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Omar Mendoza  💻: Marketing, Websites, Design. 📍: Silicon Valley

Organic gluten-free non-GMO

Heat Wave 🥃 (just graduated to a blue belt in hipster now that I have a Polaroid camera)

Starting to pack for #Couchella 🛋! So excited to make the .015 mile journey to the couch this weekend. Swipe 👉🏽 to see the lineup! Who’s down?!

Life update: I wear glasses now

Head in the Clouds ☁️☁️☁️

Couldn’t find her a cake so I got her Pan Dulce ✨ Happy Birthday Mom

The best way to end every year is with some tamales made by the wonderful women in my fam. Merry Christmas everyone!

The Republican members of the FCC just voted (3-2) to allow Internet companies to behave like cable companies, charging you more for "streaming packages" or "social media packages." The scarier part is the control they can have over what information we are able to access. This vote isn't the end, just the beginning of a process that will last longer than we anticipated. Get active, get politically informed, and realize the politics isn't just about voting for a president but voting for initiatives that can change your day-to-day lives. #NetNeutrality

You telling yourself not to get that extra drink (but you still get it anyways) 🍺

The Internet as we know it is under attack. Net Neutrality allows us to access every website equally. Imagine having to pay more for Netflix, imagine Comcast telling you what websites you can and can’t visit. Get informed, be an active citizen, and don’t let corporations take control of your information. As much as I hate saying this, LINK IN BIO 👆🏽:

Less Feelings, More Tacos

Very happy (but very sad this is the most my beard will grow for No-Shave November)

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