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Omar Slim White  I create modalities, philosophies & technologies that will expand the consciousness of humanity. Intergalactic Avatar, Spiritual Teacher, Vegan, etc..

This video made my day🙏🏾
This sister is talented!
Shouts out to @thepocketqueen ⚡️🔥🖤

In these troubling times protect yourself from the poisons of this world. You just can't watch any ol show anymore. You just can hang around any ol person. You can't just sleep with any ol person. You can't just hear any ol song. You can't just eat any ol thing. You can't just clean your house with any ol chemicals. You can't just wear any ol cologne and perfume. You can't just just apply any ol product to your body.
These weapons and more are designed to alter your genetics, confuse your mind, taint your spirit and destroy you!
In these times as we speak if you don't feel disgusted with what this realm is becoming then you must begin your work. In these times if you can't see what's happening in this realm then you must begin your work. Don't allow the falsehoods to deceive you. Don't allow people with notoriety to mislead you. Don't allow the gifted to trick you. Pray for discernment and eat pure and live pure and think pure so that you can begin protecting yourSELF.
I love you with my highest love 🙏🏾

In relation-ships there must be ONE vision, if not then it becomes division which becomes DIE-vision meaning the vision has died aboard that SHIP.
If you study the mechanics of a ship you'll notice that it can only go in one direction. In order for a relationship to be harmonious both beings involved must operate within their strengths. When we study feminine energy versus masculine energy we'll notice the qualities are different. For example if danger is nearby, quite naturally the man who operates within his gift will lead and protect. Yes the woman will naturally be protective but it will be expressed differently. It doesn't matter if a woman grew up expressing herself in a more masculine way than her peers, she is still blessed to have the ability to take the seeds of a man and produce life.
This is no different than Mother Nature taking seeds and producing fruit.

Masculine energy is more explosive.
This is why men get errections.
This is why men pursue women more on average.
This is why men will open the door more for women on average. It doesn't have anything to do with society we just have to understand how the energies operate.
So essentially in a relationship if a man is operating at the fullest capacity of his gift and the woman in hers then that relationship will flourish. Two people can't lead and go through most doors simultaneously.
One has to enter first🔑 ❤️

You know why you've been taken over, conquered and slaughtered?
Because you disobeyed the MOST HIGH. Do you have any idea WHO you are? You don't speak your divine language anymore, you eat flesh etc.
To tap back into that SUPREME power you must begin to sit in the sun for a few hours. You must stop using artificial air. You must stop drinking tap water. You must stop eating animal products. You must learn how to breathe again. Place your left hand on your stomach while placing your right hand on your chest. Breathe deeply and monitor which hand moves the most. If your right hand moves more, then you're not breathing properly. Research diaphragmatic breathing. Meditate. Stop filling your spirit up watching beastly shows. Study the sounds your babies make when they first learn to speak. Pray not by asking but by giving thanks for whatever you've been blessed with. Even if you're homeless you're blessed you just have to to find the jewels. When you pray you're actually puttin your BEING in a humble state which unlocks certain power. Don't put your self in a begging state by asking but put yourself in a humble state by giving thanks. The vibration of praising is different than begging. Stop cleaning your house and washing your clothes with beastly chemicals. Use natural ingredients only. Use products on your body that's completely natural. The skin is the largest organ. Stop relaxing your hair and wearing hair that belongs to someone else. Monitor your thoughts and feelings and refrain from operating from the vibration of jealously, envy, pride etc... Get your spine adjusted by a chiropractor that's in tune spiritually. Start stretching, spinning and dancing... If those few recommendations seem overwhelming start slow but be diligent and keep pure intentions. Start with the way you eat and what you drink.
Master this as if your life depended on it. When you begin to walk this walk you'll see a tremendous power unlock. This isn't some fairytale my brothers and sisters there's a divine science behind these instructions. Everyone else will be destroyed for their disobedience.
The time now is to tap back in and get intune with THE CREATOR OF ALL Creation 🖤⚫️

WOW this is my first time eating a Mamey!
It's so sweet and delicious. It taste like a very sweet potato pie mixed with a delicious peach. You must realize beloved that the average grocery store is very restricted in America.
We don't have access to all of what this realm has to offer. This is why you must buy groceries at your local farmers market or order produce online. The human body is very Sophisticated and One must eat a wide variety of foods to achieve optimum health. You can't just eat kale everyday and think that's health. You can't just eat bananas everyday and think that's health. Every food has certain programmed instructions that create certain reactions when consumed. The bones require certain nutritional information just like the skin does. The pigments require certain nutritional information just like your muscles.
Buy a mamey next time and tell me how you like it🙏🏾❤️

