why the Bible teaches that the KINGDOM of HEAVEN is WITHIN. Many beings who study understand this concept but they abuse this concept. Yes we ALL have the BREATHE of THE MOST HIGH inside us but that doesn't mean we can VIOLATE the LAWS of NATURE. This disobedience is why man is trapped in the LOWER REALM. Like babies always trying to outsmart THAT responsible for SMARTS.
I can assure you when you begin to tap in using pure intentions, this intelligence that resides within ALL things will recognize your vibration and bless you with knowledge that goes beyond any scroll any society any school any order any religion any book. You'll always limit yourself when you look through man for answers. This is the real reason why idol worship was forbidden. When you depend on Creation and not the SOURCE you limit your power. Even worshipping Jesus is idolatry. Jesus was a guide to show YOU. No one can do the WORK for you but YOU.
Don't sell yourself. Don't limit yourself. Adore yourself. Stay true to yourself. Protect yourself. Purify yourself. WORK🤴🏿🙏🏾❤️🔑

Here's a video of Philando Castile uncle reciting a Masonic distress signal on CNN.
Many white Masons were angry at him reciting this in the publics eye.
It's interesting to find the connection between Masonry and Philando as well as Trayvon Martins Father and many, many more. Many European Masons don't even respect Prince Hall Masonry. You're practicing a craft that was watered down and perverted. Your energy is being used for wickedness. You brothers and sisters who are Masons and Eastern Stars better tighten up and purify your spirit. When you take oaths through man you're in violation. Many of these beings who you see in the publics eye really are puppets and death is the only way to escape from the clutches of the enemy. You have to fight to the death to restore righteousness. To all the celebrities and politicians and anyone responsible for moving the energy of the people always remember it's never to late to reclaim your soul if you've allowed the enemy to use your energy to control the energy of others. You got yourself in the mix and only YOU can get yourself out. What do you stand for? How many souls are you misleading? How much karmic debt is on your hand? Do you think by donating to charities you can offset your Karma? You can not out smart THAT which gave you SMARTS. We're dealing with PURE INTELLIGENCE. We're dealing with intellect that's responsible for human intellect. Every being is trapped within a mathematical matrix that binds them to this experience. The only way to escape is to purify yourself. This is why man is trying to use technologies like CERN to cheat this process. This is why the Egyptians were destroyed. When this spiritual contract is up man will be destroyed. Wickedness is only high because the MOST HIGH allows it. Once the contract is over destruction occurs. Only a few will graduate many will be stuck here in the lower realm. Wake up my beautiful people and stop being deceived. Always remember that knowledge can be twisted to manipulate the mind. Peace and Blessings

Humility is a very powerful energetic expression 🙏🏾

Being GODLY means being pure. Being righteous. Being truthful. When we seek council from others we should alway be certain that the fruit they bear is good. Sometimes you can ask the wrong person for the right advice. That person may give you advice that's tainted with baggage, pride, greed, jealousy, manipulation or other low vibrational energies. You may ask a person how does a outfit look and because of jealously they may tell you it doesn't look good. You make ask a person to give you their opinion on your relationship and they may give you bad advice because they want you single. You may tell someone about a new business idea and they may tell you not to do it because of fear. These are a few examples of seeking advice from bad fruit. Pray for discernment. Pray for clarity. Pray for truth so that you may have to take your OWN advice in a time of need❤️
I love you with my highest love
~Omar Slim White~

Sometimes in life you bring certain experiences, wisdom and knowledge to a relationship that the other person may not have. The key to success is to have the right amount of patience and discernment to assist them on their journey and also for that person to have the right amount of patience and discernment to understand you're there to help them. Discernment is important because you'll FEEL when you're wasting your time and that person will FEEL the quality of your intentions. If you didn't have and your partner didn't have then you both would be two lost people 🙏🏾
~Omar Slim White~

Homegoods has some high quality pieces for good prices ❤️

Cafe Gratitude in Los Angeles is 100% organic as well as 100% vegan 🙏🏾❤️🌱
Yes I ate all my food too🤴🏿💪🏾

I flew all the way to Los Angles California to meet retired professor Dr. Ernie Smith. This brother is one of the top linguist in the world. Two years ago I started tapping into languages and became disgusted with how our brothers and sisters naively ridiculed some of their counterparts for not speaking English in the way in which some of our brothers and sisters from Europe spoke English.
It's disgusting to know the WHY but the ignorant who don't have access to divine information will laugh at their peers for mispronouncing certain words like earth to earph or street to skreet.
Many of our brothers and sisters speak this way because of genetic gifts not because they're mentally incompetent.
There's a divine science behind the reasons certain beings speak the way in which they do. The enemy has tricked you into sounding a certain way not knowing this trick prevents you from truly tapping in. This is why biblically the voice is often spoke of. The sheep will recognize me by my voice or the voice of many waters. When certain tones and sounds are grouped together it creates certain powerful reactions inside the body. We must humble ourselves and understand that knowledge will set us free from the shackles of ignorance. As I become more masterful in this area I will begin to unlock the minds of our people. Many people associate what we call nasal speaking with intelligence. There's entirely too much ignorance in our community and this spell will be broken. I also must begin to teach our people why we naturally create phrases such as "What's up" "it is what it is" "ya dig" and more. I must teach the people why mumble rap isn't stupid rap. I must teach our people when we group certain sounds in english it creates acid in the body which is why we naturally modify the word to accommodate the lack thereof. The work of the elders must continue and not die in vain. One love my beautiful people and avoid hatred and ignorance at all cost🤴🏿🙏🏾💪🏾⚫️🔑💡☀️✨💫👁

I'm now ranked 9🤴🏿

I couldn't find a recipe on the planet that teaches how to prepare waffles without using oil, baking soda and baking powder so I had to tap into SOURCE and create my own🙏🏾❤️ 1cup of organic Buckwheat flour
1 tablespoon organic Coconut Crystals
2 tablespoons of ground organic Chia Seed
2 tablespoons of organic Coconut Flour
1 tablespoon of Carob Powder
1/4 teaspoon of Cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon of ground Celtic Sea Salt
25 tablespoons of Artesian water
Leave in eco friendly waffle maker for 5-7 minutes
Finish it off with Coconut Nectar🔑
Let us come together to revolutionize the culinary industry 💪🏾
I love you with my highest love ❤️

Here's one of many reasons not to eat flesh. Flesh carries certain parasites that aren't found in fruits and veggies. As you turn your insides into a grave yard it will attract that which gravitates towards that environment. Always remember if you're alive then why would you put dead food inside?
#Vegan #RawVegan #spiritual #food #parasites #organicfood #rawfood

During slavery the man, woman and child was brutally raped. During slavery the man, woman and child was beaten. During slavery the man, woman and child was sold to other plantations. During slavery the man, woman and child were denied the right to read and write. During slavery the man, woman and child was stripped of their native tongue and spiritual system. During slavery the man, woman and child was forced into free labor.

AFTER slavery the man, woman and child had to live amongst their own through segregation. After slavery the man, woman and child had to share the same water fountain. After slavery the man, woman and child were we're hung from trees. After slavery the man, woman and child had to sit in the same area on the bus.
After slavery the man, woman and child started to build and flourish. After slavery the man, woman and child started to appreciate themselves. After slavery white women still didn't have the right to vote and after slavery white women started to fight their own men politically. After many years the movement of white women became the movement of black women and now you have a war that's destroyed more black homes than white homes. So in other words the man, woman and child were all in the same boat. The black man couldn't oppress the black woman because they were both under the same attack.
The healing begins now! ~Omar Slim White~

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