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Monika Luise Henderson  Thrift store maven ! 👁l Lover of all things linen ,silk , cotton and hemp .🌎 Fashion over 55 !! 👓👔👖👗🎩👟 Be true to your own vibe . ⚛♋ WaBiSaBi

Love ❤️ . Ocean . Beach . Sun. Louie🎈
#mixedkids #beachlife #instakids

Practicing for my second life. Thrifted hat , glasses , Hawaiian 🌺 shirt . #fashionover50 #glasses #mixedgirl #beachlife #livefornow #shorthairdontcare #tattoo #thrifted

Getting older is a privilege , getting old is a gift. I am thankful I woke up today . I have a love hate relationship with my wrinkles, splotchy skin, wiry grey hair and rear end. For the most part I love myself more everyday. I'm not that special. I'm just like everyone else on the planet that ponders the meaning of life. Somehow I know we're doing it all wrong. The grand purpose surely must have been to love, live, and enjoy natures beauty and bounty. A planet for everyone to enjoy. Sadly we are not marching forward. I have a plan for the rest of my days .. however long they may be.... it involves happiness, sunshine, well being. Will keep you posted 🦋❤️🌹🦀🍄🌞


Last walk to the beach ... even my shadow is sad 🦀🦋❤️🌹🍄

KikiLaLa at KittyHawk Beach 🦀🦋❤️🌹Sometimes you need to blast the music drive to nowhere and clear your mind . #shorthairdontcare #tattoo #German #French #blackandproud #fashionover50 #mixedgirl #FosterGrantEyewear #saltandpepperhair


My eldest Manchild🌹🦋 #mixedkids

Rainy day at the beach was perfect🌹🦋🦀❤️

Queen Badu . Always an original from the start .🌹🦀♥️🦋🍄☮️☯️⚛️🕉♋️ #original

Lovin this little soul .♥️♥️My Louie . #mixedkids #kidstagram

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