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Book your appt today at #Repost @jsbgallardo ・・・
Can you touch your toes?
Better question, can you reach for the floor comfortably, and come back up without feeling PAIN or out of breath?
@soprissy came in for some bodywork, main complaints were from a hamstring tear a couple months ago. Injury leads to pain due to compensation for other muscle groups involved within the injury itself. Thus limiting her range of motion. 30 min Cupping + 30 min FST has brought her back up to speed & recovery!🏋🏻🔥 .
You know you need some bodywork, everyone does. Eliminate pain, reduce recovery time, and take care of your own body, because that is a true investment 💆🏽

I built my gym one piece of equipment at a time. In a perfect world I wish I could have bought everything all at once but that wasn't an option. I worked, I saved, then I bought. I can tell you how much each piece cost and how long it took to save for it. I set goals to buy each piece. Each time I wrote a check or charged my card I had to take a big deep breath and tell myself one day I'll make it back. I'm grateful for this little journey of mine and where it has taken me. Thankful for everyone that has been with me along the way. Always grateful and humbled by you all. I truly believe anything is possible if you want it bad enough. Outwork all your excuses why you can't. Outwork the voices in your head that tell you to sleep in. I still battle those voices each day that tell me "stay in bed you're sore, take a day off, do it another day, just eat the donut". I'm sure you all go through the same thing. We all have our obstacles. Just wake up, get up, and get after it. If you're unsure about taking that next step into achieving your goals, or fulfilling your dreams just take the damn step and work your ass off. See what sitting on the toilet🚽 for the past 10 minutes can do. Make me all motivational and shit. #ofit #ofitstrong #omalzafitness

|| Discipline is the Bridge Between Goals and Accomplishment || ☀️ 7am class getting over humpday with a little Kettlebell action 🎬 #ofit #omalzafitness #kettlebell

"Float like a 🦋 Sting like a 🐝" Every Monday at 6pm and Sat, Sun at 10am here at #omalzafitness. Sign up at for Group Classes and Personal Training. Coach @dels9_ofit seeing double @efergie13 @hfergie11 #doubletrouble #twinning

Join us tonight for 6pm Conditioning with @_ultra_fit and 7pm Kickboxing with @forever_yo_duh #Repost #latepost Last week Tuesday's Conditioning class with @_ultra_fit ・・・
I'm EXTREMELY PROUD of the #hardwork this group put into tonight's #Strength & #Conditioning Class 💪🏾 It's hard not to love what you do when you have positive people and energy around you. Great job tonight! See ya' at the next #ofit group class ✌🏾 Checkout omalza for more information about class schedules - DM me for more information about Personal Training Sessions #iLikeThatFlexPoseYouGotGoin' @taylamayyy 😂 #UltraFit💯 #iRepThatO #strengthandconditioning #nasmcertified #LiveYourPassion

30min Massage 30 min Cupping for this #Dadbod #oldman 👴🏽 book your appt today @jsbgallardo Mon, Wed 8am-5pm Tues, Thurs 10am-7pm Fri 8am-12pm Sat 9am-1pm

My soccer girls Harlee and Makayla going through Kettlebell swing progressions and work with the resistance bands. The power starts from their feet, transfers from the ground thru their core creating movement. This is 🔑 because it develops so much more than just raw strength. These movements will teach them coordination, balance, rhythm, and timing. This in turn will transfer over to their soccer game to help improve their sprinting, jumping, and changing direction. #Heatfc #heatfcnv #EM03 #youthsoccer #soccer @johnguns

Book online at @jsbgallardo @trickymma gettin some Sports/ Deep tissue bodywork done. Sports massage is best for all types of athletes that feel sore all of the time and foam rolling & making silly faces aren't doing the job. 👎🏽
Have a massage that fits your GOALS of performance. Combining techniques such as myofascial release, lymphatic drainage, & bits of Fascial Stretch Therapy™
💪🏽 Reduce muscle tension
💪🏽 Increase Range of Motion
💪🏽 Reduce muscle hypertonicity
🏋🏼 Enhance athletic performance
Book in the link in my BIO
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Feels like cardio. I hate cardio. 80lb Medball tosses 💪🏽🦍 #ofitstrong #ofitcardio #ofit #omalzafitness #twoadays sleep?

Book your appointment online at #Repost @jsbgallardo ・・・
Common misconception of cupping marks ARE NOT BRUISES. The discoloration created by the suction from the cups bring toxins and unwanted metabolic waste up to the surface of the skin. .
Main benefits include:
🍕Increased Blood flow
🍕Decrease Aches & pains
🍕Sedated nervous system
🍕Loosens overused muscles
🍕look like a pepperoni pizza
(Hehe jk, but Trust me, it's worth it)
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MMA OG's The New York Badass @philbaroni_nyba and UFC Hall of Famer The American Psycho @stephanbonnar stopping by to get some training in with @ruthlessmorales @forever_yo_duh #MMA #UFC #ulitmatefighter #PRIDE #mixedmartialarts #OFIT #omalzafitness

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