There are many currencies all over the world with dark, brown and light faces.
My beautiful people it's very essential that we travel. As we travel we see things for what they truly are. We expand mentally. We get new ideas. We find new ways to earn income. There are many benefits to traveling the world. What inspired this particular post was because I came across a video of a parent threatening to send her son to Africa as a punishment for something wrong he did. This was a very ignorant and disgusting video to see the people in such a low vibratory state. These new age vaccines, commercial cleaning products, commercial feminine products, genetically engineered foods, lack of sunlight, chlorinated and fluorinated waters, commercial deodorants and toothpaste to many more are all partly responsible for PERVERTING the genetic structure of the people. These weapons are turning the people into demons. Incorporate fasting into your life with a good source of water and Moringa seeds. Go outside in the sun and absorb the rays for at least 2 hours. Pray everyday by simply giving thanks to all there is and to THAT responsible for ALL there is. Eat fresh food and stop eating flesh. Listen to harmonious sounds. Stop watching tv as frequently. Dedicate a few minutes to breathing and meditation exercises. Burn natural incense and incorporate essential oils into your life. Use organic makeup, free of harmful chemicals. Research what foods will clean your blood and repair your DNA. Use only the highest quality ingredients on your body. Wake up everyday and tell those that you share a home with that you love and adore them and make that a rule for your little ones. Instead of buying your family gifts like expensive clothing that will eventually break down buy them passports instead. Come up with other creative ways to RAISE YOUR VIBRATION and purify your entire being. From the mind to the spiritual (breathe) to the liquid (blood) and the physical.
May this post inspire you.
I love you with my highest love
~⚫️Mar Slim White~

I had a really good time in London England. It's so diverse and the people have really good energy.

I'm out here in London England trying out this new vegan restaurant @farmacyuk Everything is completely vegan, organic, chemical free and locally grown when possible. This is my new favorite restaurant and it's also the best vegan restaurant that I've been to so far in the world🌎🙏🏾❤️

There's a material in existence that's responsible for allowing all colors, all life, all thoughts and all creation to manifest.
This material is the CANVAS that allows ALL things to express itself through.
It appears to be BLACK within the eyes of humans because humans aren't able to decode the many treasures contained within this material.

Depending on the situation it can shape shift into other colors and forms.
This BLACK MATERIAL is flexible, its consciously aware, it can change form and it definitely can't be controlled.
This is why you dream in a state of darkness because out of darkness is where all ideas and thoughts originate.
Babies develop in a womb of darkness.
If your fruit isn't ripe it will ripen faster inside a brown paper bag.
The screen of your televisions mimic this material.
Your recording disc mimic this material.
The complexion of humans mimic this material.
The ignorant can hate BLACKNESS all they want but this is the MOTHER that gave birth to ALL things🔑
Everything comes out of the BLACKNESS🖤
~⚫️mar Slim White~

Always remember that synchronicity is a part of DIVINITY. When the CREATOR who created ALL creation created this realm it was designed in a very unique way. For example when you see divine patterns as 2222 the student would have to really make love to that moment and realize how amazing it is to see codes while in the right place at the right time. How coincidental is it to eat throughout the week and relase bodily fluids and then suddenly feel a strong urge one day to jump on the scale and see a divine code? Think about how perfect a situation would have to be to produce such results?
When you reach this level pay attention to every moment and every feeling. Those who suffer from what's called anxiety should be really good in this department as that gift actually allows to you to pay attention to every detail at a greater degree than the average person. Use your gifts to assist you in cracking "spiritual codes"
If every time you follow your instinct and something bad happens then slow down and re calibrate yourself.
This realm was designed to mold you in a righteous way. When you walk with GOD then this magnificent CREATOR will begin to show you the interworkings of this realm. Rememeber the key to understanding this realm is to understand relationships. "You don't know yourSELF until you experience yourSELF through someone else. You can't see YourSELF until you see yourSELF through something else"
~OMar Slim White~
Empty your cup beloved because if it's full how can you be poured into? Now it should make sense why we ALL must be child like? Children are innocent. They desire to learn. Their cup is empty. To learn the secrets of GOD you must be patient, optimistic, humble gentle, meticulous, benevolent and righteous. If you continue to pursue GOD you'll reach a level that you begin to learn secrets that aren't found in books and manuscripts. You'll begin to see divine patterns. You'll experience what humans refer to as super natural experiences. You'll have visions. You'll be able to determine if someone is sick with disease or if they're lying or if they're wicked. Your senses will heightened. I can assure you that there are levels to this dimension❤️

I'm back in #tokyo 🇯🇵

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