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Omar Slim White  I create modalities, philosophies & technologies that will expand the consciousness of humanity🙏🏾Spiritual Teacher, Inventor, Vegan over 13 years etc.

As a father I would be very protective over my daughter as well but of course my language would be different and I wouldn't have this type of music around her. We can't put our babies in situations and then discipline them for mimicking their environment. Yes babies will naturally dance to music and the role of the father is to use his masculine energy to provide structure/order while the mother uses her grace to smooth out that energy.
Growing up with both energies in my household I saw the importance of having the balance of masculine and feminine energy around. My father never allowed my mother to discipline me. He only wanted himself to provide that while my mother only provided that for my sister. She respected his wishes when it came to structure.
We must understand both men and women when working harmoniously can create a very ideal situation within society.
The role of men are very important but because of ulterior motives it has been targeted. This is why in society you'll hear terms like hyper masculine. Yes throughout time because of insecurity masculine energy was used to dominate brutally which is why certain groups had to fight for the rights of women. The masculine at one point was expressed without CHARISMA.
Instead of the feminine balancing out the masculine in society, in this age we see the feminine dominating the masculine. The two energies have always been at war but the time must come for both energies to express itself properly at the appropriate degrees to have PEACE.
The feminine role of society provides nurture but as we see in today's system the energies aren't balanced causing destruction. This is why these different feminist movements are being pushed not to genuinely fight for the rights of women but to create an imbalance. Through intuition I see what most people don't see which is why I must teach the many ways to recognize if pure intentions are the driving force of any agenda.
One thing the feminine energy didn't realize, is what would happen if that energy itself were to get out of hand. The enemy understands when the driving force (masculinity) is RELAXED then chaos is allowed to flourish⚡️
~Omar Slim White~

Special thank you to @fatgripz for my custom made gripz 💪🏾
Vegan over 14 years🌱
#forearm #vegan #strength #powerlifting #bodybuilding #bodybuilder

The key to this realm is to understand a part of your purpose is to utilize ALL THERE is to sharpen your iron. For example as a man if you're very explosive and you want to work on your grace, then learn fencing, pottery or even an instrument like the harp or piano. Take arts like ta chi and fencing.
Me personally arts like balet or instruments like drumming aren't what I would need based on the mechanics of my being. I'm already in tune with the brute strength aspect so drumming would be overkill for me. I'm already charismatic so balet would be a little to feminine for me. So instead of taking up something like balet then maybe gymnastics or wing chun would be better for me personally but we're all different and have different instructions so TAP IN.
If GOD is a humanly word that represents ALL THERE IS then you as a child of GOD would want to mimic the many aspects of THE ALL. You have some masters who learn to move like animals within nature. You have some masters who learn to mimic the sounds of animals. You have some masters who not only fast without food but they'll also do what is called a talking fast. Some masters will not only commit to a liquid fast but they'll also fast in pure darkness for a period of time.
Some masters hold their breathe while they perform certain physical movements. The possibilities are endless beloved. What type of training did a Jesus/Yeshua have? What type of training did Buhdda have? What about Moses or Solomon? What were their strengths? What were their weaknesses? If you want to mimick the training of CHRIST then u must understand the BASICS, like the difference between righteousness & wickedness. Learn the basics before you advance on your journey. Depending on your goals determines your training. How do you see yourSELF? Where would YOU like to be as your reach your life cycle?
Do you believe you can leave your body? Do you know how this realm was constructed? Do you know what this truly is?
To be a teacher you must be a student. To exhale you must first inhale. Inspiration is an internal form of motivation and I pray that Ive stipulated your mind to the possibilities of mastery. I love you with my highest love❤️

