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I miss going on long adventure bike rides with my friends! My teenage years went so fast!
Who else wants a good bike adventure?

This started as a photo study, but I think it ended up looking like Ciri from The Witcher series! So I guess it's an accidental fan art? Haha.
Currently having a little holiday in Baku (Azerbaijan) . It's absolutely beautiful here, the weather is pretty great also.

I'll let you guys caption this one.
I always enjoy reading your creative comments.
My lack of posting is due to the fact I've been working loads!! So, I'm sorry about that... But!! I will be going on holiday tomorrow, finally time to relax! I should have some illustrations to post too! :)

The truth is, I’ve lived in this city for just over two years now, I know my way around pretty well.

Asking for directions was just my excuse to finally talk to him.

I’d seen him walking around campus a quite few times, he doesn’t know who I am, I have no classes with him, I don’t even know what he studies… But for some reason I feel drawn to him, I can’t explain it.

I’ve never gotten butterflies from seeing a stranger walk by before... and yet, each time I see him my stomach gets filled with them.

I’ve tried to approach him on a few occasions, I once even sat next to him on a bench to eat lunch, I almost said something to him then……..But.. I just… well, I guess I was just trying to save myself from embarrassment…

Though, Each time I think back to that moment it makes me cringe so bad that I have to fight off full body convulsions. There were so many empty benches!! And I sat right next to him without even saying a word…… for 15 freaking minutes, then I just got up and left… Urgh I’ve always been so awkward and anti social.
Yet here I am.. with this stupid excuse for a conversation starter… but its working, he’s talking to me… I’m talking to him and I’ve got more butterflies than I’ve ever had in my life!.........Don’t mess this up.
- (this illustration was inspired by a photo taken by my friend @depro)

I'd love to read how you'd caption this sketch! :)
Hope you all enjoy your weekend!
Also! Big thank you to @ni_nig for giving me a shoutout on her page! She's awesome.
(used a reference photo from pinterest for this sketch)

Feeling free!
Summer is fast approaching! So nice to feel the weather is getting warmer. Makes me want to go out for a long walk! Who else loves summer adventures?
Used a reference photo from Google for this sketch.

When I think back to that day, the thing that stands out most for me is how beautiful and clear the sky was, it completely contrasted the words he was saying.

I never really knew how powerful a few simple words could be.
I remember feeling as though all the air had escaped my lungs, almost like I’d fallen a long distance directly onto my back.

My legs stopped moving and my mind became filled with a nauseating static, I was only able to stand and stare as they both carried on walking ahead of me.

Through that static I could just make out Anna’s frantic questions as she tried to verbally wrestle some understanding out of the situation, “What do you mean? But what do you mean? Please tell me you’re not serious?”. He repeated the same few answers with the same cold monotonic voice which made it painfully obvious he didn’t have the answers she wanted.

I always thought that’s why he didn’t tell his family for so long… But looking at it now, I can tell it wasn’t about him having to put up with them being a pain in the ass about this situation, It was about him not wanting to hurt them.

I understand why he eventually told us though… He had enough of lying, and more than anything…. He had enough of being alone.

Anna’s words soon turned from worry to Anger, Anger to him, anger to herself and anger to God … I guess she just wanted someone, or something to blame.

Eventually she directed her anger at me, the fact that Lucas had told her and I at the same time seemed to particularly hurt her…. She was his sister after all.

We were told before their parents, I guess he was just testing the water with us.

The words “It’ll be ok, Doctors get this kind of stuff wrong all the time” kept swirling around my mind… I wanted to say something so bad… I wanted to make him know I was there for him… But In the end, I supressed that hopeless comment… I didn’t want to lie to him…

Two weeks later, as I stood over his open casket, I wondered, if I had found the perfect words in that moment, would they have even made a difference?. Sometimes I still regret saying nothing.

April Showers.
I've always really loved the smell in spring just after its rains on freshly cut grass, it's such a pleasant smell. What is your favourite thing about spring?

Feel bad that I'm not posting as much these days!
I did this one really really quick just after finishing work today.
Hope you're all good! Peace! ✌️✌️

So here are two random 10/15 minute sketches I did a while back
Nothing special! But I guess better than posting nothing for a month.... 😃😅😕😐😑😒
I was pretty sick with pneumonia over the last two weeks. During that time I was in and out of the hospital, which really wasn't very fun! But I'm glad to say I'm starting to feel much better! Though I have this lingering chest infection which hurts so bad! Anyone got an immune system I can borrow? Haha, Hope you're all well!

Well obviously I've not been posting much recently, but here's a little something I rushed out today.
I was thinking about the days I'd walk a couple of miles to college every morning. Despite the fact I walked the same route over and over, enough for me to know how many steps it took to reach the college gate, I actually really enjoyed it. I didn't have a smart phone back then, so I'd look across the landscape. Eeach morning I'd notice something beautiful that I hadn't seen the day before.
It's nice to know that even in something that's so familiar you can always find new and beautiful things if you just keep your eyes open.
Happy new year by the way!

This is a sketch from early this year.
Recently I've had a few people ask me why I've not been posting as much and what I've been up to.
Thought I'd make a post to let you know I'm still alive!
I miss posting regularly, especially posting daily, but with work and Christmas coming up soon, it's been pretty hectic! I want to give myself time til things calm down so I can find a good routine to start posting again... Calmly Haha.
Hope you're all feeling well! ✌️

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