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Bonding of an endo crown
After a root canal.

Bonding indirect restorations under absolute isolation.

Dry fitting before bonding procedure.

For more rubber dam tutorials stay tunned!

Happy Ramadan everybody!

⏩⏩ SWIPE ⏩⏩ Injury to the face
13 years old
1 fragment retachment
1 free handed class 4
5 days control

Success of restorative procedures begins with a correct rubber dam placement.

Better vision, more retraction & moisture free!

Want to learn more about proper dam placement? Stay tuned for upcoming posts!

⏩⏩ SWIPE ⏩⏩ Endo resto journey
Rewall & build up
Patient talked out if extraction
Hyegiene maintenance next

⏩⏩ SWIPE ⏩⏩ Quick class II
Happy weekend!

⏩⏩ SWIPE ⏩⏩ Unfortunate fracture
Luckily uncomplicated
Patient kept 1 of 3 pieces
Retached and free handed

Please dont scratch enamel.

Orthodontic treatment aftermath,
Please monitor oral hygiene on every recall visit and immediately take actions if its out of contol!

Correct punch hole size, distance and position are key for successful placement.

Bloody 💉

Inferior alveolar block, size 80 K file screwed, constant upward pressure.

⏩⏩ SWIPE ⏩⏩ Asymptomatic disaster
Refilling a defective composite
Bulk and universal

⏩⏩ SWIPE ⏩⏩ Pre orthodontic love
Direct restorations

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