My friend went to the emergency room barely moving because of her growing fibroid.
The staff wasn't empathetic. The doctor was robotic. The nurse was agitated and careless. I saw snot coming out the nose of the nurse as she injected my friend with poisons. Patiently I sat back waiting as to not make her feel bad for running to the enemy. Only being supportive until I could show her TRUTH at the appropriate time.
The hospital couldn't do much besides provide pain and nausea medication. They sent her on her way because she had to schedule an appointment with her OBGYN leaving her to fend for herself. She barely remembers checking out the hospital. Pain, vomiting and more. She learned that day that the hospital isn't the HOUSE OF GOD. I told her give me two weeks. It's been 4 days since the incident and she's feeling more energetic, less pain and making progress. It's not the man healing the body it's the FORCE behind the man that heals. In other words it's not about going to a doctor, it's about going to the ONE who created the doctor. In other words if you're classified as doctor on paper but you're not going directly TO SOURCE then you're not qualified to TOUCH regardless of what your paperwork says. It's not about the titles. It's about the herbs. It's the environment. It's the WILL POWER. It's the sounds. It's high quality modalities and more!
Dedication equals ACTIVATION🙏🏾

This clip from TMZ is very disgusting & they tried to shame a brother for views.
This brother always kept it 💯with me so I wanted to reflect on his sincerity & humbleness.
As a DIVINE being your job is to never feed off the shortcoming of others. This brother wasn't ashamed of where he was you know why? Because he was in a good space. Many of these industries are corrupted & sometimes people turn down opportunities & have to find other ways to maneuver within this Matrix. Stop worshipping materialism as you never know what a person did to achieve that materialism. Only follow THE MOST HIGH & not the traps of man.
Moving forward⚡️ Despite the banking industry being corrupt. Despite fiat money not having real value because it's not backed by natural resources. This matrix serves a purpose. You must learn how to control the dollar & not allow the dollar to control you. Maneuver righteously through this Matrix before it's destroyed. Take the artificial resources from this system & buy REAL resources but that'll be discussed at a later date.
Moving forward ⚡️
I know a commercial mechanic that makes over 150k a year. I know several car salesman that earned over 4 million dollars in earnings. I know another brother that made over ten million in selling cars. Keep in mind those small examples are brothers who didn't own dealerships they once worked at. If you have your own dealership or car lot you can really do numbers depending on your strategy.
Moving forward⚡️ I never forgot when I was in Miami at the Ritz Carlton & I was talking politics with a well known dentist from Houston. He was telling me about his friend who owns a hot dog stand in New York. He talked about how people would look down upon him because they tried to count his pockets. True indeed he only makes $2,000 a month. But guess what beloved? He owns 44 hotdog stands.
So add a monthly income of $2,000 multiplied by 44 then multiply that by 12 months.
You may not agree with the industry he chose but instead of focusing on that let's focus on the bigger picture.
We must always humble ourselves & never look down upon our brothers & sisters for working to provide for themselves.

This is one of many ways I developed my forearms. I take five 45lb plates which is 225lbs and place it on the bicep machine as seen below. Then I use a reverse grip and concentrate on my forearms. After about ten reps I'll immediately super set with another forearm exercise using another secret exercise that I'll post later. The key to developing strength and muscle mass is to train like a power lifter. If you want the physique of a yoga instructor then train as such. If you want the body of a track star then train as such. Me personally I incorporate several systems into my regiment. Powerlifting is my base but I also train similar to several types of athletes based on their respective field.
#Vegan #Powerlifter #Muscle #organic #strength

Every man should develop his forearm. Very critical for grabbing power💪🏾
#Vegan #VeganPower #PowerLifting #strengthtraining #gripstrength

I haven't taken protein or any supplements in 3 years. You don't need creatine, amino acids, protein shakes, pre workouts or anything else chemically altered to build muscle and strength.
As of 2018 I've been vegan over 14 years. I've learned so much about the body as well as food and herbs. I know how to build the body up to 260lbs on a vegan processed food, supplement regiment and I also know how to build the same strength on a 230lb vegan regiment without supplements or chemically altered foods. If you're a power lifter and you want to enhance your physical and spiritual component then you must sacrifice. You must be prepared to lose water weight and built up junk. Then you must be prepared to rebuild the proper way. Physically you may be big on the outside but the inside you are weak. Spiritually if you remain dedicated you'll tap in on a super natural level. Currently my goals for this year is to master the sport of fencing, the harp, piano, and some other supernatural gifts. Your goal in this realm is to take your being to the highest level. In New York brothers call it GOD BODY. I've always loved that saying. Yes indeed beloved that's GODS BODY and the spirit of GOD lives inside you. So stop disrespecting GOD by feeding the body trash🙏🏾💪🏾🔑🤴🏿❤️

