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Omario2d  🌟English🌟italian🌟 Illustrator🌟 dude🌟✏ - Email - Omario2d@gmail.com 📩 - Commissions CLOSED

A commission I recently finished for @domvb and his beautiful girlfriend!
Working on this really made me want to visit Paris! It seems so beautiful!
I'll open commissions again very soon. Hope you are all well.

This is commission I finished for the lovely @rach_eee_rach
Comment below, If you could visit anywhere in the world where would you go?

Drawing of @planetprudence
Some commission spots are still open if you're interested. Click the link in my description to find out more info.
Email me at Omario2d@gmail.com if you want to request a commission, Thaaaanks!

(125) Banana milkshake.
So seen as I redesigned Amber a little and drew her in a different style, I felt that It's only fair I do the same for Xander!
BTW! Thanks for all the comments on the last post, It's brilliant to hear from you and know where you from.
Btw btw, What is your favourite milkshake flavour?

For any of you new followers, this is Amber, she's one of my original characters that I created last year with the help of my instagram followers. I've actually not drawn her or her classmate Xander since last year! I felt like updating her design a little. I really should continue their story soon.

Thibault – uff and The way I tipped the ball over the bar right in the last minute of the game!! I didn’t think I had that in me, I really kept us in the matc…… Huh, Heyyy.. what’s wrong?

Esther – N..Nothing

Thibault – Why do you look so upset, did I say something wrong?

Esther – No, don’t worry I’m fine.
Thibault – You really don’t look happy, seriously what’s up?

Esther – I told you I’m fine…Ok…… I’m fine..
Thibault –… You know you can just tell me that you don’t like watching me play, you don’t have to come if you don’t want.

Esther – I do like watching you.

Thibault –Then what’s wrong? Why all of a sudden are you so cold with me? What did I say or do?

Esther – It’s not you..
Thibault – So there is something wrong!... If it’s not me then what is it?

Esther – It’s not important, I’m sure I’ll feel differently tomorrow.

Thibault – Please, Esther… For once just open up! This isn’t the first time you’ve randomly gone cold and miserable on me like this….. You can’t expect me to say nothing…. Just talk to me! Whatever
it is that you’re going through, I only want to help!

Esther – … …. I don’t.. I don’t understand how you can like me…

Thibault –…Huh…? wha?….
Esther – sniff... Sometimes I feel that you don’t really know me at all…. And if you did, there’s no way you’d be with me…

Thibault - E..Esther..?
Esther – ….. Sniff… I’m Pathetic.
So this illustration is based around two of @ni_nig 's characters. Her artwork is incredible and I was very much inspired to make a little story... Even though it's kinda sad, hehe sorry Rebecca😂... Oh and top marks to whoever guesses the movie poster ;)

(122) Neutral.
Can you think of a caption?
Photo study sketch based on a photo of @albagalocha. Nice to try out different colours and styles.
I stopped myself from spending too much time on it, because I think I could have spent days refining it lol.

"I still get excited watching trains go by!"
I'd wake up early each weekend, skipping breakfast because I knew my friends wouldn't wait up. We had to cross the train tracks on the way to the den that we'd been "working on" for the best part of a year. It seemed as though we'd always arrive at the tracks just in time to see train pass by. Me and my friends would wave at the passangers. It was very rare but sometimes someone would wave back.
Sorry I've not been posting much recently! At least I managed to sketch something though! I Hope you're all well! (P.S. I was so tempted to draw a clown somewhere haha)

So awesome! The Japanese digital magazine Tabi Labo wrote an article about me!! What's even more awesome is that it's the top ranking article on their site! Hehehe.
It's always really motivating to know that people enjoy my artworks, and I'm totally honoured that anyone would want to write an article about them.
Thank you Tabi Labo for making my week!
Oh and こんにちは to all the Japanese people who followed me over the weekend! 😊.
Still super busy! Sorryyy!! But hopefully I'll work on some new sketches very soon!

I'm a bit busy with work at the moment so I'm just reposting this daily sketch from last year.
Day 26. -"honey...? "
-" yes darling?"
-"I like you

🎵You always hurt the one you love 
The one you shouldn't hurt at all
You always take the sweetest rose 
And crush it till the petals fall
You always break the kindest heart 
With a hasty word you can't recall, so
If I broke your heart last night
It's because I love you most of all

This was slightly inspired by a movie. Comment if you get the reference.

Oh... So this is how it feels.

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