Fathers, make sure you're the very first man to tell your daughters how beautiful they are. Fill them up with so much love so that when they meet a man outside of YOU the standard has already been set. The bar has already been raised and the precedent already met. The power behind a fathers first love is that a woman will grow up knowing how beautiful she is which prevents her from wasting time seeking validation. Instead she'll spend time seeking authenticity and not esteem of self.
Often times when societal women present themselves a certain way it's only because they're looking to fill a void that should have already been filled upon the first moment their eyes opened. Filling that void from the beginning allows her to now search for what's more important, which is a man to maintain your legacy🙏🏾
~Omar Slim White~

When you dance with the devil. You dance to the rhythm of his drum. In others words if a wicked being is drumming and you begin to dance to the frequencies emitted from the relationship of the devils hand and the fabric of his drum you begin to take on the movement that's being produced by the devil. This is the issue with many brothers and sisters who go deep into the Entertainment industry as well as other industries like Theology.
You have to have the armor of THE MOST HIGH to reject the treasures of the devil. For example I've turned down the opportunity to be on Love & Hip hip 4 different times. Not because I didn't want to be on TV but because each time when different people would reach out I said I must have creative control. In other words I must control %100 of my energy. I need to see myself and how it's being projected to my people. I'm not tainting my gifts or my purpose for fame or money. This is the issue with your favorite athletes or models or actors who sign these deals and don't have the final say in how they're projected to the masses. You have to have the strength to die before you compromise your integrity. You have to want to go to war with the enemy on behalf of THE MOST HIGH if you've been called to do so. This is why i never got so deep in that industry. Not many beings vibrate on my frequency. Many are aware but they have one foot in and one foot out. I leave you with these scriptures. All good trees produce good fruit and all bad trees produce bad fruit. It's impossible for a good tree to produce bad fruit and a bad tree to produce good fruit. In other words beloved there's no in between. You cant say you're an oak tree but in reality you're a holly tree. You cant give to charity but molest children behind closed doors. When you've been Annoited with the spirit of THE MOST HIGH no one can taint you or convert you to the depths of wickedness. This year is the year for all of you regardless if you're a Christian or Muslim. A Jew or Taoist to any other title to prove your allegiance with RIGHTEOUSNESS and TRUTH and align yourself with all that is PURE🙏🏾
~⚫️Mar Slim White~

I grew up in a upper middle class environment on the Southside of Atlanta. On the weekends my mother would send me to visit my grandmother on the Westide of Atlanta. She had a house down the street from Bank Head Seafood. These two environments balanced me out from an external standpoint.
This is what makes me qualified to teach. I'm not from the outside trying to teach the inside. I can teach any being on this planet regardless of your story. Just like many brothers in prison I too as a younger being would use my gifts to manipulate this matrix, but it wasn't meant for me to do so as I had a higher calling embedded in the fabric of my DNA.
I listened, I obeyed now here I am. If a person is introduced into an environment with certain gifts those gifts will be used to manipulate that environment. Many of our talented brothers and sisters have used their gifts for wickedness which simply means disharmony. What humans call good and bad are watered down versions of harmony and disharmony.
These two principles will be taught to you at a later date. On my journey I was misusing my gifts but luckily for me my endeavors never lasted long.
The human body is very remarkable. It has the ability to perform a number of functions. When we use the word super natural we must understand that everything is natural and the word super is a humanly word that describes the rarity of a thing. Once you uncover what's known as the super then the game changes. Walking my journey I've felt that power and knew it was real. This experience pulled me away from many other experiences. Today I can teach anyone no matter where you come from. I've sat back many years watching to see which teacher would bring certain information to this realm. There are many keys missing in this pool of consciousness and when it's time the people will know it's time. I would write here & there on my social media throughout the years but now as I look at the conditions of this realm that time is getting close to teach on a high level.
It's too many of our teachers leading the people astray. I've met many of you brothers and sisters & many of you are in violation. Stop playing with the people as it's showtime⚡

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